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Antifa Vows to Cancel Jewish Star Michael Rapaport (or Worse) UPDATE

X account shares ghoulish protest call including dead image of 'Justified' co-star

Michael Rapaport won’t stay silent on Hamas’ barbaric attacks against Israel.

The actor, known for memorable turns in “Justified,” “Beautiful Girls” and Netflix’s “Atypical,” has been flexing his social media accounts against Hamas since the terror group’s Oct. 7 attack that killed 1,200 Jews.

Day after day. Video after video.

Rapaport, like fellow stars Patricia Heaton and Amy Schumer, can’t stop talking about the worst atrocities against the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

Rapaport goes off on H*mas

That activism got Antifa’s attention.

The far-Left group claims to fight fascism but tries to silence anyone to its political Right. And it supports the Palestinian cause unconditionally.

Now, it’s targeting a Portland-based comedy club where Rapaport is scheduled to appear this weekend. The actor is best known for his dramatic work, but in recent years he’s segued to the stand-up stage.

Not if Antifa has anything to do about it.

The X account @BashTheFash161 posted a graphic demanding fellow Antifa members convince the Helium Comedy Club to cancel the five performances.


Rapaport supports Israel’s “genocidal” attacks on the Palestinian people, a fallacious talking point supported by the far-Left and even celebrities like Cynthia Nixon and Susan Sarandon.

If not, they’ll show up personally to do what they can to shut the shows down. Does that mean by any means necessary?

The account has a small social media footprint – just 339 followers – but it also boasts a Discord account with 950 members.

A growing collective of international antifascists, bringing you updates on issues and events around the globe.

Antifa’s violent streak is well known, captured in journalist Andy Ngo’s book, “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.” The social media graphic features an image of Rapaport with his eyes X’d out, as if he were dead.

Rapaport Tweets aggressively most days, but his X account hasn’t mentioned the protests as of yet. A recent post showed him skewering a UN court for charging Israel with genocidal crimes.

Rapaport’s politics lean to the Left, but he occasionally leaves progressives behind to speak his mind. The Jewish star recently railed against his fellow celebrities for staying silent about the ongoing crisis during the Golden Globes telecast.

“I’m embarrassed that not one person said one thing, unless I’m mistaken at the Golden Globes the other night, about the 133 hostages that were kidnapped in broad daylight from Israel on October 7th.”

UPDATE: As promised, Antifa gathered outside the venue hoping to cancel the show. They harassed patrons and aimed fireworks at the club after learning the show would go on as planned. Journalist Ngo was on the scene and shared updates on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.


      1. Don’t be a jerk, Christian. No one said he shouldn’t be allowed to speak or that he should face violence. But Rappaport has been a major, vocal sufferer of TDS for years… on the order of Jim Carrey and Meathead Rob Reiner.

        Having one of these leftist goons (who excused Antifa when it benefited them) suddenly on the receiving end of being cancelled for their honest, reasonable beliefs is karmic justice.

        So no, I have no sympathy for him. Not one bit. Stand up and defend the rights of your fellow man to speak even when you disagree, Mr. Rapaport, and not be harassed and maybe we’d do the same for you.

  1. antifa benifits from the relatively decent nature of the U.S. political right and of moderates… but their time is running out. violent retribution will eventually find their backs if blue state/city law doesn’t neuter them.

  2. Antifa are terrorists. They support another terrorist organization. I’m just glad they got roasted for their propaganda. And good for Michael Rapaport for standing his ground and condemning Hamas.

    1. I live a mile from the comedy club he’ll be at. Sadly here in Portland nobody stands up to Antifa because law abiding citizens have everything to lose and those scum have nothing to lose. The local DA doesn’t prosecute 90% of the stuff that crosses his desk.

      1. Are you kidding?!
        Why would terrorist organization members be arrested for terrrorizing the ‘right’ people?

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