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Homophobic Slurs A-OK … If Trump Is the Target

Tom Arnold doesn’t come off well in a new video making the rounds on Twitter.

The clip finds the stand-up comic/actor addressing, what else, President Donald Trump.

Of all the celebrities obsessed with the Commander in Chief, Arnold stands alone in his mania. He even hosted the short-lived “Hunt for the Trump Tapes” on Vice, assuming all the conspiracies swirling around the president were true.

Arnold came up empty. Perhaps he should re-read the Mueller Report and go back to his day job.

Before then, though, Arnold uncorked a homophobic attack on Trump tied to the Russia collusion hoax. Here’s Arnold rambling on about President Trump. (NOTE: Adult language ahead)

First, Arnold says he’d endorse a Nazi over Trump. He later explains that Trump is the head Nazi, or something, to defend his absurd statement. Then he switches to the Russia Collusion hoax, which apparently still rings true to him despite all the evidence summoned by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“He’s sucking Putin’s d*** every other god**** day,” Arnold cried.

The gay act in question is meant as a pejorative. Yet don’t hold out hope that GLAAD or any other gay-rights group will call Arnold out for the homophobic slur.

They have a collective history of ignoring comments like this, assuming they’re aimed at Trump.

Remember when Stephen Colbert said Trump was Putin’s c*** holster? The “Late Show” host caught some mild heat for the barb, but mostly due to the adult nature of the slam. It quickly passed without comment.

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The LGBT community had little to say on the slur. Colbert capped it by offering up a non-apology. He said he’d utter the same joke again but might word it differently.

Note: GLAAD recently handed Colbert’s show a trophy.

Jimmy Kimmel caught even less slack for similarly homophobic slurs targeted Trump and Sean Hannity. The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host shared the following two tweets aimed at Hannity before backpedaling.

When your clown makeup rubs off on Trump’s ass, does it make his butt look like a Creamsicle?

Don’t worry – just keep tweeting – you’ll get back on top! (or does Trump prefer you on bottom?) Either way, keep your chin up big fella..XO

More recently, “Saturday Night Live” star Alec Baldwin once again embraced homophobic comments to smite his enemies – Trump and his allies. The combustible star called Sen. Lindsey Graham Trump’s “fluffer,” a sexual term describing oral sex.

The comment caught conservative media’s attention, but that’s more or less it.

All of the above have two elements in common. Each features comments deemed homophobic by some gay rights activists. Each targets President Trump.

None of the personalities above suffered a shred of professional punishment for their comments. Meanwhile, Roseanne Barr remains unemployed for one racially charged Tweet for which she apologized profusely.

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