‘What Is a Woman?’ Delivers Shocking, Subversive Truths About the Culture

Matt Walsh's elementary question leads to larger, disturbing queries

Most partisan documentaries let like-minded folks have their say. Or, they give opponents a chance to speak but with little screen time to get the job done.

“What Is a Woman?” turns that dynamic on its head.


The film follows Daily Wire podcaster and author Matt Walsh as he asks one of society’s most simple questions, one suddenly fraught with cultural complications.

Even the newest Supreme Court justice got tripped up over it. But why?

To find the answer, Walsh travels across the globe asking trans activists and feminists alike that titular question.

Most can’t give an answer or refuse to consider it. They stumble, and stammer, before changing the topic or ending the conversation.

Those responses speak volumes, of course.

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Walsh famously disdains the transgender movement. He’s a Christian conservative with little time for gender derivations. He still approaches the subject in a neutral fashion for much of the documentary.

No snark. No lectures or finger wagging. Just calm, reasonable questioning. The answers, when they finally arrive, can be startling.

Director Justin Folk (“No Safe Spaces”) keeps the tone jaunty, even darkly comic. Walsh lacks the charisma of a born entertainer, so Folk frames him in a different light. He’s the Everyman, someone willing to ask the questions most won’t utter.

It’s a wise approach. It also heightens the stakes in play. And yes, there are considerable stakes afoot from a cultural perspective.

Some won’t accept the documentary’s premise at face value. Others will rage at Walsh’s staid demeanor, knowing the true feelings lurking beneath his mild-mannered style.

What we should all agree on is simple.

It can’t be off bounds to dig deeper into the trans conversation. Our children are in play, for starters. The film aggressively pursues this angle, and we see specialists giddy at helping young children begin their “transition.”

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A segment on trans sports lets two female athletes criticize Lia Thomas, the University of Pennsylvania swimmer who transitioned to female and now dominates the field.

One fellow athlete appears on screen to share her frustrations at losing out to a biological male identifying as female.

“I missed out on so much throughout my high school career,” she laments.

Another is seen in the shadows, her voice modified to shield her identity.

“If you speak up about it … your life will be over in some way,” she says. Defy the trans groupthink and face profound consequences.

Just ask author J.K. Rowling, one of the most canceled celebrities in Western culture.

'Deeply concerning': New York Times cancels JK Rowling

Debra Soh, author of “The End of Gender,” shares how she fled academia when she realized university research is often compromised in areas like trans issues. She said you have to pre-determine what your studies will reveal “so you don’t upset activists.”

Is that any way to run a university, let alone find the truth? Of course not. So why can’t we talk about it?

Walsh’s trip to a women’s march is particularly enlightening. Of course no one on camera can say what a woman is, leading to more unintentional laughs.

Walsh is bumped, called an expletive, shouted down and treated like a supervillain. Yet he’s polite, doesn’t raise his voice and keeps his tone docile.

The “a**hole” chant meant to chase him away isn’t so kind.

“What Is a Woman?” veers into black comedy on a few occasions, but not by choice. Walsh’s long-ranging interview with a gender studies professor finds the star drilling down on a basic principle.


“When you use that terminology you’re being malignant and harmful,” the professor says. One therapist asks, with a straight face, “whose truth are we talking about?”

Welcome to 2022.

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Democratic Rep. Mark Takano of California patiently answers some of Walsh’s queries before abruptly ending the interview. I just wanted to know what a woman is, Walsh says to the fleeing congressman.

“And you’re not gonna find out,” an off-screen voice barks, presumably part of Takano’s press team. Imagine thinking that’s a burn, not an admission of some kind.

What’s lingers about the compulsively watchable film is that Americans are terrified of speaking on the subject for fear of saying the wrong thing. It leads to silence, befuddled looks and abject fear.

It’s woke, Cancel Culture and societal groupthink all rolled into one oppressive, anti-American stew.

And how can self-described feminists go to sleep at night knowing they can’t define what a woman actually is?

At times, “What Is a Woman?” carries a Michael Moore-like motif, or so it would appear. We learn about “Johnny the Walrus,” Walsh’s best-selling book about a lad who’s convinced he’s a long-toothed critter.

Except the documentary reveals how a major bookseller took the tome off the shelves.

More consequentially, we watch Walsh’s appearance on “The Dr. Phil Show” debating trans individuals. The episode in question, which allowed a free flow of ideas without anyone storming off, got yanked by both CBS and Hulu.

Shut up. Accept the new narrative. And, if you didn’t hear us the first time, we said, ‘shut up.’

The film could use some hard data, along with more experts, to back up Walsh’s arguments. Even more necessary? Empathy for those who believe with all of their hearts they ended up in the wrong body.

