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Rob Schneider on ‘Saturday Night Live’ – ‘It’s Over’

Show alum shreds NBC sketch show for its most embarrassing cold open ... ever

The list of comedians who owe their careers to “Saturday Night Live” is almost too long to count.

The NBC sketch series catapulted the likes of Bill Murray, Chris Farley, David Spade, Gilda Radner, Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, Eddie Murphy, Chevy Chase, John Belushi, Will Ferrell and Chris Rock into the comic stratosphere. And, as a result, most “SNL” alums refuse to critique the show that forged their fame.

Ex-“SNL” star Dennis Miller, whose politics clash dramatically with the current show’s DNA, is one of many alums refusing to smite the series. This reporter tried, gently, to coax a critique out of Miller. He politely refused to speak ill of his old stomping grounds.

Rob Schneider falls into that camp, too. Fell, to be more accurate.


The “Deuce Bigalow” star previously suggested Alec Baldwin’s President Donald Trump impression proved more mean than satirical.

“I know the way his politics lean and it spoils any surprise. There’s no possible surprise. He so clearly hates the man he’s playing,” he told The New York Daily News.

The comments came in defense of the long-running show, recalling how fellow “SNL” alum Dana Carvey delivered a nuanced takedown of President George H.W. Bush brimming with both biting humor and empathy.

Now, he’s attacking “SNL” with both guns a-blazing. And it’s hard to blame him.

Schneider, 58, recently spoke with radio superstar Glenn Beck about embracing the Republican Party, the folly of vaccine mandates and other hot-button topics. The chat eventually turned to “SNL,” and Schneider lamented the current, hard-Left version with a heavy heart.

He still couldn’t hold back.

“I hate to crap on my old show,” Schneider said, burying his head in his hands. He then recalled the first “SNL” episode following Donald Trump’s presidential victory over Hillary Clinton in November 2016.


Kate McKinnon, who previously played the former First Lady, opened the show with a haunting rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

Election Week Cold Open - SNL

McKinnon’s flawless interpretation honored the song, but it seemed an odd choice coming from a comedy showcase. Was Team “SNL” in mourning? And, if so, why would a comedy showcase abandon its purpose in such a bald fashion?

Schneider watched the moment in horror.

“I literally prayed, ‘please have a joke at the end,'” the comic recalls. “Don’t do this. Please don’t go down there. And there was no joke at the end, and I went, ‘It’s over. It’s over. [‘SNL’] is not gonna come back.'”

Schneider used that anecdote as a prism to view the equally far-Left late-night landscape. Yes, the new kid on the block Greg Gutfeld often tops the competition in the ratings, but every other late-night showcase leans aggressively to the Left.


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“You can take the comedic indoctrination process happening with each of the late night hosts, and you could exchange them with each other. That’s how you know it’s not interesting anymore … there’s  not an independent voice anymore,” he said.

“It’s all indoctrination by comedic imposition.”


    1. I think it says something. It says that Rob Schneider is a Trumpster and he got butt hurt. I never thought he was particularly funny anyway. Definitely not one of the outstanding players in the shows history.

      1. I think Rob is right. It has become incredibly political. I love SNL but it has changed. I love how they make fun of everyone especially politicians. But now it’s so clear they are left it doesn’t seem right. Entertainment in my opinion should not be political at all. It should be fun and entertaining. I don’t like Trump at all but I don’t watch a fun late night show to see their political preferences. It isn’t the way it used to be and forgive me for wishing it was.

          1. In the very first season ,1975, Chevy Chase would make fun of the the president at the time Gerald Ford. They made him a bumbling , clumsy idiot. They did political.

        1. I would agree if the heroes of the right weren’t moronic outrageous skeezy caricatures of horrible human beings. I love seeing Clintons getting roasted too because that type (like Pelosi) are smug and entitled. But they at least have a few brain cells to rub together.

        2. I totally agree with you and I don’t like Trump either but I am looking for entertainment when I watch SNL! Not political satire!

        3. I’m a radical left and could not get into any of the Alec Baldwin Trump stuff or the Hilary Stuff. It was overplayed and not funny. Sure, the show has its leftist ways, but not all of us enjoyed the Trump and his political sketches.

          Now, Fred Armisen as Obama…. that was funny as s***. lol

          1. Funny? He played Obama straight up and if any laughs came it was at the expense of whoever “Obama” was in the sketch with. Remember “i keep it cool”? Oh biting take down of Obama there. He’s too cool! What a joke. SNL always did politics but the difference is now its all one sided. This started with Obama. They spent 8 yrs not touching him and there was plenty to make fun of.

        4. It always was political. It makes fun of politicians from both sides. I’ve been watching it since the start. I think people on the right have moved so far to the right they can’ t even see the humor

          1. But it wasn’t always ‘as’ political as it has gotten since ~2016.

            The point is that I want a distraction from politics. Politics are too pervasive, and turning on the TV is just politics these days. I want some humor Saturday night, and SNL has started 80%+ shows in the last 5-6 years with a political lampoon so I just shut it down and now I will not watch SNL since it’s over polluted with politics.

          2. You are wrong. Its been one sided since Obama. 8 yrs in office and SNL worshipped all of them. The evidence is out there. Come back here with 3 links to 3 Obama sketches that really nailed him the way they nailed George W and Trump.

