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Joe Rogan Is Suddenly Doing Everything Wrong

The free speech warrior is apologizing, again, and playing into his enemies' hands

Joe Rogan thinks his enemies will accept apologies, context and humility.

He couldn’t be more wrong on all three fronts. And he’s finding that out in real time.

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Rogan’s latest battle began when Neil Young removed his music from Spotify, home of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” last month. The classic rocker recoiled at Rogan spreading “misinformation” about COVID-19.

Young isn’t a doctor nor a medical expert. He ignored how much misinformation is shared across media landscapes on a variety of topics, including the pandemic.

The star who once headlined a Freedom of Speech tour was now attempting to deplatform a comedian for saying the “wrong” thing.

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The move started a groundswell against Rogan, including a mainstream media landscape which loathed him already. Spotify quasi-caved, vowing to add “content warnings” to shows touching on the pandemic, including multiple Rogan episodes. 

Rogan attempted to stop the cultural bleeding via Instagram.


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He vowed to be more editorially balanced moving forward, not realizing his show serves as the balance to the media’s groupthink on topics like the pandemic. He could have ignored his critics or told them to pound sand. He’s a comedian sharing opinions on various subjects.

That’s all.

Your average episode of “The View” delivers more misinformation without repercussions. It took host Whoopi Goldberg’s inane Holocaust rant to bring any kind of blowback on the ABC talk show.

Instead, he showed humility and weakness during the crisis, and his critics predictably pounced. More artists pulled their work from Spotify in protest, including India Arie. More journalists used their perches to blast Rogan and keep the story alive.

Spotify similarly buckled, removing at least 70 classic episodes of Rogan’s show, including several featuring media critic Michael Malice.

Now, Rogan is back on Instagram, offering more apologies for comments he’s made in the past. This time, he responded to someone who edited a series of “JRE” moments where he used the n-word. The comic didn’t assault anyone with the toxic word, he either quoted someone else who used it or shared other stories involving it.

The incidents are all several years old. That didn’t matter to his critics, though, who used the clip assortment to renew their attacks on him.


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A post shared by Joe Rogan (@joerogan)

“I can’t go back in time and change what I said. I wish I could,” Rogan said. “I do hope this can be a teachable moment … my sincere and humble apologies.”

You never apologize to the woke mob. It only emboldens them. If they want you gone, they won’t accept your mea culpa. Just ask Roseanne Barr … or Kevin Hart .

If you’re a fellow progressive, though, a two-week suspension is the worst you’ll get.

Jimmy Kimmel has yet to face consequences for a series of blackface moments from his past. He’s a loud and proud progressive propagandist on ABC, and he provides a valuable service for the woke mob. Howard Stern used the N-word repeatedly during his bawdier days. Once again, he served up a weak apology and nothing happened to him.

Rogan will soon learn the folly of apologizing to people who aren’t ready to forgive and forget. Need one instant example? Dwayne Johnson broke ranks with his censorial peers earlier this week, praising Rogan’s initial apology video and vowing to chat with him.

That was then (several days ago). Now that someone created a super-cut of Rogan saying the “n-word,” in context and always citing someone else, Johnson appears to be backpedaling himself.

Winslow isn’t ready for any Rogan apology. Nor will other critics be ready to forgive and forget.

Things have gotten dramatically worse for Rogan in less than a week. It’s clear Spotify doesn’t fully have his back. Why else erase another batch of classic “JRE” episodes?

Rogan himself cut down on his production schedule over the past week, a sign he’s buckling under the pressure.

It’s only a matter of time before Spotify cuts ties with Rogan, or the podcaster starts doing what he’s told.

  • Embrace the Narrative
  • Share views that the progressive Left consider sacred
  • Don’t rock the boat
  • Stop giving voice to those silenced by social media

Chances are he’ll remember all the zeroes in his Spotify contract and do just that. It’s not too late, though, for the UFC commentator to summon his inner warrior.

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