That matters.

It doesn’t matter where viewers stand on the issues explored in “What Is a Woman?” If we can’t talk about the subjects, if just doing so puts us at some kind of risk, that’s a problem.

HiT or Miss: “What Is a Woman?” will trigger a considerable part of the viewing audience. That alone is reason enough to watch this smartly packaged editorial.


  1. The documentary really shines when the pretense of cinematic framing is dropped the interviews become the focus of the film. When it’s Matt asking simple questions or listening, the film is brilliant! Say what you will about the ideas of gender theory, but the movie pokes hole in the bubble of propriety simply to point out that there IS a bubble there. Great review!

    1. yeah he also had to trick a bunch of people to interview with him, pushed strawman arguments into said interviews to try to force an answer that he likes out of people, and wouldn’t even listen to reason regardless. this “documentary” isn’t a documentary. it’s him stating his opinion with an hour and half of filler.

      1. Thank you for putting in count of bailing arguing on here as I do appreciate trying to go outside my sounding board. With that being said, he did have a new organization built for this movie. But questions were published to these individuals prior to the interview and as trapped as some of them did appear, they had time to prepare. This is something that can be said it in the interview with the professor at the college. Based off of my information I provided you, do you still carry the same opinion?

      2. Honestly. There’s not even a pretense of listening here. I actually watched the documentary expecting a researched argument, that he’d deconstruct the sociological definition of womanhood, but they were too lazy to even do that.

      3. 1. How do you know he had to trick people into the interview?
        2. Which strawmen did push?
        3. Which reasonable answers didn’t he listen to?

        He was polite and didn’t interrupt. He was even stoic at times, as one could observe how he held back his desire to interrupt and question the confused gibberish of some people. But he never did… I am really curious what your answers will be.

        1. Trans People are just pissed off at this guy because all the interviews slapped them right in the face. They don’t like it that someone made a movie that is a big hit and just embarrassed the Transgender and The Alphabet Crew. Anyone who liked this movie and the question that were asked and couldn’t be answered makes us a Trans-Alphabet racist and a hater. We are the cause of all the hate in the world.

        2. Some people just can’t handle the truth about things. Like the college Professor he interviewed in the documentary that was offended simply because he was asked a very simple question.
          God will take care of everything as it always does.

      4. He listened to them entirely and asked simple, non-bias questions(What is a woman?) and when he did listen he would state what he thinks and his point of view. And “tricking them to have themselves interview” is a bit confusing since he just asked to interview them and asked them the simple question “what is a woman?”

      5. You’re simply upset because these people had no argument or answer. Matt Walsh asks very reasonable and answerable questions. The main one being….. “what is a woman”. Which can only be answered by one person the entire film…. His wife. So…. Stfu!

        1. >>Matt Walsh asks very reasonable and answerable questions. The main one being….. “what is a woman”. Which can only be answered by one person the entire film…. His wife. <<

          Except his wife answers the question in a similarly self-referential way that a woman is "an adult human female." So now WHAT IS A FEMALE?

          1. Are we so whacked out as a country that we really need to ask the question “what is a female?”. I cannot..

          2. XX chromosome, able to get pregnant if there are no health conditions, produces eggs and breastfeeds her babies

      6. No tricks involved; for the sake of humanity; children, who are easily deceived; the uneducated and miseducated; the emotionally distraught; mentally imbalanced; psychologically distressed. If you truly care about people, you should really listen to this again…what do the producers of this have to gain?
        Attacks and constant threats of physical and financial harm! Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing…

      7. Asking simple questions, his interviewees proactively admitted to such things as, “there is no truth,” “a woman is whatever you want a woman to be,” and “yes, I have provided/would provide gender reassignment treatments to preteens.” Work on your application of the straw man fallacy. This ain’t one.

      8. >> this “documentary” isn’t a documentary. it’s him stating his opinion <<

        It seems to be many people stating their opinions. And isn't whether anyone feels themselves a man or a woman or a walrus also just their opinion? Isn't that really the point? We can all see the moon – for example – and can agree that it's there, that we can calculate its size and distance and even, given suitable technology, go there. But that's not necessarily the case for whether someone is a man or a woman. And does anyone have the right to tell someone else what being a man or a woman is FOR THEM? Or only for themselves? These are seriously interesting questions. And if no one can answer the question of "What is a Woman?" to everyone's satisfaction then maybe that IS the answer.

      9. Yeah but with a lot of scientifically verified facts that believers of transgendered ism don’t want to hear or even learn about.
        The profound abuse of children, the heartbreak of the de transitioned. The sudden surge due to social media influence to the vulnerable,
        By the end of documentary and to this day, no one transgendered person or supporters could answer the question. Why is that?

