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Hollywood Knew About Biden … and Weinstein … and Louis CK

Industry donors revolt after secrets finally escape from inside Oval Office

Secrets are safe in La La Land.

The examples are endless, though a few are kept for noble reasons. Some of Bruce Willis’ recent co-stars likely learned about the star’s health woes long before he shared his heartbreaking diagnosis.

Other secrets are protected for all the wrong reasons. The upcoming documentary “Sorry / Not Sorry” shares how many comedians suspected Louis C.K. exposed himself to several women but refused to speak up in time.

Sorry/Not Sorry | Official Trailer

A more sinister secret lasted for decades.

Mega-producer Harvey Weinstein preyed on starlets behind closed doors until a 2017 New York Times investigation revealed his behavior.

Some had whispered about Weinstein’s reputation behind the scenes. Others, like Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino, heard firsthand how Weinstein treated beautiful women in his orbit.

They collectively said nothing. As comedian Bobcat Goldthwait said of Hollywood, Inc., after Weinstein’s downfall, “They knew.

The latest Hollywood open secret has national security implications.

Joe Biden’s gaffes an ‘obvious example’ of his mental decline

Hollywood has thrown its collective support behind President Joe Biden for two election cycles. Celebrities stuffed money into Team Biden’s coffers, attacked rival candidate Donald Trump and downplayed the leader’s gaffes.

All of the above is standard issue behavior for the liberal industry. Been there, seen that.

This election cycle is different.

President Biden’s cognitive decline has been the lead story on every news platform since the June 27 CNN presidential debate. Clear-minded Americans spotted Biden’s mental deficiencies early in his presidency.

They’ve seen endless clips on social media where Biden slurred his words, lost his train of thought or otherwise revealed his age in shocking detail.

The mainstream media worked ’round the clock to cover up that state of affairs. The disinformation campaign intensified in recent weeks. Major news outlets echoing the Biden White House’s “cheap fake” narrative to dismiss the truth.

So did Hollywood.

Late-night propagandists Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert joined Biden fundraisers in between defending Biden’s mental state on-air.

Colbert pretended Special Counsel Robert Her cleared Biden of any any age-related decline. Kimmel, who watched as Biden froze at the tail end of a subsequent fundraiser, claimed there was nothing to see.

Move long.

Meanwhile, a few pop culture moments revealed what was happening before our eyes. A 2021 “Saturday Night Live” sketch featuring dueling Bidens hinted at the harsh truth.

Ghost of Biden Past Cold Open - SNL

Earlier this year, the far-Left show mocked how Team Biden described a sharp, physically powerful Biden behind the scenes.

Inside Politics Cold Open - SNL

Meanwhile, A-listers like Michael Douglas deemed Biden “sharp as a tack” and 98-year-old Dick Van Dyke decried anyone using Biden’s age against him.

Other stars rallied behind Biden, including Sarah Jessica Parker and spouse Matthew Broderick. The power couple attended a post-debate fundraiser for the Commander in Chief late last month as if nothing was wrong within the White House.

Now, resentment is starting to build behind the scenes. They’re furious so many Hollywood people “knew” but said nothing.

Oscar-winner Adam McKay, as far-Left as an entertainer can be, blasted those who knew the depths of Biden’s decline but stayed silent.

That’s just the start.

Several Hollywood donors are suddenly snapping their wallets and purses shut rather than support Biden in his current state.

It gets worse.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, one of the industry’s heaviest hitters and a longtime Democratic bundler, is now facing a new line of questioning from his own party.

Why did you lie about Biden’s mental state?

“Everyone in town is furious with him. Furious,” says one top Hollywood bundler of Katzenberg. As examples of Biden’s decline trickled out over the last year and a half, Katzenberg assured anyone who was concerned that Biden was “fine.”

Across Hollywood, in group chats, at lunches and now increasingly in public, Katzenberg is being accused of misleading donors, putting his own self-interest (and post-Quibi rebound) before the hard truth.

Katzenberg worked directly with Biden over the past few years. Other power players may have as well, including Steven Spielberg. The directorial legend is helping craft Biden’s DNC convention next month.

Other stars, like George Clooney and Julia Roberts, graced fundraising stages alongside President Biden in recent weeks. What did they see during those moments?

Biden’s gaffes now happen at an alarming rate. Earlier today he vowed to stay in the race – while getting the year of said race wrong.

Can Hollywood keep the biggest story of the year, if not the decade, quiet? How many celebrities got serious face time with President Biden, realized his decline was both real and shocking and said nothing?

All secrets tumble out eventually, even those hidden by Hollywood.

Editor’s Note: It’s a brutal time to be an independent journalist, but it’s never been more necessary given the sorry state of the mainstream media. If you’re enjoying Hollywood in Toto, I hope you’ll consider leaving a coin (or two) in our Tip Jar.


  1. Typically, an ideological report written to “dunk” on Hollywood ignores several key issues . First , Democrats, scum though they are, are doing nothing different than Republicans who insisted Ronald Reagan was of “sound mind” when that clearly was not the case . Republican lies about Reagan remained uncovered because there was no internet ! Oh, how quickly you forget!

    SECOND the ROT in Hollywood goes FAR DEEPER than your article suggests or that you even KNOW. JULIA ORMOND was recently given permission to add CAA to her lawsuit against Weinstein. Why , you ask? Because the dirty little secret is that ALL OF THE ACTRESSES WHO MET WITH HIM IN HIS HOTEL ROOM as opposed to Miramax’s OFFICES were sent to his various HOTEL ROOMS BY THEIR AGENTS! What a BLOCK BUSTER YOU MISSED in your rush to “dunk” on liberal idiots who admittedly are scum.

  2. You mention Brad Pitt keeping silent about Harvey Weinstein. He did more than that – he and George Clooney made the rounds of the media, successfully encouraging them to bury the story.

  3. I am honestly disgusted with the media, the press, and anyone else who had their heads in the sand. We knew this stuff back in 2020 – that’s why they kept Biden in the basement during the campaign. I hope this wakes up a few people, but I doubt. it. It’s been three and a half years of this garbage, but they finally couldn’t cover it up anymore.

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