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Joe Rogan Hails Hilarious Trump, Mocks ‘Walking Dead Man’ Biden

Podcaster's latest cultural broadside sure to infuriate his harshest critics (again)

Joe Rogan is done apologizing.

Now, the Spotify superstar is back to doing what he does best – saying things most pundits wouldn’t dare dream of uttering.

In recent weeks Rogan resumed his attacks on the mainstream media, blasted Big Tech censorship and wondered if President Joe Biden is fit to run the country.

He even praised President Donald Trump on two different fronts, all but begging for the woke mob to circle back to him following Neil Young’s oh, so public critique. The comedian turned podcaster isn’t interested in making amends with his cultural critics, apparently.


Rogan brought up both Biden and Trump during a conversation with fellow comic Yannis Pappas. The podcaster noted how Trump survived a non-stop assault from his critics aided, in part, by his well-publicized ego.

He noticed something else about the force behind Truth Social.

Being president often ages the White House occupant, but Trump appears to be an exception. The president’s critics body shamed him from head to toe, from his amplified tan to his curious coif.


Rogan noticed something else about Trump’s appearance both then … and now.

“He never aged a minute … Biden has aged a thousand years in the first one year in office,” Rogan said on the “JRE Podcast.” “He looks like a walking dead man .. he looked like s*** before he became president, but he’s way worse now. He’s mumbling, he can’t get through sentences, they keep walking back what he’s saying.”

“You ever see those compilations where Biden is saying those non-words. It’s wild .. he’s challenged,” Rogan added.

Biden’s biggest gaffes and failures after one year in office

Trump had his fair share of silly, boastful quotes, and the media pounced and/or seized on every last one. The same thing isn’t happening with President Biden, clearly. Comedians are mostly giving Biden a pass, with “Saturday Night Live” only occasionally poking at him.

Rogan noticed something else about Trump.

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“And now he’s doing these campaign speeches, and he’s funny … ‘John Kerry’s worried about the climate. The ocean’s gonna rise a half of an inch over the next five hundred f***ing years,'” Rogan said, imitating Trump’s most recent appearance.

“The dude’s a comic,” Pappas said of the former president who remains banned by Twitter and other social media platforms.

“He’s got timing,” Rogan added.

They’re right, of course. Trump marinated in Hollywood for decades, burnished his skills on “The Apprentice” and brought those chops to the Oval Office.

Love or loathe him, Trump is an entertainer. Saying that is frowned upon in some circles, including Rogan’s harshest critics. Expect the Cancel Culture attacks to renew the moment Rogan steps out of line in any real or perceived way.

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