  2. Thanks for making this! The interviews were my favorite part of the film. Especially the interview with the tribe in Africa about gender.

    1. “Especially the interview with the tribe in Africa about gender”.

      Ditto. A third world country has a better perception of what a woman is, than alot of

      1. I disagree. A primitive tribe of a few hundred people knows a lot less than and has far less experience with the wide variety of the human condition than an advanced civilization. Would you take as truth what a primitive tribe of people say the stars are or what causes sicknesses?

  3. Wow this is probably the most fair, honest, and unbiased review I have ever seen on something. This is also probably the only good review that will come out of hollywood, but it’s nice to see there are still people out there that understand the importance of free speech. I literally can’t tell you opinion on the subject matter in the documentary just honest coverage of it.

    1. Might just be the only review out of Hollywood at all. Word has it that critics are refusing to review it altogether out of a preconceived notion that Matt Walsh is a “bigot”. Refusing to even engage with ideas you disagree with… creates the very echo chamber this documentary so easily exposes.

        1. The couldn’t answer “What is a woman?” Because they have all painted themselves into a social construct corner. They were a bunch of bumbling idiots running from the simple question and they counsel, teach etc. Lord save the children.

      1. Better to do everything possible to silence reasonable criticisms (or even questions) about transgender ideology than to actually attempt to respond substantively to such criticisms/questions and have your ideology exposed for the insane, incoherent, destructive mess that it is. Trans ideology is largely indefensible, the main responses that are ever given by the trans activists are ad hominem attacks (“transphobe, bigot, Nazi”) or claims that criticisms/questions somehow cause unfathomable psychic harm. The ultimate “drop the mike” move on the activist side is to make the straw man argument that the existence of trans people is “not up for debate” (which is not what the critics are saying) and simply refuse to engage, all while claiming moral superiority. Trans ideology destroys lives. I don’t agree with a lot of what Matt Walsh says, but he is 100% right on this issue

    2. The fact that the left wing media won’t even watch the film to critique it says everything you need to know about how fearful they are of the truth.

      1. It’s interesting that it’s only available if you join Daily Wire. That doesn’t make since to me. It seems to say we only include like minded people who agree with us.

        1. Well it’s costly to create, so why not recoup or profit on it. If you stick around and listen to other DW content you enjoy then it’s a win win. If not, you paid a one time fee and off you go.
          Good biz practice imo.

  4. The interview with the SJW Tennessee professor was worth the subscription price alone. Typical liberal academic talking points, without actually saying anything meaningful … or even coherent. My dog is smarter than this guy. Great documentary!!

  5. When so-called experts can no longer give (or refuse to give for fear!) a clear and straightforward answer to a basic question–a question that has huge ramifications to society–then something has gone really wrong. This has nothing to do with compassion or sympathy or anything of the sort. Of course these virtues are a must. But then these virtues cut both ways and should be understood in a wider, more socio-politically conscious context, not just centered on an individual’s subjectivity (a one-sided subjectivity that is now being forced on the rest of society). Let there be open conversation!

  6. Good documentary, but the sexual revolution and transgender ideology didn’t start with Kinsey and Money, they go way back (see Magnus Hirschfeld).

  7. Hi Mr Matt. What is a women If you really want the truth or a bunch of made up lies so we can get a lot of likes the truth is God made women in men and he’s on image and you can find this in Genesis in the Bible explains exactly what a woman is the problem is is when the evil one came and twisted up with a woman in a man’s this was never gods intent for women and men God created you to be the man you created to be in the woman you created to be there is a rule for women in a row for men but this culture and these lies of the enemy twisted up our rules so we can Mesa People and the enemy wants to take out human beings from the beginning of time if if you were to understand what’s the meaning the God created you find the purpose you would understand that the main purpose of the enemies to destroy human beings and he can take out women and men he wants to accomplish his goal of taking everything all the God created on earth to be good God created a lot of things but the only thing he called good as when he created humans when he created men and women in his image God loves you God has a plan for you he died for you Jesus is coming back soon and all this nonsense will end the war will you go in the end all the stuff that you guys are doing on Hollywood and and all this nonsense with being transgender and God doesn’t hate anybody transgender or gay but the choices you make will either destroy you in the end or he will save you Jesus came so you can have life stop letting the enemy confuse you with your identity you’re meant to be a man if you’re born a man you’re meant to be a woman if you’re born a woman God created you for a purpose and reasons that you don’t even have to have all the answers for and I’m sure you don’t have it now as you’re walking out opposing God God loves you reach out to him and get to know who you are let your creator lead you not some kind of baloney that the enemy has confuse you with and lie to you for you are excepted you are loved Jesus has a plan for you and if you calling his name Jesus said you will be saved in the end there as hell and heaven there is Jesus or the enemy what you choose on you’re on earth as you take your last breath depends on your salvation and this world is not lasting forever just look around you there’s no time to play around with your salvation dumb bitch or a Trinity on Hollywood them that you were turn it on anybody not even me find the truth for yourself read the Bible get to know the presence of God try it for yourself I challenge you if you don’t feel his presence say that I’m lying but I guarantee you’re gonna feel God‘s presence if you really looking for him but if you’re not you’re not gonna find him I pray you guys find the truth and Jesus is a TRUTH away in the life and he will set you free God bless you all.