      2. No, F U!! You don’t have to be a Trumpster to see what is happening to this country you f’n moron. Wake up….it’s called Socialism. This administration doesn’t want us to dream it wants us to follow their dreams! Oh and I am not a Trumpster either.

          1. You’re in for a rude awakening , do you even know that you are an enemy of the free world? , you want to welcome tyranny and mock people who care about preserving and restoring the great American values that we all do benefit from here .you will be the ones responsible for the collapse in America ,the ones who helped the enemy from the east finally defeat the free world and democracy..

          2. You like socialism so much go to Russia or north Korea and stay there. We don’t need it here

        1. SNL has always been funny no matter what the sketch is about.
          They take whatever is out there and make fun of it.
          That’s their job.
          I’ll keep laughing, especially at social media.

        2. A ton of other countries offer the same programs that have and do it better and I know this will come as shock to you, but none are socialist!! Omg!! Yeah yeah chalk it up to fake news right?? Hahaha!! You poor little week minded individual

        1. Oh yes, the period without Lorne — the early to mid eighties — was definitely peak SNL. Packed full of comedy legends like Eddie Murphy and, umm…

      3. “I never thought he was particularly funny anyway.” They said that about Dennis Miller. By sheer coincidence, it was at the exact moment his politics shifted, too.

      4. Good for you. I’m sure Rob is crying he lost your support. You make some good points…oh way you don’t make any points. Do you really think it’s appropriate for SNL to praise Hillary and RBG. Do you think it’s great that the hypocrit blowhard Alex Baldwin was funny? Speaking of which, he does everything the left hates why doesn’t he get called out?

        People used to tune into SNL to get away from politics, small with the nightly shows. But not anymore. Oh and the left is very very thin skinned. Remember the town that named their sewage treatment plant after John Oliver, and he cried and cursed about it.

        Wait, you actually prove the point. Instead of arguing views or discussion. You are just butt heard. Enjoy your TDS loser

        1. I don’t remember John Oliver crying about the sewage treatment plant. Matter of fact he featured it on the show. Were we watching the same show?

        2. no he didn’t. Oliver encouraged the name change. he did a bit about I on his show where he offered to donate to charity I the name change actually happened. furthermore, you can’t be a Trump supporter and complain anyone else is thin skinned. trump is the biggest cry baby this side of Steven Segal.

      5. Ha… you’re an idiot troll. He’s spot on and completely correct. He’s also the only one with the stones to call out this crapfest of a “show” which is just liberal vomit each week. It has not been truly funny in many years but the Trump years were UNWATCHABLE.

        Serenading Obama, crying over Hillary’s loss, gleefully heaping disdain on half the country weekly then wondering why the rating sucked. Gee, a real head-scratcher.

        1. It’s sad when people like you encounter opposing views on a show and want to tear it apart. Don’t like crapfest show, don’t watch. It’s comedy you moron. Scratch your head and get a clue.

        2. You co wrote Ace Bigalow with Rob didn’t you…. Cumon, don’t be ashamed, everyone s*** the bed once in a while… Or every night if you’re Rob Schneider .#DBMG4EVR

      6. it’s not about being butt hurt. It’s about reality! In reality are we better now or a couple years ago? Please do tell what Trump has done wrong in comparison and I’ll show you the truth in reality as well as a person who only receives news via far left cnn, MSNBC, etc. Try watching some international news if you are to offended watch Fox. We are witnessing the fall of an empire via Biden he’s absolutely indefensible.

      7. RS is right. SNL is unwatchable. There’s nothing funny about it. Leftist views are being forced by indoctrination. The show used to make fun of both sides. Now it clearly takes a stand to one side. You lefties preach tolerance and inclusion…unless someone has a different political view on things. If he wants to critique his former show …. It’s his right. So what if he’s a Trumpster…what would you and people who think like you like to do with RS? Have him cancelled and his movies banned from Netflix?

      8. Rob made a well delivered, classy point. You on the other hand sound like every other vulgar Dem.. Rob worked sode by side the greatest comedians of all time. What have you done?

      9. For an indoctrinated BidenSimp, that is an accurate summation! Of course you like SNL, you’ve been indoctrinated!!

      10. I didn’t know Roy plays the trumpet. It is a difficult instrument making a lot of people dizzy when they try and play it. Are you sure he doesn’t play the sax?

      11. Having watched SNL since it’s inception, I say IT DID DIE! Hardly any of it is “funny” anymore! You sheeple can watch it all you want, but IT’S DEAD! BAAAA BAAA

      12. The whole show is woke leftist talking points. I would love to see them parody Karine Jean-
        Pierre, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters who are easily lampooned.
        They’d crap in their pants at the mere thought of that! Lol

      13. haha, this is about when HILLARY LOST, you bleep. Leftists are dumb as hell and don’t know how anything works.

    2. Rob was never funny enough to be In SNL. If it wasn’t for Sandler he would not have done that many movies.

    3. There was no joke at the end of Kate McKinnon’s gorgeous Hallelujah because it was a stunning tribute to Leonard Cohen who died the day before. Had nothing to do with Trump or politics!

