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Gina Carano Celebrates July 4th by Defending Free Speech

DailyWire+ star calls out extreme hypocrisy over Mark Ruffalo's Hitler rant

Gina Carano has every right to rage against the Hollywood machine.

An industry that embraced her as a rising star did a heel pivot as soon as she began sharing “inconvenient” views. Said views defied the progressive playbook, and she was infamously fired from Disney+’s “The Mandalorian” despite being a fan favorite.

The dispute is working through the legal process, but she’s still defending free speech on Elon Musk’s X. That includes a fellow Disney star who shares diametrically opposite positions from hers.

Mark Ruffalo of “Avengers” fame shared an ominous post suggesting a Hitler-like force is emerging across the country. And we all know what that means.

It’s far more combustible than the post that sparked Carano’s dismissal. The actress and former MMA standout called Ruffalo’s message out without attacking her peer.

She had a larger point to share.

“Double standards on full display. It’s a constant and obvious elephant in the room in Hollywood,” Carano began on the lengthy X post.

She noted Ruffalo’s hard-left beliefs, including the incendiary post indirectly targeting Donald Trump. She said the Hulk actor has every right to share his views “without getting fired.”

“He is an actor, but he is a human being passionately engaging in something that he feels strongly about. It must be a nice feeling to express yourself so freely. Not everyone in this country has that privilege without having everything that they love taken from them.”

Carano tagged both Disney and Lucasfilm, the targets of her recent lawsuit, in the post.

“We can have conversations where we don’t agree, in fact we just might learn something from each other through more conversations. Conversation over cancellation.”

She’s right in more ways than one.


Some stars can do or say offensive things and never face professional punishment. Think Bette Midler, Ellen Barkin, Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmel and more.

Ezra Miller’s off-screen rap sheet didn’t stop the actor from appearing in “The Flash.”

They’re all on the political Left. That gives them the kind of protection Carano lacks. The MMA star isn’t openly conservative. Nor does she use social media to rally followers to one party over another.

She’s a free thinker, and that doesn’t deserve professional retribution. Except that’s the current status in and sometimes outside of Hollywood.

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