      1. I’m out of breath! Lack of punctuation does that to me. Nevertheless, I understand the point they were trying to make.

      2. No, a sentence is supposed to contain a coherent thought. That is a word salad followed by a period.

    1. Dude! For God’s sake use some punctuation. Here’s some for the next time you post a comment: ,,,,,,,,,,…………..;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    2. I was with you until you mentioned god. Now I know you believe in magic and make-believe and that all your reasoning is in question. Darth Vader bless you.

    3. Please, just take a moment and breath between sentence’s and be sure to use punctuation for the sake reader’s!

    4. Punctuation is actually the least of my concern. The fact that you sound like Joe Biden incoherently rambling is what lost me. Clearly there must be a language barrier here, or at least I hope? Either way, it’s just too much.

    5. Mental masturbation. Which is too bad. You may have something worthwhile in all that, but if that’s the best you can express yourself in what needs to be an intelligent conversation, you’re wasting everyone’s time.

  8. I awaited this film with great expectations and it didn’t disappoint. The message was delivery clearly and succinctly and with humor. However, I predict that the best-known professional critics will ignore What is a Women, since to review it negatively, as their platforms will require, citing “transphobia” and trans rights etc. will not hold up this time. The film was structured to allow the proponents of gender ideology to have their say, which they couldn’t manage to do.
    As it is it can only currently be seen by members to the Daily Wire site. Interestingly, the was site cyber attacked on the day of the film’s premiere. It would be great to see it get more exposure. I’d also like to see more films that expand on the origins of the dangerous phenomena it presents, and the forces that try to silence any common sense opposition to it.

  9. What a great review. I doubt we will see any other reviews on this as the people who do these reviews push an agenda. This documentary is too hard to refute so the reviewers will just call Matt a bigot as that is the next step in the leftist playbook. America is now fully awake to this and that is what the documentary set out to do. Thank you daily wire and Matt Walsh for being brave and getting to the truths of the movement and exposing the permanent damages it does to children and for that matter adults. Exposing the history of where it came from was also very disturbing. Thanks again for this review.

  10. Glad to see this review. I’ve been reading about some of the other reviewers that refuse to evaluate a film made by a “bigot”. And, of course, therein lies the problem that was brilliantly illustrated in Walsh’s film. People don’t want to touch this subject with a surgically contrived 10-ft trans phallus. Walsh’s demeanor and simple straightforward approach allow the purveyors of this anti-science ideology to dismantle their own narrative right before your eyes.

        1. And that is the question SJW’s have even more difficulty with than “What is a Woman?” – What is a Joke? (I know, I know, That’s not Funny!)

  11. “Debra Soh, author of “The End of Gender,” shares how she fled academia when she realized university research is often compromised in areas like trans issues. She said you have to pre-determine what your studies will reveal “so you don’t upset activists.””

    Except she is a dirty liar:

    “At times, “What Is a Woman?” carries a Michael Moore-like motif, or so it would appear. We learn about “Johnny the Walrus,” Walsh’s best-selling book about a lad who’s convinced he’s a long-toothed critter.

    Except the documentary reveals how a major bookseller took the tome off the shelves.”

    For the record Conservatives lie about best sellers all the time:

    And off course the book misunderstands how gender affirmation works:

    “A segment on trans sports lets two female athletes criticize Lia Thomas, the University of Pennsylvania swimmer who transitioned to female and now dominates the field.”

    No she doesn’t:

    “More consequentially, we watch Walsh’s appearance on “The Dr. Phil Show” debating trans individuals. The episode in question, which allowed a free flow of ideas without anyone storming off, got yanked by both CBS and Hulu.

    Shut up. Accept the new narrative. And, if you didn’t hear us the first time, we said, ‘shut up.’”

    And off course you ignroe the fact that Walsh was laughed off the show for his ignorance:

    This is your champion of truth?

    “What’s lingers about the compulsively watchable film is that Americans are terrified of speaking on the subject for fear of saying the wrong thing. It leads to silence, befuddled looks and abject fear.