    4. It’s axiomatic there’s Leftist indoctrination. Just look at how many people are making this about Trump and ignore incompetent Biden. We have historically high gas every time he’s in office. By every single metric, our country is in the toilet, and they have the audacity to yell from the toilet bowl about how awful things were under Trump, when the country was doing historically well. You people are such drones to the Left, you cut off your own nose to spite your face.

      By the way, I was vehemently opposed to Trump in ’16 and voted 3rd party. However, being a rational adult told me Trump did an incredible job of running things. Only a Leftist sycophant could complain about the Trump years while they fill up their tank for under $2/gal, see Middle East peace agreements, fewer regulations, amazing unemployment numbers (especially for minorities), and a host of economic prosperity.
      Everything now is horrendous.

  1. Rob Schneider thinks modern SNL is a train wreck. Coming from a guy who is particularly qualified to make that judgement, I found that interesting.

    And he’s right. What little bits I’ve seen of SNL the last several years are simply awful. Go back and watch some stuff from the 80’s if you want a real laugh.

    1. Everyone thinks that the SNL that was on when they were 13 is the best SNL. People have literally been saying “new SNL is terrible” since the 80s. Yet here it is 50 years later.

        1. I’m 69 years old and all these people talking about ” then and now ” are so stuck on old s***, old music, old movies, get a life. I’m sick of the same 70’s, 80’s, 90’s music on the radio, if I hear Journey one more time I’m gonna puke! SNL is still great, sometimes a skit may stink, but it’s always been like that, I love all SNL

      1. You’re right, I loved it then and I love it now, people change not the show. It still has the same vibe as it ever did. Check your position to the line in the sand. Has it changed ?

      2. SNL ratings are in the tank…have been for several seasons. As we’ve seen with other programming on networks such as CNN, there hasn’t been much of a desire to change course. Now with the new ownership at CNN, we’re seeing big changes. I suspect the same with Lorne Michaels leaving. Networks will eventually have to decide if indoctrination is worth the bad ratings.

        1. You are wrong . sNK has always had peaks and valleys in the ratings. But think about it. There’s nothing else on at 1130 on Saturday nights. If you’re home, you watch SNL. . prior comment was accurate; everyone thinks their SNL version was the best and it sucks now. Someone else said they e seen bits & pieces and it’s lousy. Well if ya only see bits & pieces, how would you know? It’s nonsense. People just hating on SNL. To call it far left is also bulls***. They make fun of politition
          s who are idiots , like trump. Always have that’s what they do.

          1. Christian Nationalism is going to win and your degenerate LGBT dysgenic globalism is going to lose

          2. The sad part is you don’t realize both sides are doomed because they are being played against each other , it’s the leaders of the super power rival nations , communist chna,particularly,it’s been the plan. And the dream of them for centuries to take America down, it’s the rapidly rising eastern nations that hate western society that are causing all of this between us because they can’t defeat a United America. but now they are able to get us hating each other and influencing kids through media and we will do the work for them and destroy ourselves,, wake the F up.. stop this self destruction.. ,don’t be the fools who helped destroy America and yourselves … your differences are not as intolerable as the deceivers have made you believe..

          3. Having watched SNL since it’s inception, I say IT DID DIE! Hardly any of it is “funny” anymore! You sheeple can watch it all you want, but IT’S DEAD! BAAAA BAAADo you twerk too?

      3. The difference is that SNL now is all about policial commentary. if you broke down all casts ….the political rhetoric made a sharp increase around the time that will Ferrel left the show. SNL has always done a policial sketch..but it seems like no original characters that are funny…and they are all tied to politicians now.

        1. 1. Hard to believe that even a summary list of past players would omit Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtin. Toto may not be old enough to remember.
          2. “The difference is that SNL now is all about polictical commentary.” Correct; what it is NOT about is political HUMOR, ridiculing those in power, something the nation needs desperately. Bush, Clinton, Dole, Gore, KIssinger, even Obama got their turns — Political jokes have always been there, UNTIL NOW. Granted, given the current occupant of the Oval Office and his spectacularly disastrous reign, I can see that for the SNL writers it must be hard to exaggerate the current stratospheric levels of incompetence and corruption for comic effect. What zany premise can you dream up to make fun of an adminsitration that thinks men can become women by putting on a dress and taking some pills? That thinks there was ZERO inflation in July? That is convinced the best way to lower fuel prices is for Venezuela to sell us more oil?
          On the other hand, maybe the writers are trying too hard. They should just read a Kamala speech verbatim, maybe with a French accent.
          The joke is on us.

        2. anyone who thinks SNL is “all about” political commentary doesn’t bother watching the show after the opening and it shows. don’t whine about something you don’t know about.

        1. It is a harrowing time. Unfortunately, it shouldn’t be that way. It makes me feel bad tht we are so divided in comedy as well. It should be universal. Comedy should bring us together. We are at a crossroads in this country a fork in the road if you will. There was a reason there weren’t people of color storming the capitol although yu might think they had a reason to do it. SY his name…………..!!!!!’!!!!!

      4. Everyone thinks that the SNL that was on when they were 13 is the best SNL

        Eddie Murphy was in his SNL prime when I was 13, so in my case it’s true.

        1. That’s pretty shallow thinking I’m sure robs seen more of the world then most people excluding celebrities so I’m sure he’s way more cultured then most people so maybe he has some issues he’s concerned about for the safety of his family if we’re talking politics but I don’t think that was his point, his point was politics are killing comedy and other forms of news or entertainment but keep being narrow minded and in the dark have a good day

      5. Watched when it first same on & love it more now. I might like someone’s politics but funny is funny. OJ is not my cup of tea but that skit he did Mandingo 2 is deep funny to this second.

