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Colbert Gaslights Viewers on Hur Testimony to Protect Biden

Far-left host cherry picks damning testimony, ignores hard truths about President

Stephen Colbert collects a hefty CBS paycheck to host “The Late Show.”

The gig lets him do pro bono work for the Democratic Party.

He made that official this week.

We learned that Colbert will be part of a Democratic fundraiser featuring former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama plus Commander in Chief Joe Biden.

The fundraiser is scheduled for March 28 in New York City and the cheapest tickets cost around $250, according to NBC News. Photos with all three presidents will cost $100,000 and those in attendance who donate $250,000 or $500,000 will be allowed to attend separate functions with the Democratic trio.

That explains Colbert’s latest pro-Biden propaganda.

The far-Left host spun the damning details from Special Counsel Robert Hur’s investigation into President Biden’s classified documents scandal.

The truth?

Hur’s House Judiciary Committee appearance Tuesday confirmed that Biden is “an elderly man with a poor memory.”

Hur found during his criminal investigation that Biden “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials,” but argued for no charges to be brought because Biden had serious cognitive issues — including not remembering when his son died or when he served as vice president in the Obama administration. Hur concluded that a jury would view Biden as “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Hur also called the President a liar, but he couched it in more gentle terms. He dubbed some of his testimony, “not credible.” We also learned some Democrats tried to convince Hur to change his report. He refused.

Sounds like something a satirist might pounce and/or seize upon.


Enter Stephen Colbert’s Spin Machine 2024.

The late-night host cherry-picked items from the testimony and left out material that reflected poorly on Biden. First, he played into the Left’s narrative that Hur went above and beyond his duties in filing the report.

“That kind of assessment is sort of outside the normal job description of a special counsel. It’d be like your doctor saying, ‘Well, we ran some tests, Mr. Johnson, and your cholesterol looks very good, but I am worried about how ugly you are. I’m going to write you a prescription for bag over your head. Unlimited refills.’”

Clown nose on.

Did Stephen Colbert Actually Watch Robert Hur’s Testimony?

Later, Colbert focused on a kindness Hur shared with the elderly leader. The quote in question contradicts the tenor of the report as well as what Americans have witnessed over the last three-plus years.

“Hur refused to engage in hypotheticals, but today, he did release the full transcript of his interviews with the president, and, what do you know? It’s not as ‘old-man-forgets-a-lot’ as his summary made it out to be. At one point, Hur even complimented Biden’s memory, specifically saying: ‘You appear to have a photographic understanding and recall.’ So the exact opposite of his report summary. At this point, I’m worried about Hur’s cognitive ability. Did anyone ask him to identify a whale?’

Colbert ignored everything negative about Hur’s testimony, which was considerable. He also looked past the fact that Biden’s press conference attacking Hur proved to be full of, well, “not credible” moments.


It’s unclear if Colbert is actually on the Democratic payroll. He likely does it out of love, and nothing more.

If that isn’t the case, he certainly deserves a raise.


  1. As Pres. Reagan famously observed, “it’s not that my liberal friends aren’t smart; it’s that so much of what they know isn’t so.” One of the ways they learn so much that “isn’t so” is by listening to folks like Colbert who appears himself not to be ignorant, but he is a carrier. Think of the scores of untrue, non-factual, never-happened things every person on the progressive left “knows.” Jussie Smollet was run out of MAGA country. Michael Brown was a gentle giant who said “hands up, don’t shoot. The Covington kids threatened that sweet litlle old Native American man. Israelis are colonizers. Someone ray-ciss hung a noose in Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR garage. Brett Kavanaugh led rape gangs in high school. Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation. The border is secure. Joe “Big Guy” Biden never spoke with his son or brother about their business dealings. Like all fallen humans, their appetite for lies is boundless; Colbert is just giving the people what they want.

  2. Colbert’s eyes look like someone hooked his genitals up to a car battery and made him watch horrible videos while on LSD. Just an empty 1,000 yard stare.

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