    It’s woke, Cancel Culture and societal groupthink all rolled into one oppressive, anti-American stew.”

    Except that Matt Walsh needs to lie in order to get interviews:

    Do you think the movie wasn’t manipulatively edited?

    For example he presents a single african tribe as representing all of Africa:

    ” I spoke to an African tribe about transgenderism. The Left claims that traditional cultures have fluid notions of gender. That’s… not exactly what I found.”

    Except a single tribe doesn’t represent all of Africa:

    And off course he relies on the liar Dr. Marci Bowers to promote his views:

    And Scott Newgent:

    Off course he and others promote the debunked theory of autogerderphila:
    And yes it is debunked:

    This is what you call truth?

    1. Yes, Jacob…he speaks the truth. And although gender dysphoria is very real, it only affects a small group. The trans community and others (for some reason) are trying to indoctrinate children. Leave them alone…let them be innocent as long as possible. I am glad people like Matt are speaking out!

        1. Alex, Please stop. A man should not be so rude.

          Talking to little kids about sex and gender is illegal in virtually every state, and will likely end up getting you prosecuted.

    2. Why don’t you watch the documentary. You don’t even know the points he makes about the trans issue in general. I’m pretty sure you never have watched Matt Walsh’s show or listened to his podcasts. Just as I am sure you are commenting on a review of his documentary without having watched it. If you have listened to him at all you would have known that Walsh never claims that one tribe in Africa is representative of all of Africa. His point in visiting that tribe for the documentary is to show that only Western countries think that gender is a social construct. In places free from Western influence, people know that humans are born either male or female, biologically determined at the moment of conception. Men have penises and women have vaginas: end of story. All Walsh has to do to prove the point that the Western gender ideology is constructed and absurd is to visit people whose culture is untouched by Western ideas. And that is what he did.

      1. Do folks here — the pro trans groups — actually think that OTHER tribes in Africa embrace transgender ideology? SERIOUSLY? I am sure Matt picked one tribe completely at random.

        Do you think it would be any different if he went to the Amazon? Inuit seal hunters? Mongolian yak herders?

        Trust me, it would be the same. It’s the same in the animal (mammal) kingdom too. There is NOTHING more binary than sexual reproduction — one male, one female. Period.

        1. The Inuit people have a tripartite system so no, it’s not binary in the slightest.
          Reading is your friend Lola

          1. No, they do not. The concept that indigenous people have a “third gender” (two spirit people) is entirely invented by academia and only in the 1990s. Actual indigenous people laugh at this idea. (I have actually asked some.)

            And look at your defensive, impenetrable language — “triparite” — what the heck does that even mean? there is a literal third gender? what is called? what do such people look like? what sort of genitalia do they have? what role do they play in reproduction? what are their chromosomes, if not XY and XX?

            If all you are saying is that “Inuit people recognize that some people are gay — effeminate men, masculine-acting women” — that’s homosexuality in TWO genders. It is not a third gender.

    3. “And off [sic] course you ignroe [sic] the fact that Walsh was laughed off the show for his ignorance” I watched this twice and I still didn’t see that. Where was that exactly? Some people did laugh, yes, but he certainly wasn’t “laughed off the show.” Facts matter, that’s what this film exposes.

      1. I watched the show myself. Matt was not “laughed off”. When the transgender guests couldn’t answer Matt’s questions, they simply started laughing to try and divert the audience. It doesn’t mean he was laughed off BY THE AUDIENCE, or driven away before the show ended. That is false.

    4. But he did have a best seller book according to Amazon. It even should on Johnny Warlus book as “#1 seller” Amazon employees through a tantrum and they change the algorithm, so it won’t be anymore.

      1. It was AMAZON itself that declared “Johnny The Walrus” to be a bestseller, and I think Matt just went in on the joke. Their “algorithms” are crap in the first place, but it was a very funny joke.

    5. The most reputable source article hear sadly is from The Hill. I took a second to look because I do like to hear all sides but these are the worst sites to make your point. They are as slanted as Matt Walsh …just in another direction.

    6. Jacob, nearly everything you say here is a total falsehood.

      The article about Deborah Soh is an OPINION piece in a pro-trans publication — it doesn’t “debunk” her in any way. And it calls TRANSGENDER Blaire White to be “anti trans”? so she’s a transwoman but also anti-trans? huh?

      A bookseller removed “Johnny The Walrus” out of spite and fear of repercussion from the LGBQT mafia.

      The idea that the “Johnny” book was a bestseller, was determined by AMAZON and not by “conservatives”. Same source also said the “1619 Project” was a bestseller. So it cuts both ways.