      6. I grew up as a kid watching SNL in the 70s. The funniest crew was Will Forte, Fred Armison, Jason Sudekas, Kristin Wiig. It’s better than the Will Ferrell years, better than all of them.

    2. I totally agree. Not funny, just commentary. It’s let’s pick on that guy we hate so much, not considering half quite literally, just about half of the voting public favored the guy or maybe not so much the messenger but the message. Now, the political arena what it is and America so divided, why can’t we tune into comic relief. Remember the old days, “Land shark”, “Gumby”, all those funny skits that weren’t political commentary. I stopped watching right after that show Rob talks about with that “morning” entry. A comedy show in morning?! It’s comedy, it’s relief from that which has us down. Talk about beating a dead horse, okay already, you HATE, DISPUSE, etc. the person voted President, we get it but it’s not about YOU, or is it? That’s the young people today, the praise the crap out of them or they will have poor self esteem. Well, the have a crap load of self esteem but lack in so many other areas and they think it’s all about them or they will cancel it or boycott it, it all about them. Well, they can have it, they left this 55 year old man behind. For the record I’m not a white male, I’m brown and I’m not wealthy, I’m blue colar and middle class. Middle class because my feelings don’t get hurt every time I hear opposing opinions and I’m middle class because i went to school paid back my loans and worked my tail off. SNL you lost me, i know you don’t care but that just shows your ignorance.

      1. You sound like every other disgruntled, unhappy negative person on the planet. Also I love how you talk about ” these young people” and how they are, wow stereotype much ? And Gumby and Landshark so not funny anymore, you know why ? Because it’s old and boring, and I’m 68 so I realize right now politics are very much on people’s minds but I don’t think it’s all encompassing either on SNL

        1. Says the representative of the angry generation that claims the world is against them and everybody offends them. Wow. A little self-reflection would go a long way with you young morons.

      1. “Radical left”? What are you, an idiot? Republicans are trying to do away with women’s rights, rule of law, minority voices, and the will of the majority of Americans, all while giving tax breaks to the mega rich, heeding to militias and cult followers, and attempting to do away with environmental precautions. I think your a little mixed up there pal. Try watching the news, instead of parroting the push-button phrases politicians use to dupe half-witted suckers like you.

        1. You clearly parrot CNN and all mainstream media… Hey you could be a writer for SNL! Don’t worry, humor isn’t a requirement in the resume.

          1. And you just proved that you aren’t relevant. You are out of touch with what Republicans are doing to women. I hope to hell you don’t have children.

          2. Being informed
            Is overrated.’ I’m
            Like you! I do my own research because its 2022 and I know everything!!!

        2. Hey “pal”, since that is how you regret to others, please don’t tell this women, that Republicans are found away with women’s rights! All of my Republican female groans have NO concerns on losing our rights. Stop bribing the narrative. Try ACTUALLY speaking to a female conservative to gain an understanding of what we actually think!

          1. Wake up and remember that Women have been oppressed longer than any other and for thousands of years. Try standing up for your Sisters instead of being part of the problem.

          2. You think what yer white, toxic male husband with the large truck and the tiny penis tells you to think. Trump 2024! Yay fascism!’

          3. Biff,
            Fascism is literally what’s going on under Biden. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you?

        3. Wow. You really should put the mirror down Jim. Or, maybe just take 7 more booster “shots” till you get it right!

        4. Women’s rights? You mean abortion. Now it’s regulated by the individual states, as it should have been all along. It isn’t “done away with”. That’s inaccurate. Just as many babies will be aborted post Roe overturn as before.
          Rule of law? How and where? Is that a euphemism, or do you have an example?
          Minority voices? Again, how and where? Do you imagine that every Republican is white? More and more Hispanic Americans have come over to the Republican party in the last 5 years, rejecting the race-baiting mantra from the left. The same is true for African-Americans. I challenge you to cite one example of that accusation.
          The will of the majority of Americans. No such “will” exists. A meaningless statement. Will about what?
          Tax breaks to the mega-rich. Ok, so rich people are bad. I agree. Soros, Gates, Bezos, Dorsey, Zuckerberg and all those Pharma companies are bad! Every one of them is a democrat who support democrats with “mega” donations, you silly fool. Another point: when you tax a corporation, that extra tax amount adds to their overhead as a business. They simply raise the price of their good or service. So you pay more for your hamburger or shoes or your plane ticket. That’s how it works! It can’t be any other way! So, corporations don’t PAY taxes… they COLLECT taxes!
          Attempting to do away with environmental protections. I think you might be referring to Amwar or the Keystone pipeline. Maybe not, but I’ll go with that assumption. The world runs on fossil fuels. Period. That’s a good thing because that allows many humans to lead long and healthy lives. EVs are nice but you have to plug it in. Where do you think electricity comes from? When 20% of all vehicles are EVs there will be a crisis. There simply isn’t enough power produced by the current energy grid to support that. The grid now supplies by the hateful fossil fuels. Anwar is a moonscape in an uninhabitable part of Alaska, unlike the false Shangri-la portrayals. It’s the perfect place to extract this needed resource. The Keystone pipeline shutdown simply means that that very same oil will now be transported by train and truck, making it more costly and riskier for a spill of some kind.
          Parroting? You have every newspaper and news outlet on earth (except Fox, for now), every corporation, Academia, Social Media, the Entertainment Industry, Sports Industry and cultural influence walking and talking the same, lockstep message and it the other side who’s the parrot? I call that zero self-awareness!

