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WATCH: Kyle Dunnigan Mocks Hunter Biden in Hilarious Clip

Rebel comic picks up slack left by 'SNL,' late night propagandists

Comedians couldn’t resist mocking President Donald Trump, and they had a fair point.

Trump was not only the most powerful man in the world for four years, but his brash style practically wrote the jokes for them.

The same holds true for First Son Hunter Biden.


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Hunter Biden’s sordid life cried out for political satire. Plus, his riches intersect with the Commander in Chief — AKA dear, ol’ Dad.

Yet “Saturday Night Live” can’t even name check Hunter Biden in any serious, or seriously funny, way. Nor will late night hosts brings up Hunter Biden’s excesses.

Wrong party. Period. There’s no other excuse.

The only time a late-night host brought up the First Son was to throw softball queries at him while promoting his memoir, “Beautiful Things.”

Hunter Biden on Crack Addiction, Political Divide, Ukraine, Donald Trump Jr, Laptop & Finding Love

That left it to Breitbart News to distribute “My Son Hunter,” last year’s satirical romp about Hunter Biden’s carnal appetites. Robert Davi directed the feature which starred Laurence Fox as the troubled figure.

The film recalled the title character’s coke-filled antics, dalliances with various prostitutes and complicated ties to the future president.

My Son Hunter Full Trailer |

Now, it’s Kyle Dunnigan’s turn to mock Hunter Biden.

The comedian has been riffing on President Biden for quite some time, again in sharp contrast to the mainstream comedy landscape which avoids Biden bits. Dunnigan’s new Instagram video gleefully hammers Hunter Biden.


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The clip, “It’s Good to Be the President’s Son,” finds Dunnigan playing a wayward Hunter Biden.

“I wake up at 2 next to I don’t know who,” Hunter Biden sings, motioning toward a lifeless woman face down in his ben, “but it looks like I must have had fun … I make 10K a day, I don’t show up, they still pay. It’s good to be the president’s son!”

And, yes, there’s a laptop reference, too.

Why does this matter?

Political satirists hold politician’s feet to the fire. A governor oversteps his authority? Enter the comic truth teller to set him straight.

A representative demands citizens stay indoors during a pandemic but gets a “blow out” from a private salon? It’s time for a well-placed punchline to set her straight.

We still don’t know why companies ponied up millions for an inexperienced soul like Hunter Biden. He clearly leveraged the Biden name to make his money, but were there other strings attached?

And why did he set aside “10 percent for the Big Guy?

If more comedians pressured the Bidens on the subject we may get closer to the truth. As is, journalists would rather examine Gov. Ron DeSantis’ alleged lack of charisma than connect those dots.

Late night hacks would similarly like to bury any Hunter Biden news for fear of damaging his Pappy.

Dunnigan isn’t afraid to do what comedians have always done – speak truth to power, regardless of party affiliation.

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