      Lia Thomas has definitely won a disproportionate number of races and medals. However, it remains to be seen how he will do in national competitions. There is no disputing he was ranked 650th as a male, but is now in the top 10 as a “female”.

      I saw the Dr. Phil episode; it is a blatant falsehood that Matt was “laughed off the show”. The audience was stuffed with trans activists. Matt was ALONE facing two trans people plus a pro-trans therapist who said “women are biologically predetermined to like vacuuming” (I’m not getting, read the transcript!). Come on, that’s 3 to 1… maybe 4 to 1, if you count Dr. Phil.

      Matt does not need to “lie” to anyone to get interviews. It is that pro trans activists refuse to openly debate or discuss the issue, as his documentary makes very clear.

      Matt never says the one tribe “speaks for all of Africa”, but I’ll bet YOU could not find a single African tribe that is pro transgender (or even knows what it means). It is not reasonable to expect Matt — or anyone — to interview every tribe on an entire continent.

      As for Dr. Bowers… are you denying SCIENCE now?

      And you seriously quote REDDIT as a source of whether something is true or not? by that logic…Ivermectin cures COVID-19.

      1. Thank you for debunking “Jacob’s” claims. I was going to go through and post many of the points you’ve made but decided to scroll through to see if anyone else had refuted the nonsense he was spewing. Trans activists don’t seem to be able to make their case without lying or smearing their opponents. This is what lead me to oppose trans issues as their arguments lacked substance and were often riddled with misleading information or outright lies. We need more documentaries like “What is a Woman” and individuals like yourself to stand up to these bullies and liars.

    7. Aaaannnnd THIS is why he made the documentary.

      Your whole lives are wrapped up in gender this, gender that!….?

      You guys are militant as all hell, and angry at YOURSELVES, because you know in your dark little hearts it’s all bulls***.

      The demons will win if you don’t repent and turn.

    8. If you say that a fully intact natal male who has “transitioned” is or can be woman,” then I would ask you to answer the central question posed by the movie. Put another way, exactly what does such a person “transition” to? In the movie (which you should watch if you haven’t), the high priests and priestesses of the gender cult hung themselves with their own words. The “gender studies” professor actually claimed that the word “truth” was “deeply transphobic” (Intellectual dishonesty, anyone?) Trans people can believe whatever they want about themselves but can’t force their personal beliefs (at odds with objective reality) on the rest of us. Trans ideology has proven to be particularly harmful to adolescent girls; this stuff has no place in our schools. As Bill Maher recently said, children should not be used as cannon fodder in this trans culture war. Live your life as you choose, but don’t push trans as a healthy lifestyle; it’s not. I’m willing to use a few preferred pronouns for adults (she,/her, he/him) to be polite, but will never swear fealty to the gender cult.

    9. You need better sources before you tell big fat lies about Walsh. Quoting mostly gender cult websites is a fail. But you were only interested in destroying his reputation, not arguing the points made in this film. I bet you didn’t even watch it.

  12. It is a question that has no definitive answer. I could easily ask that question, “What is a man” and get a wide variety of answers. I understand the provocative nature of this project that will puff up the fundamentalists but this question is a waste of time.

    1. Any rational person would be able to answer that question. You may not fit that category, and that’s why this confuses you.

      1. A friendly amendment: Biologically: an adult human being with xy chromosomes. If you lop off his penus, he is still a man at the most fundamental cellular level. He can have all the surgery he wants, imbibe all the hormones and chemicals he desires, at the end of the day he will still be a man. And likely a miserable man.

        culturally: In the West we expect a certain amount of leadership, a certain amount of stoicism, etc, thus: “man up,” “be a man,” etc. But the most effeminate soy boy on tik tok is still biologically a man, just not much of one, culturally. This cultural question is really about what it means to be a man, and is certainly debatable.

        1. You do realize some ppl are merged twins in vitro/in the womb! Also you do realize that some people are born with both Genders. And some people look one gender and have extra
          chromosomes. It’s still just as natural as you or I you ignorant bigot!

    2. LOL, Mia. Any basic biology textbook will answer that question!

      To pretend it is some great mystery who is female and who is male… is to utterly lie to yourself.

    3. Adult human male; XY chromosomes, small gametes, male sex organ (penis) sex observed and recorded as “male” at birth. Not terribly difficult.

  13. I haven’t seen this film yet, but I wonder if this type of question is asked:

    If a ‘woman with a penis’ is allowed into a female changing room where young girls shower and change, then what is to stop any man from going into a female changing room where young girls shower and change? To prevent men from going into women’s changing rooms, it is necessary to know ‘what is a man?’ If you can’t define what a woman is, how can you define what a man is?

    This question cannot be ignored.