          1. Kudos for offering a reasoned, detailed argument. However, I think your closing undermines the points you try to make. If all those entities you cite are opposed and only FOX agrees, it suggests that the majority of the country sits with the left of center. The extremes of either side are repugnant. As far as SNL is concerned, that’s why there are remotes. Like it or leave it. I just watch it to see what they’re doing.

        5. Or, just watch, read, listen to ANY OTHER MEDIA other than Faux “News”(including international press) and you might understand the truth, the reality of what the fascist leaning GOP is attempting, via Faux Opinions.

          1. I listen to the words that come out of the mouths of those who are in the news. Facts are facts. Lies are so obviously lies. M speaks the truth here.

        6. Says Jim the Kool aid drinking liberal lemming flipping between CNN and
          MSNBC waiting for the next nugget of hard hitting, unbiased journalism

          Yeah, that’s the ticket!

        7. With all that rhetoric about republicans You sound like just another guy that not only drank the koolaid but ate the cup as well
          For some perspective try fox or listen to wmal radio

          1. FOX News is for uneducated, angry, uneducated, racist, uneducated, redneck, uneducated, morons.

        8. Ya, nothing says rule of law like BLM and Antifa rioting and burning cities. The rich? Do you mean the Obamas living in Martha’s Vinyard in violation of the Global Warming Religion and Pelosi making millions off of insider trading? Womens’ Rights like the transgender movement destroying womens’ athletics? Your misinformation comes from watching the increasingly irrelevant MSM aka leftwing propogandists

        9. Uhh, are you selling what you’re smoking? It must be crazy good stuff Tom get everything so backwards.
          The Party that was created to DEFEAT slavery is not the one destroying the black family.
          We live in a representational republic, not a democracy ergo the majority rule is the MOB RULE you leftists seek.
          Rule of law? The LEFT? Dude, please. Never, ever say a word about the rule of law as long as you pull the D lever.

        10. Are you seriously that dillusional? Everything thing you said about conservatives is a flat out lie. Problem is you are watching to much liberal news. I read your comment and laughed because this is the typical liberal lies I hear over and over and yet 100% false. Liberals want to over tax the middle class and the poor. Hir3 on 78 thousand new IRS agents to audit the lower class but not the rich. I have never once heard them taking away minorities voices. Rule of law cracked me up because liberals have done everything under the sun to go against our constitution and have broken law after law after law. Women’s rights ? How? By giving the responsibility back to the states? So you think the mass slaughter of children is ok. Did you even know the percentage of abortions that were done just for health reasons and rapes is 2% and 98% is for those who want to use it as birth control. And I’m so so sorry to break the news Mr dillusional but the majority of Americans are not liberal. Investigate and stop getting your evidence from liberal media.

        11. Anyone paying attention would know that Reps and Dems are both doing this. They just funnel the lucre to different billionaires.

      2. Disagree w GOP, you’re labeled radical left. Give the dog and bad name and hang him
        Thank God for the “radical left.” They care for their fellow man.

        1. OMG, just look around at what you’ve created in inner cities and then tell me again how you caaaarrrrrreeeee,

        2. Yes; they especially care for their fellow man on the other side of the aisle, as they refer to him as “fascist” and “Nazi”.

          Nice try though.

    3. You listen to what Rob says?
      You sure you don’t want to wait for Victoria Jackson opinion?
      How about Dennis Miller’s?

    4. Ya idk about Ben or Rob but ,… Oops Damn so embarrassing I don’t know how this happened again but I thought this was [Bleep] Eaters Anonymous Forum

      1. That’s a very good forum written by three brothers Sandy Andy and Larry not to be confused with three stooges although they are the three stoner’s I suggest if you have the time you might want to give it a peruse very interesting subject

    5. Try the 1970s when the show first started! It was bad then, but got brtter. The show is over. All of the main cast has resigned. Even Keenan Thompson.

    6. The 90’s was when it got real good.. sadly the last day it was good all the way through was the episode after 9/11… after that it was all political crap

  2. This man was clueless while watching the. Old open, apparently. It was also a tribute to Leonard Cohen, who had died during that week. Get a grip Schneider.

    1. A comedy sketch show doing a straight musical tribute? Particularly As a cold open? What next – Lester Holt doing five minutes of stand-up to begin the NBC evening news?

      How many non-hipsters in a nation of 340 million (ie most of them) even know who the hell Leonard Cohen is or was? It’s hardly the death of John Lennon.

      He’s making valid criticisms about a show and a writing/production team that have completely abandoned their self-stated mission and do their audience (what’s left of it) a disservice. It doesn’t require an alumnus of SNL to point out the bleeding obvious but it certainly adds context if not credibility.

      You’re merely making excuses.

