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Denver Pub Offers Embarrassing Crash Course on Cancel Culture

Westword's attempt to silence fan fave Gina Carano reeks of woke insanity

Gina Carano is scheduled to appear at FAN EXPO Denver this summer, and one news outlet isn’t happy about it.


The alt-news weekly isn’t as radical Left as one might expect. Many cities have similar publications exploring culture, local news and more, and they typically share extreme progressive views.

Denver’s version often turns down the heat on volatile issues rather than pushing liberal talking points. Its coverage of conservative radio, for example, is often better than mainstream Colorado media outlets.

The publication’s rage against Carano, sadly, is an exception.

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Carano infamously got fired from Disney last year after a post calling for empathy for right-of-center souls. She did so with a Nazi Germany analogy, which rubbed some people the wrong way. She quickly deleted the missive, acknowledging just that.

Disney, eager to dismiss her for previous, right-leaning Tweets, used the incident to cut ties with the star. Yet the far-Left studio ignored Carano’s co-star, Pedro Pascal, who previously sent a much nastier Nazi message from his Twitter account.

As radio host and blogger Erick Erickson pointed out Thursday morning, “The Mandalorian” star Pedro Pascal has a still-active tweet from 2018, captioned with “#ThisIsAmerica” and juxtaposing photos of concentration camp-bound Jews in prisoner clothing with what appear to be illegal alien children detained behind bars at the U.S. southern border (a practice largely begun by then-President Barack Obama, actually). Naturally, Carano was fired for her deleted post, but Pascal will keep his perch.

The Daily Wire reached out to Carano following her unfair dismissal, and the fruits of that relationship can be seen this summer via “Terror on the Prairie.”

Terror on the Prairie | Official Teaser Trailer

Westword still wants to extend Carano’s pop culture cancellation. Its desperate description of her “sins” is galling in its lack of details.

Why? Outspoken is one thing; ignorant is wholly another. When it comes to Carano’s posts, it hasn’t been a matter of “Let’s agree to disagree.” Earlier this year, she tweeted an argument comparing the Nazi murder of Jews to “hating someone for their political views.” She’s gone on record as a Trump apologist, even backing his utterly discredited election-fraud narrative. She’s posted anti-mask and anti-vax propaganda during the pandemic. She’s mocked the use of gender pronouns, listing hers as “beep/bop/boop.” She believes that the invasion of Ukraine was caused by “the COVID narrative.”

Why doesn’t Westword directly cite Carano’s messages? Because it would show they aren’t toxic as described. The scribe hopes to trick readers unwilling to do their own research.

Nor does the article explore how other stars have said, and done, far worse without a single repercussion.   Think Jimmy Kimmel, Howard Stern, Bette Midler and Alec Baldwin, to name a few.

Would Westword demand genre favorite Ron Perlman of “Hellboy” fame be canceled? He’s one of the nastier progressive stars on social media, but he never suffers professionally for his venomous Tweets. Probably not, since he rages from a progressive point of view.

Here’s where Westword goes for the Cancel Culture kill.

First, the publication tries to bully other Fan EXPO attendees to help cancel Carano.

You have to wonder what these legends — which include Ming-Na Wen (Fennec Shand), Carl Weathers (Greef Carga), Katee Sackhoff (Bo-Katan Kryze), Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano) and even Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) — think about it. This is tantamount to your boss inviting that guy that HR fired for sexual harassment to the company picnic.

They won’t have much luck with Weathers, apparently.

Next, we get the obligatory “Let’s pressure Fan EXPO by demanding they respond to our press request,” a favorite tactic in modern journalism.

We reached out several times to FAN EXPO HQ for comment, but have not received a reply.

Why won’t they let us bully them!

This isn’t the first attempt to cancel Carano’s Denver appearance. The far-Left Pop Culture Classroom attempted something similar last month when news of the star’s appearance first went viral. The team behind the group clearly hoped its actions would coax FAN EXPO DENVER to reconsider its decision.

Not yet.

Carano’s history is no secret. The minds behind the event clearly weighed her celebrity status and following against the false attacks on her.

They chose to invite her all the same.

It’s only a matter of time, though, before other news outlets follow Westword’s playbook.

FAN EXPO DENVER runs July 1-3 at the Colorado Convention Center.

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