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Meet Joe Rogan’s Secret Weapon: Women

Spotify star re-ups contract, draws massive female audience on platform

Joe Rogan’s connection with the male psyche is beyond debate.

The Spotify superstar loves hunting, eating red meat and UFC fights. He’s a former mixed-martial arts guru who curses, smokes weed and boasts a hulking physique.

His guests skew overwhelming male, too, including medical experts, comedians and celebrities.

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A 2023 YouGuy report confirmed Rogan’s bond with men. The site found that the majority of Rogan’s listeners are young and male.

That’s only part of the story.

Variety shared the news that Rogan re-upped his Spotify contract earlier this week. Rogan will continue his lucrative ties with the audio platform via a contract worth up to $250 million. The deal’s new wrinkle? The “Joe Rogan Experience” won’t be exclusive to Spotify.

Fans will soon be able to hear and download the show on Apple Podcasts, YouTube and Amazon Music.

Rogan remains a massive draw in the competitive podcasting space and he routinely makes news with his opinions and colorful guests.

There’s more.

“For more than three years, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ has consistently been the No. 1 podcast across the globe,” Spotify said. Per Edison Research’s Q3 2023 survey of most listened-to podcasts, “The Joe Rogan Experience” ranked No. 1 for the period. In addition, “JRE” was the No. 2 most listened-to podcast for women [emphasis added] 13 and older in the U.S., according to Edison.

Women love Rogan, too.

That’s part of the Rogan phenomenom rarely discussed in media circles. 

It’s assumed that Rogan’s blunt talk and topic choices are catnip for male audiences. It turns out women are similarly curious to hear what he and his guests have to say.

Could women be drawn to the rare Alpha Male in the podcasting arena?


Cultural critic and author Karol Markowicz suggested the outsized attention to Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce has as much to do with his old-school manners as his ties to a certain pop superstar.

Markowicz recalled the viral nature of a Kelce/Taylor Swift snippet where the football hero opens the door for his sweetheart.

“Women swooned. Why? Because it’s manly and you like that. You want a man to behave like a man. You want the guy who opens the door and protects you and makes you feel safe. But worse, you’ve been tricked into believing you don’t want that.”

(Go to the 16:30 second mark for the snippet)

Taylor Swift Loves President Elmo

It’s easy to imagine Rogan doing the same for his wife or daughter.

It doesn’t matter exactly why Rogan connects with female listeners. It’s happening, and it could impact the culture at large.


Rogan routinely discusses political and cultural topics in ways rarely heard in mainstream media circles. He’s hyper-critical of today’s corrupt press institutions, questions “official” narratives on subjects like the recent pandemic and is willing to point out the flaws of both political parties.

He’s routinely described his personal politics as left-leaning while describing how horrified he is by the modern Democratic Party.

Would any of Rogan’s female listeners hear talk like this on “The View?”

That’s rhetorical.

Rogan’s appeal to the common man, and woman, matters in our deeply divided age. When Ben Shapiro excoriates President Joe Biden half the country may dismiss his wisdom based on the Daily Wire podcaster’s conservative brand.

That’s not the reaction Rogan inspires, no matter how often the media erroneously paints him as “alt-right” or “far-right.” He’s mostly apolitical, bouncing from Left to Right as he sees fit.

Figures like Rogan, Taylor Swift and even Bill Maher matter in the current political climate. The lines between politics and entertainment continue to blur, and in a deeply contested electoral climate every influencer matters.

Those without a concrete liberal or conservative label can better reach independents.

Republicans struggle to connect with female voters, from their disdain of likely GOP standard bearer Donald Trump to legalizing abortion. Rogan isn’t interested in putting Trump back in the White House, per se. He won’t even invite him on his podcast.

He still could impact countless listeners who might be on the fence about their 2024 presidential preference. 

Now, with his show flooding across major audio platforms, his voice could be even more influential in a key election year.

And women will be listening.

Photo by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash

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  1. President Trump will go anywhere, speak to anyone, amount anything

    Rogan is afraid, yes afraid, to have this powerful man on his podcast because the snowflakes would leave in droves

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