  3. Rob is someone who had some talent, but for me, that’s overshadowed by the things he says. Dumps on his old show, because they don’t share his political views. So what if Alec Baldwin clearly hates Trump? That’s his right. He also apparently has a problem with the homeless in LA, which he indicated influenced his move to AZ. Notice he didn’t offer any solutions or help. Surely he has more money than your average Californian to throw at charitable causes (I know what some of you willl say! “Not My Problem”, which is a contributing factor to begin with). He could lobby for affordable housing, shelters, etc. Then we can touch on his vaccine stance. Thanks, but I take my medical advice from actual doctors. Yanno, PhD’s, information based on scientific facts, etc.

    He’s just another celebrity on the way back down from their peak who gets attention for their point of view, popping up in podcasts, playing the victim when they get called out.

      1. At least I’m not screaming how I support cops before I join an angry mob of insutrectionists and beat a cop with a flag that says “Back The Blue”. You want hypocrisy? Remove the plank of wood from your eye before you remove the speck in mine.

    1. I agree.. everyone is entitled to their opinion so why is everyone getting their panties in an uproar?
      Treasure the fact that you can watch what you want, say what you want and go where you want. Be vigilant as to whom you vote for as these liberties may be restricted down the line. As for abortion, learn the medical facts on this procedure. I worked in a women’ s “health clinic” as an RN but didn’t stay long. It was the most horrific and traumatizing thing anyone could observe. Not only was the procedure devastating to me but also to the females having to endure it. The recovery room was the saddest place I saw in my long career in nursing. The pain, emotionally and physically, was real. The guilt was unbearable for many. Every patient had their reason to abort their pregnancy and who can say what was right or wrong. The end reason was…..they didn’t want to continue it and they had that choice. Unfortunately, when religion enters the right to decide, the chaos begins.
      As for Kate McKinnon, she is one talented lady and I was happy to see another of her talents.

  4. Regardless of my opinion of Rob and the fact that I find him “amusing” so to speak, I’m not a fan. But in stating that, he is totally right, just a few years early. SNL is pretty much done and should be cancelled. They became political and only want to change the opinions of the American people treating us like we need them to be “free thinkers” just like the rest of the media. They have turned a comedy show into a political platform. Just more socialist control to send messages to our people they shouldn’t be doing. This horrifying treatment has caused them to lose their audience that tuned in for a laugh. Despicable treatment to us and Lorne Michaels deserves this fate. He failed us.

    1. For someone castigating SNL for being too political, you sure use all of the right-leaning buzz words. Pot call the kettle black, much?

    2. Hello, SNL makes fun of EVERY President in office. Of course, also others, who we have a plethora of, who are so out there, they are simply easy to make fun of. Comedy is not pretty…S. Martin!!

  5. I used to watch SNL and have from it’s inception, but no longer I’ve tried, and it’s just not funny. It used to be funny and not a stage for voicing politics. Yes, making fun of politicians has been part of the show, but clearly, it’s what the show is all about. What happened to great characters like The Coneheads, Church Lady, Matt Foley, Rosanne Rosannadanna, The Killer Bees and edgy skits like “We’re two wild and crazy guys” and c**k in a box. I’ve given up and completely agree with Mr. Schneider, it’s over.

  6. Rob Schneider hasn’t been funny for a long time. He’s been pretty far right for a while, which is fine, but doesn’t make him relevant or funny.
    SNL has gotten too political over the past few years, but there have still been some standouts.

    First off, I love Rob Schneider and his movies. They were always stupid, but funny, and he always played the inept nice guy that eventually wins the hearts of everyone. Good movies. And I’ll also say I agree that SNL is boring. HOWEVER, it’s been a mess for far longer than the trump era of American history, and honestly, political aspects of the show have absolutely nothing to do with it’s lack of comedy. It’s just not funny… hasn’t been since the early 2000’s. Now to address Mr. Schneider’s complaints about how “left” the show has become. That’s just ridiculous. Trump is a living, breathing joke in real life. It would be impossible to portray that clown as anything other than the traitorous, racist, conman that he is. It would be impossible to pretend the Republican party isn’t full of a bunch of cowardly sellouts who are okay with destroying democracy as long as it gets them elected by tinfoil hat wearing, neo-nazi wannabe, nutcases. That’s literally what Republicans are at the moment, and the more people like Rob try to ignore that fact, the more out of touch they reveal themselves to be to the general population. I know he’s a long time Republican, and identifies himself as such, making it hard to see through the BS, but dang man, trump has tried to overthrow the will of the people, fueled a deadly riot, stole top secret documents with who knows what intent, (considering his chumminess with putin, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, etc, coupled with his lack of morals and neverending want for money and power, it doesn’t take a genius to see it looks pretty bad), and a million other things. He will go down in history as being the worst president of all time, and all his toady kiss-@sses will be seen as the spineless cowards and traitors to democracy and the rule of law that they are. That’s today’s reality, and SNL has its finger on that pulse. You can’t hate them for being relevant, just because it differs from your dated delusions of what the republican party is. Sorry Rob, you are just wrong here. You’ve become the bumbling idiot that no one likes from your movies, but without the kind heart that wins people’s love in the end. You cannot support someone like trump and still be seen as a kind person. That’s like saying a Hitler supporter is a good guy… no way.

