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Whoopi’s Decree Would Mean the End of ‘The View’

Does Goldberg realize the impact of her latest anti-Tucker Carlson screed?

The media war on Tucker Carlson for showing Jan. 6 footage shows little sign of stopping.

Journalists who once cried, “Democracy dies in darkness!” can’t believe a fellow reporter would share information on the most contentious day in recent American history.

Shut. It. Down.

“The View” is part of that media cacophony. The far-Left showcase has been railing against both Carlson and Fox News all week, and it culminated with a curious rant from head “View” master Whoopi Goldberg.

The “Sister Act” alum attacked Carlson anew, but she brought up a curious argument to do so. Goldberg said Carlson shouldn’t be legally allowed to opine about Jan. 6.

“This should be against the law. You should you should not be able to lie, knowingly,” Goldberg said. “What do we do as Americans to say, ‘this is not OK’ … the first Amendment doesn’t allow you to willingly lie.”

Two things are noteworthy here.

Goldberg is an Oscar-winning actress who doesn’t have a clue as to what the First Amendment does. That’s sad, especially since she’s 67 and has worked in news media for more than a decade.

Doesn’t she have a producer whispering in her ear, correcting her in real time? He or she would have their hands full, of course.

And that’s the second problem. “The View” lies … and lies … and lies. The show’s track record on truth-telling is abysmal, and that’s when it’s not fomenting hate across the country with its unhinged, fact-free attacks on half the country.

Like this.

Carlson’s Jan. 6 footage, to date, has shown the QAnon Shaman, Jacob Chansley, to be a peaceful visitor to the Capitol, escorted around the building by multiple police officers. We’ve also seen Officer Brian Sicknick alive and well that day, shredding the media narrative that Trump supporters had bludgeoned him to death by a fire extinguisher.

Many Americans likely still believe that lie thanks to our corrupt media landscape.

None of the footage diminishes the real, unacceptable violence that occurred on Jan. 6, 2020, a legitimately dark chapter in American history. It still gives Americans a broader understanding of the riot and how the media and Democrats, but we repeat ourselves, contorted the truth to push their agenda.

“The View” should be grateful that the First Amendment allows a show brimming with hate, misinformation and more to line their pockets week after week.


  1. I previously stopped watching TV. The MSM is dying and that includes Fox. This is both national and local as they repeat standard talking points daily. Most people is the US know this and do not want it. The term Go Woke, Go Broke is happening and these companies are not realizing that they are heading there. THE VIEW is produced by ABC, which is owned by Disney and they are laying off thousands as they are losing money big time. People just want the truth and not propaganda.

  2. It is appalling that our so-called journalists are actually just propogandists for the democrat communist party. They no longer even bother to hide it. The correctly know that 99% of the audience is not paying attention, just acting like trained seals.

    Sadly, I don’t see this ever changing. Jane Fonda just called out murdering people that disagree with her. And she will get away with that because she’s a leftist. How do you fight the combined weight of the govt, corporations, media, & every institution. The left won; we just haven’t realized it yet.

      1. Yeah, I think I have. I’m in my 50’s and have seen a lot. What I’ve seen the past couple years has shocked me. I’ve never seen the world degrade so quickly. Social degeneracy, lowering IQ’s, schools failing, rising crime, cities crumbling. What used to be called journalists are now just propagandists. I don’t see things changing. Just look at the pandemic, we folded with hardly any fight. We were told to hide in our houses, and we did it willingly. The elitists know we can be controlled with fear. Our children will live in a mashup of 1984 & Brave New World.

      2. Wasn’t the now-obvious coup d’etat affected by the FBI in the run up to the 2020 election proof enough? Spreading misinformation to social media companies that the “laptop from hell” was a Russian “hack and dump” having possession of said laptop to oust a sitting President and install their preferred, more pliable candidate.

    1. I saw that re: Hanoi Jane. Now, if a Congressman/woman were to get shot and killed (I pray that will not happen) by someone who watched the view yesterday, Would Jane get nailed for her vile comments? I highly doubt it.

  3. None of them are even using selective editing as the standard excuse anymore. They just want it shutdown. Against the law is another interesting talking point. They’re not even hiding the government’s censorship especially on Twitter. Democrats lie and leave out evidence despite what Chris Rock said. Just say it. And then say it again. And again. The lie becomes the truth from repetition.

    BTW, Whoopi is anti-semite.

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