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Bill Maher Is Trying to Save Democrats from Themselves

The comic tells liberals how to prevent Trump's second term. Are they listening?

You can’t say he didn’t try.

Bill Maher shares the progressive gospel each week on his HBO talk show.

That typically means “Real Time with Bill Maher” slams anything GOP-related, or more specifically Trump, Trump Trump. His format still includes the occasional conservative guest, even if they’re outnumbered by Maher’s fellow panelists.

Would Jimmy Kimmel invite Ben Shapiro on his show for a fierce but friendly chat? Not a chance.

Ben Shapiro: Civil Discourse | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Maher’s show does more than that, though.

The comedian routinely warns fellow Democrats when they’re steering straight into a ditch. Or, more recently, into oncoming traffic.

Need proof?

He’s been steadfast in critiquing woke culture, a philosophy that exists overwhelmingly on the Left. For example, Maher shredded Amy Schumer’s critics after she made a comedy about a plus-sized woman pining for a supermodel figure.

We’ve reached “peak snowflake,” he cracked.

“The professionally offended have decided that, even though it’s a movie by women filmmakers presenting a pro-women message, it does it the wrong way!” Maher said.

It’s worth noting that few other prominent progressives shared Maher’s assessment of the film. He similarly walked alone after defending Megyn Kelly for, in his opinion, being unfairly canned for her blackface comments.

Last month, Maher slammed MSNBC for forcing longtime host Chris Matthews from his “Hardball” gig for old slights.

“I think this cancel culture is a cancer on progressivism,” Maher said of the exit of Matthews, calling him a friend he would miss. “Liberals always have to fight a two-front war: Republicans only have to fight Democrats, Democrats have to fight Republicans and each other.”

What does Maher get for his troubles? He nearly lost a college speaking gig for speaking bluntly about violence within Islam a few years ago. More recently, the far-Left Daily Beast savaged Maher as “despicably racist” for explaining how calling a virus by the place of its origin is neither inaccurate or bigoted.

The so-called “party of science” is struggling with the real deal these days, and Maher wasn’t having it.

New Rule: Virus Shaming | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Maher’s virus broadside hit liberals hard, especially when he noted that media outlets routinely used similar phrasing … until they realized they could weaponize the verbiage against Trump.

“You can’t yell at someone for breaking a rule you just made up,” he said, adding, “So why should China get a pass?”

Count up the number of prominent liberals blaming China for the current crisis. You can probably do it on one hand.

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Last night, Maher begged liberal media outlets to cut the gloom and doom shtick. It starts, he said, with reporters seizing and pouncing on worst-case scenarios tied to the pandemic.

“The problem with non-stop doom and gloom is it gives Trump the chance to play the optimist,” Maher noted, before showing a shot of Obama’s iconic 2008 “HOPE” campaign poster. “And optimists tend to win American elections.”

He’s right.

“News sources have to rein it in. Everyone one knows corona is no walk in the park, because you literally can’t walk in the park,” he snarked. “But at some point the daily drumbeat of depression and terror veers into panic porn.”

The HBO host addressed the media directly here, but his message wasn’t meant just for today’s liberal reporters. Peers like Samantha Bee have been mocking Americans, including Trump, for daring to have hope amidst the crisis.

Many liberal commentators insist the nation stay locked down indefinitely, even into 2021 if necessary. Segments of Hollywood are singing the same dispiriting tune, ignoring the cold realities for out of work Americans.

How does that sound to Joe and Jane Sixpack who need their weekly paychecks to survive?

Heck, Maher even did the unthinkable for fellow liberals. He hinted that Trump’s attacks on the press have a point.

“We need the news to calm down and treat us like adults,” Maher concluded. “Trump calls you ‘fake news,’ don’t make him be right.”

Maher’s lectures matters precisely because it isn’t coming from Fox News or Rush Limbaugh. He’s one of them, and he means them no harm. Maher is the curvy cheerleader screaming from the sidelines for a Hail Mary pass.

Are they listening?

Of course, he’s far from a perfect messenger. It’s hard to preach pragmatic political views one week, and then pine for a recession to further your agenda the next.

Still, few liberals have the platform, the gravitas and the ability to call out his peers quite like Maher.

The fact that Maher isn’t afraid to invite conservatives on his show is his sly but strong message all on its own. You can’t demonize fellow Americans and expect to win national elections. It will come back to haunt you.

Just ask Hillary “Deplorable” Clinton.


  1. Nobody on the left or in the media is listening to Maher, as Trump’s daily pressers prove. Yesterday’s assault on the truth by a certified Asian CBS propagandist was an actual new low and the president gave it to her with both barrels, and she deserved even more of his approbation. The leftists in the media and the Democrats are trying to rewrite history regarding the president’s actions and their own inaction as pertains to the virus.

