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Reporters, Critics Ignore ‘What Is a Woman?’

Matt Walsh's doc criticizing trans movement catches fire on social media

Few recent documentaries have caused a stir quite like “What Is a Woman?”

The Daily Wire feature finds pundit and author Matt Walsh traveling the country with a simple, yet challenging, question.

The title says it all.


Scholars, doctors and activists alike struggle to come up with an answer, and the film has sparked fiery debates on social media. Walsh also brought the topic to major podcasting platforms like “The Megyn Kelly Show,” and the film’s trailer generated 13 million views in roughly two weeks.

Amazon employees protested Walsh’s recent bestseller “Johnny the Walrus” by performing a “die-in” during a Pride event.

Yet if you punch the film’s title into the Google News search engine you get very few mainstream responses.

Nothing from The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post or other august outlets, for example.

The Deseret News served up a feature tied to the film. So did minor news outlets like The Daily Dot, a far cry from The Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg.

There’s another layer to the story. [Note: This reporter is a contributor to The Daily Wire]

Film critics have mostly avoided reviewing the documentary. This critic is currently the only professional reviewer who posted a commentary at Rotten Tomatoes.

What is a woman rotten tomatoes

That hasn’t stopped the site’s users from weighing in, though. The readers’ score is a hefty 97 percent “fresh” with more than 1,000 reviews.

Absolutely fantastic. Matt says what we all know to be true but don’t have the courage to speak up. Best documentary I’ve seen in a long time.

This movie goes from being incredibly funny to incredibly sad. If there was a central point to be made is that in 2022 truth is no longer an absolute. Truth is now subjective and everyone can have their own truth. Hopefully, the public will recognize that minors aren’t capable of making serious decisions like gender reassignment surgery or therapies. There is a reason society puts an age limit on things like alcohol, tobacco, and driving rights.

“What Is a Woman?” also has a 9.2/10 review aggregate from site visitors.

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The lack of professional film reviews for “What Is a Woman” isn’t an accident.

The Daily Wire shared responses from select critics when they were given the chance to review the documentary.

A secondary theme of “What Is a Woman?” deserves more attention. We need to discuss these subjects openly, honestly and without fear of having the “wrong” opinion. All sides of the debate would benefit from that all-American approach.

For many people, even bringing up the subject can cause them personal or professional repercussions. It’s why one female athlete in Walsh’s film appears in the shadows with her voice altered to protect her identity.

When the press refuses to engage with “What Is a Woman?” it makes that task all the more difficult.


  1. Hollywood in Toto didn’t review Mel Gibson’s Father Stu and only wrote one rather defeatist piece about it. Funny enough, I see Dallas Sonnier advetising seeing Top Gun sequel multiple times without advertising seeing Father Stu even once, on his Instagram feed. It feels as if there is a divide in the conservative media as well. Not to mention, Father Stu is far superior to Top Gun bookend sequel.

  2. Starting with the 2022 midterms, the United States is going to be dominated by the right wing for the indefinite future thanks in no small part to the bottomless pit of postmodern degeneracy that is American progressivism.

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