    1. WTH?.. I’m old enough to remember numerous elections and numerous presidents and I do not for one second think that Trump is going to go down as one of the worst Presidents!!! You need to review your history books dude Lyndon Johnson let’s talk about that a minute let’s talk about Jimmy Carter and the Iraqi prisoners get your information correct!!! Let’s talk about the Clintons oh my God!!! this dude was having sex in the oval office and that seems to be cool!!! Saturday night live has been a shitshow long before Trump came around!!! All politicians are crooked…. All people in power are crooked… All people with money are crooked.. I saw Chris Catan at a comedy club a couple years ago and he was a dick head!!! I hope that you’ are living well… I hope that you are not living paycheck to paycheck I.. hope you’ are not struggling because you don’t seem to be!!! Now let’s talk about one of the worst Presidents that’s going to go down in history and that’s going to be your Biden!!!! Inflation gas prices food prices the fake pandemic let’s talk about the worst president!!!! N

    2. The more you speak, the less you know. … you love inflation, leaving troops and people behind in Afghanistan , stopping the pipeline, open borders for starters. You are part of the problem. Which “college” indoctrinated you? Trump did more good for Americans in 4 years than any president in 50 years. You need a brain, can’t do a transplant.

      1. Actually Duane. We just refuse to bow our knee to you, your twisted moral codes, claiming to be Christians while threatening violence, claiming to be American proud when your sore losers and can’t except defeat, and not to mention trying to force your beliefs upon us, for all you pro life people, maybe you should pay a little more attention to the story of Noah before you claim women who get raped should not have a choice. Because God said children of demons are not of his creation and killed off all of them, do you really think rape is a act of God?

        1. You came out of nowhere with all of that , I didn’t see Duane say anything violent or about rape or anything , you seem troubled and very confused, you should consider looking at things from another perspective , not left or right , not based off of your emotions or anger, but what actually makes the most sense. I know it will not be likely that you will be able to grasp on to the truth easily and the reality you live in I feel may just be existing in an alternate universe. I’m sorry,I really don’t want to offend you but unfortunately that is inevitable due to you’re extremely sensitive and fragile nature , but if you think Biden is doing well for America and trump Was so terrible for America , I really hope you do better research from more sources that show you other angles ,and hope that you really try to see things you may be too afraid to accept, but it’s important that you do.. for all of our sake .

  8. This is not embracing the Left. It is embracing Liberalism, and actually a money-backed Neoliberalism. It does not surprise me SNL swings this way. Their idea of critique is so soft it barely registers with any radical ideas that Chelle gets the status quo.

  9. RELAX,
    komrad Donny Trump is already the best president in history for all of the Kremlin,
    We shall enjoy years of enjoyments, exploiting, the boxes full of kompromat he left, For all of homeland to read in DJ booth at Trumpworld(Mara-dacha)
    To those of you foolish enough to think Donny is not a true hero, to the betterment of Russia…….
    What? This is not for PRAVDA?

  10. You Mean Saturday Night CNN Live Late Show, me and My Grandson watched the Election between Biden and Trump. I voted for Trump, lesser of 2 Evils. We were watching CNN and I said let’s watch FOX some. He knows literally Nothing about Politics, but said when I changed the Channel. He felt like He had been watching 2 Different Elections in 2 Different Countries. No News Network should be that Biased, and Certainly and Show that claims to Bring Humor should Be Politically 1 – Sided. It is just,,, Sad,,,. That’s why there Political Skits are so Lame , even Democrats don’t want to Watch them. They are so Mean Hearted and Cruel.
    Mikey Out. Oooooh Yeah!!

  11. Y’all do know there are better shows still on tv right? Sesame Street is still running after 50years. The new game of thrones spin off is good. Lifetimes is spitting out some cool Xmas shows. This whole comment section is better then snl. Y’all are creative in what you say.

  12. I hate SNL as much as the next guy, but… She was singing the Leonard Cohen classic ‘Halleluiah’ on the Saturday following his death. If that was some sort of shot at President Trump being elected, it went right over my head.

  13. Any article that identifies Rob Schneider as a “comedy legend” is immediately suspect.
    NBC, like every network and streaming service, newspaper and podcast, is a business whose primary function is to make money, not be fair or please everyone’s tastes. SNL has always had a political edge, and if it wasn’t making a profit, it would be off the air.

  14. At this point comedy is the only other option aside from weeping, since American society is basically a satire of itself anyway. An absurdist representation of a spectacle. So Rob Schneider doesn’t like jokes about the Right. Ok. Great article. Thing is, if this s*** wasn’t parodied, there’d be no way for actual sane ppl to know that that s*** ain’t normal. It provides a much-needed barometer.

  15. How can you trump worshippers simply ignore the insanity that he shovels? How do you just ignore the fact that, even if you think he wasn’t responsible for Jan 6, you can’t argue that the pos did absolutely nothing while police were being brutalized? The capital being ransacked and he says , “they ain’t here to hurt me, let em in”? How ? He called the governor of Georgia and extorted him to find him 11000 votes. That doesn’t bother you ? The SCOTUS is now filled with illegitimate posers who lied to the people while being confirmed. Now girls who’ve been raped have to carry that evil shit to term in most states? Precedent meant absolutely nothing to those fake justices. Especially kavanaugh that liar. Devil’s triangle a drinking game? Liar. Boffed means farting ? Liar. Never blacked out drinking ? Liar. Yet he was confirmed. Trump used the office to .and himself rich. Something that is clearly against the rules. I don’t have to list all the ways he did that do I? How are you ok with this shit? I know . 3 things you’re either pretty rich , pretty racist, itr pretty stupid. No other reason t

  16. SNL hit its stride after the 60s when everybody with daddy issues decided how funny it was to stick it to the man. I think it’s hilarious they have no idea how cringey they look to millennials.

