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Joe Rogan: ‘All the Woke Comics Are F***ing Terrible’

Podcast superstar praises Babylon Bee, says woke culture must be mocked

Two stars the Left tried, and failed, to cancel gathered this week for a friendly chat.

Podcast giant Joe Rogan invited former MMA star Gina Carano on his Spotify show to talk “Terror on the Prairie” and much more. It’s the actress’ comeback vehicle after Disney unfairly fired her from “The Mandalorian” for sharing the “wrong” social media messages.

OFFICIAL TRAILER | "Terror On the Prairie"

The Daily Wire officially uncanceled Carano by hiring her to star and produce her own film, and that partnership will likely continue with the upcoming “White Knuckle” thriller. Plus, she spent the weekend greeting her hardcore fans at the Denver Fan Expo.

The Denver alt-weekly tried, in vain, to get her canceled from the event.

Rogan faced his own Cancel Culture fight last year by not reciting the government’s playbook on COVID-19. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has Rogan’s back, and he emerged from the cancellation attempt even more willing to speak his mind.

Together, Carano and Rogan praised fellow free thinkers for ignoring the new woke order.

And, in the process, embarrassed those who refuse to play by reality’s rules. That’s never more clear than when it comes to modern comedy.

The new woke by-laws make telling jokes a chore, if not a chance to damage one’s career.

“The Babylon Bee out-Onioned the Onion,” Rogan says, mocking the hard-Left humor site for ceding its space to the upstart Bee. The latter leans to the Right, but it happily mocks GOP figures like President Donald Trump while excoriating the Left, woke insanity and more.

(And, for doing just that, it’s repeatedly targeted for termination by Big Tech)

“They’re so consistently funny because the funniest s*** right now is woke s***, and that’s the s*** that people on the Left can’t touch. So as a comic you’re left without ammunition. All the woke comics are f***ing terrible,” Rogan says.

“I know,” Carano replied.

“And that’s why the funniest parody comedy now is coming out of The Babylon Bee,” Rogan adds. “What they’re doing is poking fun at this most obvious, ridiculous s****.”

“The truth is funny,” Carano says.

“It’s the one thing you’re not allowed to touch … So what happens? The Babylon Bee gets kicked off Twitter. Which is crazy.”


  1. Rogan is a blowhard, Bernie bro. He’s as fake as a three dollar bill.
    If Bernie had been elected, he’d be fine with everything.
    Biden’s doing everything Bernie would have done, Joe blow would be fine with the covid measures if Bernie had implemented them.
    Rogan is the most obvious hypocrite in the nation.
    Why does anyone care what such an obvious two face thinks??

  2. ““And that’s why the funniest parody comedy now is coming out of The Babylon Bee,”…”

    I fell for the Bee’s headline that said, “R. Kelly released from prison, when his name showed up in Jeffery Epstein’s records.”

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