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Is This the Ultimate Cancel Culture Horror Story?

Comedian Jocelyn Chia shares stunning details of one joke's cruel fallout

Why do too many comedians self-censor in our woke age?

It’s simple. All it takes is one routine to put your career in jeopardy. Or worse.

Kevin Hart lost a plum Oscar-hosting gig for a routine deemed homophobic from a decade ago. Jimmy Fallon’s blackface impression of Chris Rock forced him to undergo a televised struggle session.

Jimmy Addresses Past Mistakes and Speaks to NAACP President Derrick Johnson

Jocelyn Chia marks a new Cancel Culture low, but the brave comic may have the last laugh.

The “trouble” began when the Asian comic referenced the historical split between Singapore and Malaysia at New York’s Comedy Cellar club in April.

Imagine if Malaysia tried to reunite with its neighbor, comparing the situation to ex-lovers attempting to reconcile. Malaysia hasn’t visited in a while because “my airplanes cannot fly,” adding “What, Malaysia Airlines going missing not funny?”

“Some jokes don’t land.”

The bit, which drew laughter at the time, indirectly referenced Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 which disappeared in 2014 with 239 passengers aboard.

Chia, who grew up in Singapore, recalled the extreme fallout from the joke after it hit social media via Newsweek. The Comedy Cellar took down the video in question, the first of many ramifications for a single routine that killed on stage.

Here’s more:

  • Hackers tried to take down Chia’s social media accounts and exposed her personal information
  • Singapore’s Foreign Minister apologized to Malaysia for the routine
  • Critics review-bombed her at “every venue I had ever worked” and bullied them into blocking her from future appearances
  • IBM canceled her broadcast series done for its American and European offices, a gig she had held for two years.
  • A New York comedy club canceled her upcoming gig
  • Harassers coaxed Instagram to take down her account while TikTok removed the video in question
  • The Malaysian police allegedly called for her arrest, asking Interpol for help on that front

Chia describes herself as left-leaning in the following video clip that mocks the extreme Left and Right.

Jocelyn Chia Demonstrates why Liberals Can't Fight

Chia never apologized.

She rallied her resources, poked fun at her plight on social media and learned that many people (like rebel comic Chrissie Mayr) will rally to your side if you show strength against the woke mob.

In short, she stood tall when others with far more fame and fortune (like Stephen King and Scarlett Johansson) bowed to the woke mob.

What I do know, is that I took a stand for something bigger than me, and others rose to stand with me. And finally, what I do know, is that I am no longer in this fight alone.


  1. Snowflakes snowflakes everywhere. You know, what I realised is people take offence to get power. While we should treat people with respect, that respect shouldn’t be enforced. When I think of the injustices in my own life and in many people’s lives (like we have 40% of people in Burundi living in slavery) it’s pathetic when people get so upset by micro-agressions and comedians. Seriously, these people are pathetic and don’t understand how tough the real world is, and what we really should be fighting for. To be honest I think alot of it comes from deep self interest and hatred: it’s not about helping people, but about personal ego. Great she stood up to this and was supported by sensible adults.

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