  17. Last funny bit was in 1993 I think when Charlton Hesston hosted. My liberal lawyer girlfriend thought the “five-day laoner” ad was hilarious. Also the Infiniti toilet seat ad series. So it hasn’t been funny for 29 years at least.
    Incidently, Punch Magazine, who published from 1841 to 1991, received its first letter saying “Punch isn’t as funny as it used to be” in 1871 supposedly.
    But SNL is so unfunny I no longer watch TV and don’t have one.

  18. This article is complete and total BS. Not for nothing, Leonard Cohen is a damn NATIONAL TREASURE. He wrote the “Halelujah” that Kate McKinnon so beautifully sang, and he died about 3 days before that show. She was in tears most of the time, and I wept because for a moment I was not alone in my loss. Rob Schneider is merely pissed off that he NEVER made an imprint on that show that Kate did. Grow up, Robbie.

  19. IMO Trump’s greatest achievement was being able to place three Supreme Court justices. That legacy will live on for decades. As a registered Independent voter, I am pro-abortion and pro-2nd Amendment. Two very important issues for me. I believe the Supreme Court was right by ruling the Constitution does not address abortion and ruled to allow the people of each state to decide. If you disagree with me, please point out in our Constitution where it is addressed. I was also glad to see a Right restored in the Bruen case (gun rights were restored, not “expanded” as many have reported). 25 states currently have “Constitutional carry”, no permit required. NYC has denied citizens their Right for over 100 years but it has finally been restored. Hawaii has recently issued its First carry permit ever. Legacy.

  20. Rob is 100% on point. I watched that cold opening when it first aired and I had the same reaction as Rob. I was stunned that SNL did this and in conversation I’ve mentioned this to friends and others multiple times over the last few years. Happy to see someone like Rob fells the same as me.

  21. SNL F***ing sucks. Schneider is right. Regardless of your political stance, this is supposed to be entertaining comedy – it no longer is. Sad, but true.

  22. SNL has always used politics to have fun with. It all changed when Obama became President. They handled him with kid gloves. I read that Obama was really polarized. And the far left media was onboard . Also Included, SNL, and all the regulars on late night. After all the endless praises , came the endless criticism of Trump. This was when I noticed SNL really changed. They bought all the lies of the liberal media and became so mean that it wasn’t even funny anymore. And I might add, I enjoyed the show before this shift.

  23. I think Rob is wron and SNL is lnt too Polticil l, just like every other late night show. All of theyhate Trump and they love trashing him! It Bidan is good predisent. and done grood thing. . And HEY MAN, I very edcated so I no what I talki about to, Go bidan – and dont argu with. Me. I now im right. Bidan

  24. SNL has always been political from its very first episode, to be stupid and go no it hasn’t because it had non-politic sketches along with the political sketches is pretty dumb. Especially when today’s SNL also still has the those same non-political stances.

  25. Are we all watching the same SNL skit comedy? It’s always poked politically since season one. I read a comment that Will Ferrell never skits politics. He’s busted on Bush for years on SNL. Sorry but Trump’s antics make it too easy to bust his chops. Fan or no fan, the guy is a clown.

  26. SNL could be so much better under its own weight. There’s less thought then ever put into skits. Little effort on genuinely funny materials. You would think they would try harder to do SOMEthing!. Doesn’t stop me from stunning in on new ones unfortunately. I support Kennan and a few Genuinely good cast member’s that SNL still has but its Time, its glory days are long past. PC comedy has limited ICONIC outlandish comedy for who knows how long,. And lets face it that “was”. The cream of the crop when it came not only SNL but the comic world back some Decades ago across the board.

  27. Imagine this current generation being dropped from airplanes with war gear on to the shoreline running up the beach most likely to be shot right away. You’d all be too upset your underwear doesn’t match your boots. We’d all be doing the goose step

  28. SNL’s far left leaning agenda aside, it is painfully, painfully unfunny. The big “star” of the show Kate McKinnon is about as funny as cancer and the writing is completely devoid of creativity and humor, which is why they have to go woke and ultra political to keep the attention of their liberal demo.

  29. You can blame the Left for their lack of creativity and constant Urge to push their politics into everything that they do on stage… you can, the but the real issue in TV these days is the writing. They just don’t make comedies like they used to. You cant make fun of anyone or anything anymore without someone getting offended and getting canceled; both sides of the isle. Movies like animal house, airplane, police academy, stripes… etc. everything is rushed, declawed, and feels massed produced including SNL. I still blame social media for distracting people with recycled ideas. It’s always what’s trending, not original. Jimmy Fallon is one of few talk show hosts that is crushing it with new ideas and reinventing the wheel.

  30. Leftist: “Rob Schneider isn’t funny because he leans right. He’s never been funny and I hate everything about him.”

    *Rob Schneider states he’s now a liberal*

    Leftist: “Rob Schneider is hilarious! He’s probably one of the best comics.”

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