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Morgan Wallen Rocks Billboard Awards, Media Hardest Hit

Country crooner collects 11 honors while some insist he remain canceled indefinitely

Morgan Wallen’s awards shelf may need an upgrade.

The country crooner snagged 11 Billboard Music Awards over the weekend, topping even the biggest music star in the galaxy. To be fair, Taylor Swift was close on his heels with 10 honors.

Some media outlets weren’t happy with the results.

The far-Left BBC, which recently apologized for promoting pro-Hamas propaganda, dubbed Wallen a “disgraced” singer in its headline. 

Yes, the singer’s 2021 utterance of the “n-word,” in private and aimed in jest at a white friend, is still top of mind for many journalists. (The news outlet’s disgraceful reportage seems far worse than uttering an ugly word in private, no?)

The BBC report led with Wallen’s “scandal,” one that crushed his career for months, even though it’s more than two years old.

Some journalists want him permanently canceled. What other explanation makes sense?

Those same outlets didn’t blink an eye over First Son Hunter Biden repeatedly using the “n-word” in text messages.

We’ve seen this pattern before. Still, some news outlets like USA Today and Variety reported Wallen’s wins in a straightforward fashion, finding it unnecessary to bring up the “n-word” issue once more.


The Hollywood Reporter’s take on the awards recap buried the night’s big winner behind Swift. That’s probably for clicks, not news value, but Wallen owned the evening and deserved top billing.


The worst case of Wallen Derangement Syndrome goes to Showbiz411.com. The site slammed Billboard for honoring Wallen given his “n-word” utterance.

Morgan Wallen got away with it.

It’s the same screwball logic that said Louis C.K. got away with admitting to pleasuring himself in front of multiple women.

Except the comedian’s Hollywood career ended with that admission and may never come back. He likely lost several million dollars when multiple job offers were rescinded, and he’s had to build back his comedy career on his own.

The fact that he’s done just that doesn’t negate the profound professional consequences he endured.

Tell that to Showbiz411.com.

Money talks, kids. Everything else is besides [sic] the point. And you wonder why no one believes in awards shows anymore. This is the height of cynicism.

No one believes in awards shows because politics too often trump talent. The American people recognize Wallen made a mistake, instantly apologized and deserves to be forgiven.

It’s time journalists did the same.


  1. He should of doubled down instead of apologizing. Blacks are not going to buy his records, but a shiload of Rednecks will…

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