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Michael Rapaport Open to Voting for ‘Pig D***’ Trump Over Biden

Far-Left actor decries Age of Biden, wants to get country 'under control'

Few anti-Trump celebrities are as colorful as Michael Rapaport.

The character actor known for his work on “Justified,” “Atypical” and “Beautiful Girls” uses social media to rage against the former president early and often.

Much of what Rapaport says can’t be repeated here without content warnings or typewriter symbols. All of which means he’ll be voting for Joe Biden for a second term in the Oval Office next year, right?


Not so fast.

Rapaport shared a short video in the last 24 hours filled with his de-facto attacks on Trump. Except this 30-second clip has an unexpected ending.

Rapaport curses out Trump but suggests he might just vote for him in the 2024 presidential election. Why?

“I’m sorry … but we need to get this whole f***ing situation under control.”

The New Yorker is likely referring to the mayhem in both the country at large and his neck of the woods. Mayor Eric Adams just slashed funding for the police to redirect funds for handling the illegal immigration crisis.

President Biden’s porous southern border has been disastrous for “sanctuary cities” like the Big Apple. The Mayor isn’t eager to cut police funding but the Democrat claims he has no choice.

Rapaport likely sees the fallout from Biden’s policies every day. More crime. More chaos. More stores locking up their inventory to prevent even more thievery.

Target closing East Harlem store, blaming theft

He’s a rock-ribbed progressive, but he’s not dumb. He has eyes and ears. And he must recall how much different the country was under President Trump.

That’s despite years of savaging Trump in the cruelest ways possible. Just weeks ago he shamed Trump for his appearance by mocking a courtroom sketch of the 45th president.

“Because we all know that that vagina thing in the middle of his neck is way bigger and this fat f*** is at least 60 pounds heavier than this court sketch.”

Rapaport doesn’t always align with his fellow progressives. Recently, Rapaport got into an X spat with fellow far-Left actor John Cusack. The “Better Off Dead” star is virulently anti-Israel, and Rapaport chided his peer on the issue.

“Hey @johncusack do me a favor and focus your voice on FREEING THE ISRAELI HOSTAGES CAPTURED BY TERRORISTS 10 DAYS AGO,” Rapaport wrote.

Cusack responded with a lengthy post.

Here’s an idea – YOU USE YOUR FOCUSED VOICE TO CALL FOR A CEASE FIRE TO FREE EVERYONE – including the hostages – because it sounds like you don’t think all lives matter and I do. And I’m not playing a f—ing game so cut the condescending bullsh– towards people who are serious about justice. Stop – don’t tell me to condemn Hamas, again, or how to focus my voice, you f—ing tool. I want everyone to stop killing and dying.


  1. Rapaport is a nobody that tries very hard to be a somebody. He’s obnoxious and clearly biased. Cusack is right to stand his ground. ALL LIVES MATTER.

    1. Agree. He’s beyond obnoxious. So rude and so crass. Does this guy even have enough fans to call himself a celebrity?

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