  2. Why do you think the leftist “progressives” have to litigate their agenda and pass it through bureaucratic edicts – People see that they don’t work. Their ideas aren’t “progressive” at all – they are totalitarian in nature disguised as compassionate – but with the intent to permanently create a dependent class no matter your race, religion, gender, etc. Sorry, tired ideas re-packaged for mass consumption and maximum guilt.

  3. NORMAL Americans can no longer vote Democrat.
    Vote, vote, vote and bring TWO people with you: MAGAx2

  4. Maher is a pathetic poor excuse for a man. But then he is a progressive socialist Bozo. What else would you expect??

  5. The press and the entertainment buisiness are one in the same. Their pockets are filled by young dems. They are ALL actors.

  6. So
    The references to Russian collusion with Ben Shapiro Interview showed no collusion. And the lock Comey and Clinton up complaints are coming to fruition in the near future. Expect indictments shortly. In the end the way trump does things will show that he is not an evil genius or a dufus but rather a grandmaster at political chess where he is always 10 moves ahead.

  7. . “Liberals always have to fight a two-front war: Republicans only have to fight Democrats, Democrats have to fight Republicans and each other.”

    The opposite is true. Why lie about it, Bill? The Democrats have traditionally voted along strict party lines, while the GOP has been chronically plagued with RINO sellouts who betray their voters by voting (D).

  8. Let us not give this idiot too much credit for anything. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. Remember, that Maher is part of the anti-vaccination crowd. I wonder when someone is going to bring up the that the cure for the Wuhan virus will be a VACCINATION!!!

    1. You cannot have a vaccine against an RNA virus that constantly mutates. That’s why there is no vaccine against the common cold (which is also a corona virus). Do some damn research and stop pushing for your own enslavement.

      Bill Gates should be in prison for his already committed crimes against humanity with his previous vaccine programs that killed and maimed tens of thousands.

  9. Is Patton Oswalt not aware that at the end of those two years, Anne Frank was arrested, enslaved, and murdered by the government that forced them into their lockdown? Because it sure sounds to me like he’s telling us all to shut up and die quietly.

  10. Maher’s across-the-board atheism and his realization/admission that he has far more to fear from radical Islam than fundamentalist Christans gave him a 7-8 year head start on getting a taste of cancel culture from other progressives — he kept his commencement speaking gig at Berkeley in 2015, but he was aware of how out of touch the SJWs were on that particular issue, and how it contributed to Trump’s 2016 win.

    COVID-19 and its Chinese origins fall into the same category. Because the left loves both throwing the race card and being wildly supportive in a knee-jerk way of anything they think conservatives oppose, they’ve come to have a Pavlovian reaction to defend China and attack anyone who attempts to blame the coronavirus outbreak on Xi’s government simply because Trump’s saying the opposite, and if Trump is optimistic about opening up the government, the knee-jerk reaction — even with targeted reopenings — is to predict tens of thousands of new deaths.

    Maher’s trying to warn the left not to fall into that trap, but most have so convinced themselves that Trump was both elected illegitimately and that they’re really in the majority because their people didn’t turn out in 2016, that nobody on the left is going to listen to him (and even if Trump wins in November, some of the Dem politicians might want to tone the negativity down, but it’s not in the media’s interest to do that, because they’ve turned into niche news outlets in a fractured media market, catering only to upper middle class urban progressives. Those people will be angry if Biden fails to win, and the media outlets will want to keep them tuned in or subscribing by feeding that anger).

    1. Everything you said is true on the surface. The issue is that Maher is not warning about Trump’s rhetorical traps, he is warning about putting too much of the leftist agenda out in the open.
      The leftist agenda, when out in the open, is nearly always is a loser when voted on. Thus Democrats resorted to creeping socialism. Democrats have always been able to deflect any right wing claims of socialist authoritianism, by keeping it disguised. That calculus changed with the Election of Obama. The leftist finally thought they had enough support, due to Obama’s victory, to come out into to open. Then Trump’s election threw all of their calculations out the window. Hence, all of the excuses. Maher is just trying to sound the warning that it was “too soon”. Remember, Maher truly believes in the leftist agenda, he does believe that Trump supporters are stupid and can either be won over, or shamed and regulated out of existence. But that takes time, and other leftist believe that the time is now or it might not come again.
      You are 100% correct on the main point. Trump’s true accomplishment for the country, forcing the left to metaphorically “put all their cards on the table” and let the people decide.

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