  14. I admired Matt’s composure and poise during some very challenging moments during the interviews, especially when he briefly stepped into the abyss with people who deny the nature of reality.

  15. As a woman (biological female) I appreciated watching this film. I used to be very pro-trans, unquestioningly. I felt that any hesitation about letting a trans person share our bathrooms was cruel, and showed inflexible thinking.

    “Love is love” was a very popular, effective and accurate statement about gays, lesbians and bisexuals. But the problem is, marketing people decided since “love is love” worked at shaping public opinion, they then copied the verbiage to, “trans women are women”. But those are not the same. A biological man has no idea what it is to be a woman. He has never experienced a single day in his life, of being a woman. He’s never had period cramps that prevented him from practicing or training for sports, his brain, DNA and hormones and receptors are different, his upbringing was totally different in the way he was treated by others. Just as I have never experienced being a man. I can try to guess what being a man would be like, but admittedly, what am I basing that on? TV shows, watching my dad? But I’ve never lived it. When a biological man says he ‘identifies’ with being a woman, that is entirely his imagination, a projection, a man’s idea of what he thinks being a woman is like. He has no actual idea. And so, when men say, “I’m a woman just like you,” it’s absurd.

    It’s even more absurd, to see the trans athletes taking away titles from real women in sports. That’s where it goes from “strange” to “damaging.” Women and feminists worked really hard to create those protections, even the right to vote or attend college at all was denied to us until very recently. Now here come men saying, I’m entitled to your trophies. Really though, don’t the trans people see how this is damaging to their cause? The Lia Thomas thing in the documentary, and the girl who was too scared to even show her face on film for saying it out loud, ‘what is a man doing here? Why is a man in our locker room with his penis out when this is a girl’s team?’ I’ve read elsewhere Thomas is still heterosexual attracted, attracted to women. So he’s still fundamentally a straight guy, walking around naked, in a women’s locker room while claiming to be a female and taking away scholarships from actual females. That’s just wrong. I’ve been feeling a growing unease for a while, but I think the Lia Thomas incident is where it really hit me, you know, “what the f— have I been supporting all these years?”

    The trans movement has jumped the shark, and as a former supporter, I’ll be honest I blindly supported it. I’m sorry for what has happened to JK Rowling for simply speaking out in defense of actual women. I have gay friends and I’d seen how they were sometimes rejected from their own families. I wanted to be a kind and inclusive, non-judgemental person. The part in the documentary about the castrating surgeries and drugs being given to kids, is frankly scary. Especially the interview with the woman who had transitioned to male and kept experiencing infections, knowing this was shortening her life. The exposure of the groupthink around it, where people can’t even say what it obviously true, and aren’t allowed to warn kids about long-term consequences, that is scary.

    It appeals to leftists because we want to help others, we tend to support the underdog, and we believe we are being good people, inclusive people. We supported LGB, lesbians gay bisexual to equal rights like marriage, and not be discriminated in the workplace, because we knew it was (and it is) the right thing. But then these other letters started getting added. I have no idea what the others mean. But I support LGB so I supported the others, no questions asked. If anything, this film brought much-needed perspective. I think this film brings up necessary issues and more people should watch it. We should have a coherent grasp of what we are supporting and why, not just blindly go along. Especially when women aren’t allowed to, and are threatened if they question trans ideology was the biggest red flag brought up by the film. Women should seriously question their support of this ideology. Which appears in many ways to be, after watching this film, a men’s rights movement masquerading as a women’s movement.

    1. “Appears to be a men’s right’s movement masquerading as a women’s movement”. And there we have it. I’m honestly tired of radfems constantly making the movement seem like a ploy by men to infiltrate women’s spaces and take away their autonomy. Most of the people supporting transgenderism are women. Most trans people are men. Young men, teenagers, and boys manipulated into mutilating themselves and inviting a whole host of psychological and physical issues into their lives at the behest of the community that is, in large part, supported by cis women of all types of sexual orientations. The girls in the videos lost out on their gold medal? Sad, it really is. But these young men are losing out on their lives. Suicide rates for trans people can be higher than 40% and males already have disproportionately high suicide rates, anyways. But of course, the only acknowledgement of these issues you showed was for the ftm. Bottom line: tell your fellow women to stop fuelling the movement that manipulates young boys to permanently disfigure themselves instead of being given help for their mental healths. Many men realize these truths and still speak so regardless of any social backlash. Do the same.

