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Media Revive Racism Charges Against Joe Rogan

Spotify podcaster's chat with Katt Williams twisted to silence free speech superstar

Joe Rogan withstood every Cancel Culture attack possible over the last few years.

He’s alt-Right!

He’s spreading misinformation!

He platforms hate mongers!

And, of course, He’s racist!

The latter charge proved the most serious given the post-George Floyd landscape. Rogan’s foes dug through his old podcasts and found instances where he used the N-word. Rogan apologized for his comments, a risky move since the woke mob demands apologies but doesn’t actually accept them.

Just ask Roseanne Barr.

Except Rogan never called a black person the N-word, and the conversations came before the toxic word’s use in almost any situation became radioactive.

Plus, the same critics ignored Howard Stern’s repeated use of the N-word over the decades along with far-Left comic Jimmy Kimmel’s repeated blackface episodes.

It was all a ploy to remove Rogan from the podcasting landscape. And it failed.

Now, The Daily Beast wants to revive the racism charges against Rogan. To do so, the far-Left site twisted the truth.

Some might call it “misinformation.”

Rogan invited black comedian Katt Williams onto “The Joe Rogan Experience” this week. The two talked about a crush of issues, from Big Government to comedy protocols.

Part of the conversation focused on government overreach. Rogan chided California legislators for banning flavored vapes. Williams brought up the law’s impact on menthol cigarettes.

The Daily Beast notes the product is popular in black communities, something Williams confirmed.

“That was fine, but they let it also hurt Black people in that it counted menthol as a flavor,” Williams said.

“Why do Black people like menthol cigarettes so much? What’s that about?” Rogan asked.

The comedians both laughed, according to The Daily Beast.

“You’re gonna get me canceled. This is very racist, this conversation,” Williams said.

“A Black person actually getting ready to answer this—it’s terrible on all ends,” Williams said before attempting to explain why black smokers preferred menthol products.

Joe Rogan Experience #2111 - Katt Williams

Now, read The Daily Beast’s headline on the story in question: Katt Williams Calls Out Joe Rogan’s ‘Racist’ Question

The question wasn’t racist. Williams brought up the connection between menthol cigarettes and the black community first. The Daily Beast confirmed it. The comedian attempted to answer Rogan’s question as best as he could.

And he laughed during the exchange.

The conversation wasn’t racist. Rogan wasn’t being racist. The question wasn’t racist.

Now, read that headline again.

Katt Williams Calls Out Joe Rogan’s ‘Racist’ Question

Why would the site deploy that language? They weren’t alone in doing so.

Newsweek also framed its coverage of the chat in that manner. 

Joe Rogan’s Katt Williams Question Sparks Fury

The fury in question involves a few angry Tweets. The article left out that Williams laughed along with Rogan. Because bias by omission is what the corrupt press does best.

The site also trotted out the media’s favorite bullying tactic:

Newsweek has reached out to Joe Rogan and Katt Williams via email for comment.

Why would Williams need a news outlet to comment on the matter? He was there, in the studio, with Rogan. Could he not say what he wanted to say? The soft bigotry of low expectations.

The bigger question remains. Why would two major media outlets contort the news to savage Rogan?

It’s simple.

The media loathe Rogan. He embraces free speech, speaks out against media bias, routinely criticizes Democrats like President Joe Biden and allows a wide range of views on hot-button issues.

All of the above is anathema to the modern journalist. They prefer specific narratives over the truth and routinely ignore stories that don’t match their agenda. So The Daily Beast and Newsweek tried to bring up Rogan’s so-called “racist” past by twisting the truth to fit its preferred narrative.

Is there any other explanation?

Except it won’t work this time.

The YouTube version of the conversation generated nearly 5 million views in less than a day, far more than most TV news shows attract. The episode played on other outlets, too, vastly magnifying its reach.

Listeners will hear the exchange and decide for themselves. 


  1. If you are not with the leftist propaganda machine, you are against it, and they will come after you.

  2. The last time they tried to cancel Rogan based on these claims about “racism”, he gained 2 million new subscribers on Spotify.
    Rogan’s got to be looking at this and saying, “bring it on, you &#$%$#s!”

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