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The Left Eats Its Own: Hollywood Edition

Radical protesters target Broadway, Seinfeld, Hillary Clinton and more

Radicals have been on the march since George Floyd’s death four years ago.

They’ve ravaged cities, destroyed businesses, torn down statues and made a mockery of the rule of law.

Democrats, both in Hollywood and within the Beltway, have either cheered them on or said little. Progressive law enforcement hasn’t so much as thrown a pamphlet at them, let alone the book.

A few stars even cut checks to keep some out of jail.

Meanwhile, conservatives had a simple warning for their liberal friends.

“You’re next.” Now, they have some receipts.

Everyone expects next month’s DNC confab in Chicago to be festooned with pro-Palestinian protesters. They’re collectively rageful and disruptive.

Who knows what will happen next when the nation’s spotlight hits the Windy City? Things could get ugly.

It’s already ugly for liberal artists who just want to put on a show, tell a joke or screen their latest films.

Earlier this year, pro-Palestinian protesters interrupted the Sundance Film Festival. By the movement’s standards, the gathering was nonviolent and tame. That said, chants like, “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” deployed antisemitic tropes in an industry with high-profile Jewish artists.

That’s not all.

Several Jewish artists, none of whom are politically conservative, have been personally targeted by the far-Left. The most prominent celebrity, actor/comedian Michael Rapaport, has been personally protested and endured several cancelations to date.

Why? He’s Jewish and he defends the state of Israel. Rapaport has spent years excoriating President Donald Trump and leans to the Left in general.

Other Jewish artists suffering similar cancellations? Actor/author Brett Gelman of “Stranger Things” fame and singer Matisyahu.

The far-Left protesters have moved on to the Great White Way of late.

“Suffs,” a production recalling the Suffragettes movement, is the latest target.

The Tony-winning show, co-produced by failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, endured a mid-production halt after “radical, anti-racist, queer feminists” dropped a banner near the stage.

The slogan? “Suffs Is a White Wash.” The protesters shouted the phrase before security took back control of the show.

The protesters’ web site explained the line of attack:

“The whitewashing in the show is a dangerous lie because it reinforces several ideas: that the suffrage movement wasn’t deeply racist, that white women’s stories are more worthy of taking center stage, and that white women are always aligned with progressive causes.”

Another far-Left protest rocked “An Enemy of the People” in March. This time, the climate cultists at Extinction Rebellion led the way. Their chant?

“No theater on a dead planet.”

Not even Jerry Seinfeld is immune.

The comic legend isn’t conservative, even though the Right has embraced his stands against Hamas and woke comedy restrictions.

Seinfeld even threw considerable support behind New York’s Kathy Hochul, a far-Left governor who once told the state’s 5-plus million Republicans to scram.

His liberal bona fides didn’t shield him from pro-Palestinian radicals. First, the angry mob screamed that he supported “genocide” for standing up for Israel in its fight against the terrorist group Hamas.

That wasn’t enough.

Now, at least two times he’s verbally tussled with pro-Palestinian protesters who bought tickets to his shows only to interrupt the proceedings.

Seinfeld, being a world-class cutup, eviscerated the rabble rousers each time. He may have to do so over and again given the protesters’ tenacity.

Jerry Seinfeld fires back at anti-Israel heckler in Australia

At least Seinfeld is fighting back on his own terms. We’ve heard very few Hollywood artists decry the far-Left protesters, let alone their anti-speech measures or antisemitic tropes.

Few, if any, have rushed to defend Seinfeld, Rapaport, Matisyahu or Gellman. That partly could be due to the media’s near-blackout on the matter.

Yes, the Seinfeld snippets have drawn plenty of media coverage. The others? Far less.

Michael Imperioli, a co-star in “An Enemy of the State,” threw his support behind his show’s protesters. He said while his character didn’t appreciate the incursion, he did.

Much love,” he shared on Instagram, later dubbing the protests “exciting.”

Why? Artists like the “Sopranos” alum may legitimately approve of their tactics. Or, they fear the Left’s wrath should they dare to disagree. Liberal stars have insulted conservatives for years without a care or professional blowback.

Yet conservatives aren’t preventing Rapaport and co. from speaking.

Expect these protests to continue as long as blue city legislators keep standing down and the arts community lacks the spine to defend itself.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story listed the wrong city for the DNC convention in August. We apologize for the error.


  1. Making the assumption that the Left does not cancel the electoral process completely; I have to admit that I will be watching the Democrat National Convention in Chicago, possibly munching on buttered popcorn. If the proletarian army of the Left destroys Chicago and the Convention, it will be a source of amusement. The Democrats believe in neither Country nor Constitution, so there will be no sympathy.

    Subotai Bahadur

  2. Love your stuff! Thanks for everything that you do! Just wanted to let you know though that Cream City is a nickname for Milwaukee, not Chicago. The RNC is in Milwaukee, the DNC in the Windy City.

    1. I had a brain cramp and put Milwaukee in the original version of the story. Then I used the city’s nickname later. I put an Editor’s Note about the city flub but neglected to check the second reference. I’m a solopreneur and, sadly, mistakes can creep in. Thanks for the heads up and for reading!!

  3. There are two main camps in the left; those who are the insane rabid True Believers, and those who are the cynical power hungry sociopaths.
    The rest are just useful idiots who are of no consequence.
    The True Believers will gladly murder anyone who they “feel” is not as dedicated to the cause or is perceived to be an enemy like someone who simply disagrees with leftist tenets.
    The cynical power hungry sociopaths skillfully guide the True Believers in to doing their bidding and murdering each other so when the the True Believers are mostly dead, the sociopaths assume power.
    leftism is simply a cult like scientology or some other degenerate idiocy and that its members are simply to be fully taken advantage of then discarded like a used tampon when no longer useful by their leaders.

  4. I (somewhat fondly) when the leftist radicals in Seattle declared CHAZ or CHOP or whatever they ended up calling it to be a sovereign nation. Within a week they were already fighting and killing each other.
    And these are the people centrist Democrats have empowered in order to defeat Orange Man Bad.
    Be careful who you climb in bed with.

  5. So it turns out people with no morals and values will turn on each other. These people have painted themselves into a corner, it turns out letting inmates run the show is not a good idea. They are to far gone to do the right thing now, so the only thing left for them to do is eat there own. Oh, well. Happy over here in the red state. You get what you vote for and you pay the price for who you worship.

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