    2. I want you to think about what you’ve written some more. A men’s rights movement would not constitute encouraging and facilitating male genital mutilation and potentially dangerous hormone treatments so that a fraction of the men can go on to win trophies in female competitions. It would not constitute denying men of psychotherapy and putting them at risk of serious health complications so that they may infiltrate female spaces and force lesbians to have sex with them. This isn’t a CIA op perpetrated by the Patriarchy(TM) but a misguided notion of inclusivity, like you’ve said, that has led to greatly adverse consequences for the people directly affected (mostly men). If you’re wondering why I’m beating the drum about this then that’s because men have been trying to tell everyone for years now. It’s really only turning heads now because the situation has spiralled to the point where it’s affected mainstream discourse. Ironically enough, men are the ones getting the worst of it from both sides, the right is bent on ostracizing and deriding trans women (biological men) and the left wants to cancel the cis men that speak sanity on the issue.

  16. “What Is A Woman?” will make you laugh, cry, and presents sobering information about hormon treatments and surgeries beng performed on children who seek to improve their lives through sex change operations. Big pharma is the big winner with over $1MM/patient over a lifetime of medical treatment. The results of osteoporosis, cancer, and multiple pills required to maintain the sex change is not often discussed when speaking of transgender issues; it is well worth considering. Scott’s story is a cautionary tale of what happens when a person takes the “journey” toward a sex change operation. The information is enlightening; and and parents need to consider the medical challenges before leading a child toward a life of complicated medical issues. Social media influences many of the personalities to undergo gender change and is explored as a trendy fad many adolescents seek out as a result of normal adolescent angst. “What is a Woman?” is humorous as M. Walsh explores the question with a wide vareity of characters. Highly recommended.

  17. Apparently this is the one critic that has “dared” to watch & rate this “transphobic” documentary.
    Thank you sir, and all you other critics are just a bunch of pathetic cowards.

    1. Yeah, that is really the saddest takeaway. They can’t watch it and refute it, and they do not DARE agree with it, or they will be excoriated in the liberal media. Silence is acquiescence.


  18. Saw some clips earlier. It’s actually quite concerning how many so called scientists and academics are either silent on, or simply won’t discuss, the issue.

    No-one wishes to harm or upset anyone, but a clear definition of what a woman is, or how we define one, seems rather mundane to me. And one would think that, for feminists especially but also society as a whole, this is actually an issue of some importance.

    I also feel that other cultures go about this much better. The Thai notion of ‘Kathoey’, for instance, accepts that a third sex exists; and if you spend any time there, you will see that this is common and not an issue. I often shake my head at how us westerners tend to overly complicate everything and make issues divisive and problematically binary. That said, no-one will ever convince me that a man can be a woman, or vice versa – that is literally madness,

    We need to have an open and frank discussion, and one sides constant attempts to shut this down at all costs is becoming tedious and overly aggressive.

  19. You can see from the African tribal people interviewed that America is now the laughing stock of the world. What a pity!

  20. The topic of biological men competing in women’s sports was, perhaps out of necessity, touched on only lightly during the film. The idea of young women quitting their teams, losing their college scholarships, and being injured by bigger, stronger bodies, is an area that needs much more light shined upon it.
    And now the real issue about Lea Thompson’s performances. Thomas is disrespecting the sport of competitive swimming itself. I believe Thomas DECIDED not to win all the events in which Thomas was entered, in order to alleviate some of the criticism of Thomas domination in the pool. Which invites a new film to be made, What is a sport?

  21. He does a good of exposing liberal dogmatism, BUT I was disappointed he didn’t ever provide his own definition of what a woman is. Actually, HE DID provide a definition: a woman is someone who needs their husband to open a jar for them.

    Jokes aside, this is actually a good definition – A WOMAN IS someone who fulfills the female social role in society (e.g. appearance, behavior, duties). You can’t define a woman by her ability to get pregnant, her chromosomes, or her genitalia, because not all of these things are true for all women. Society is divided into two main social roles: male and female. The only constant that is true for all women in civilized society is they are expected to appear and behave as women.

    Works of art often allude to the truth despite their author’s intentions. GOD CREATED THEM MALE AND FEMALE – not the clay pot, but the light inside. It’s not the light inside that is broken, but the vessel which needs care. GD is experienced the same for cis-people as trans-people. While liberal insanity needs sharp correction, there is a place for people born trans in God’s Kingdom. God did not make a mistake when he made them, and how we care for them will be a test of faith.

  22. The problem, it seems to me, is that different people are using the same word – GENDER – to refer to different things. Ordinarily, this problem is solved by such things as use of adjectives. Not all roses are red, so we refer to red roses, white roses, blue roses, etc. Why do we not do the same here? A woman can be an anatomical woman, a chromosomal woman, an identifying-as woman, etc.

  23. If a woman is someone who simply fills the female role, does that mean born-females, that identify as women, who don’t fill typical female roles, aren’t women? That’s one of the worst definitions I’ve ever heard.

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