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Colbert Preaches to His Masked-Up Parishioners

Maskless host celebrates pandemic's end as muffled audience cheers

There’s only one person mask-wearing liberals may love more than Dr. Anthony Fauci.

It’s Stephen Colbert.

The far-Left host of “The Late Show” is a one-stop source for COVID-19 overreach.

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He’s been pushing the vaccines relentlessly on his CBS show, never backpedaling after news emerged that the jab didn’t work as promised.

Nor has he addressed concerns that COVID-19 vaccines may have adverse side-effects, an emerging story that deserves further investigation. Even a Pfizer employee admitted during a Project Veritas sting operation that women’s fertility could be impacted by the shot.


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That disconnect hasn’t stopped Colbert fans from flooding his Big Apple studio to watch his daily tapings.

This week, Colbert’s monologue shared the news that President Joe Biden will lift the national emergency status used to rally resources to fight the pandemic.

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“Take that, Covid! We beat you! Shove that up your nose and rotate it five times … this has been a long time coming, and I wish you could see the smiles on the faces of my audience. And I wish I could too, because they’re still wearing masks.”

The camera shot shifts from Colbert to the studio audience. Every member is wearing a mask. Many are applauding the host’s comments.

“So Covid is no longer an emergency, just a disease we’re all going to live with forever. Phew?”

All of this was said, of course, by a maskless host.


Did that anger the assembled crowd, forced to smile and laugh through an uncomfortable piece of fabric? It didn’t appear so.

Just the opposite reaction, to be precise.

For Colbert fans, donning a mask is a ritualistic symbol. It tells the world they “Believe in Science” … and their beloved talk show host. Never mind that a new, peer-reviewed analysis, compiling data from 78 previous studies, showed masking has little to no impact on spreading COVID-19.

Even New York City, a city that leaned heavily into lockdown protocols and mask mandates, no longer demands citizens mask up. And it’s been that way for months.

Don’t tell that to Colbert’s flock. They’re at a progressive service, and they must show their fealty to Pastor Stephen. They don’t care that their leader hasn’t been seen wearing a mask on TV for months, maybe years.

They believe in “Science,” but much less in actual data or hypocrisy.


  1. I was in a position to be “paid” to work in connection with the Colbert show in a contract capacity. Except in emergency situations related to assisting my contractor, I turned this work down. It was too vile to listen to.

  2. Watched him and a few of th daytime womens leftist shows. The audience is always masked and the people on stage aren’t.. Thats tells you right there what they think.

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