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Jimmy Fallon – Democrats’ Useful Idiot

'Tonight Show' host is always there when progressives have a message to share

Jimmy Fallon is considered the least political talk show host on the late-night scene.

Think again.

“The Tonight Show” host isn’t as partisan as his peers, at least on paper. He still provides cover for Democrats whenever possible. And he’s proven it time and time again.

Even more important?

His faux neutrality comes in handy for any Democrat eager to weaponize Fallon’s upbeat brand.

Fallon’s history as a useful idiot goes back to his “slow jamming” days. The former “Saturday Night Live” star would “slow jam the news” as a way to share the latest headlines.

He did so via “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” his former NBC platform. The bit had a surprisingly bipartisan approach back then.

Those early “slow jams” let both Democrats (Barack Obama) and Republicans (Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie) get in on the action.

Neither works for a comedy segment. Late-night comedians should hold politicians accountable. They shouldn’t let them shill unchecked.

Fallon’s bipartisan approach collapsed in 2016.

Consider how he let President Obama revive the “slow jam” segment to push for Democrats in 2016.

“It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve as your president over the past eight years,” Obama began, explaining his accomplishments in the economic sector.

“Aw yeah, President Obama stimulated long-term growth,” sang Fallon in his “slow jam” voice, “and told the American people, ‘Yes, we can.’”

It gets more cringe-worthy.

“Commander in Preach!” said Fallon. “You’ve got to listen to my man Bareezus, he’s accomplished a lot in eight years. Even when Congress tried to block him, he found a way through the back door,” to which both Fallon and Obama couldn’t help but laugh.


Fallon rode to Michael Bloomberg’s rescue in 2020 when the billionaire’s presidential campaign was floundering.

Donald Trump Cold-Calls Michael Bloomberg

To sweeten the deal, Fallon interviewed Bloomberg as Donald Trump, allowing the comic to torch the GOP leader while letting Bloomberg share his stump speech, uninterrupted.

Jimmy Fallon, Unpaid Democratic Spokesman

In 2021, he invited New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on “The Tonight Show” and fawned over him like a buxom starlet. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo has shown such amazing leadership in helping guide the great State of New York, and all of us New Yorkers, through such a tough time … I thank you so much for your leadership, you were there for us when we needed you, you still are there.

The exchange proved so pro-Cuomo New York State shared the transcript on its official web site. The fact that Cuomo did a horrific job with the pandemic matters, of course.

A credible satirist might have something to say about that.

Not Fallon.

Someone over at the Peacock network still had second thoughts about the segment. NBC removed the interview from its YouTube archive.


Earlier this week, Fallon did it again.

He invited Hillary Clinton onto “The Tonight Show” to let her plug her new musical, “The Suffs.” Of course the conversation veered into the 2024 presidential campaign.

Here, Fallon tees the former First Lady up to support Biden — “It’s Biden versus Trump. What do you say to voters who are upset that those are the two choices?” he asked.

“Get over yourself…Those are the two choices. . . . It’s kind of like, one is old and effective and compassionate, has a heart, and really cares about people. And one is old and has been charged with 91 felonies”

“But we have to go through the election, and hopefully people will realize what’s at stake … Because it’s an existential question: What kind of country we’re going to have, what kind of democracy we’re going to have.”

No pushback. No follow-up questions. Just nodding and fawning. He does as he’s told.

The bigger picture is crystal clear.

It’s 2024. There’s zero chance Fallon’s “Tonight Show” will invite any GOP leader on to defend President Trump or any Republican pet cause.



Late-night TV is by and large owned by progressives – Bill Maher is a partial exception and Greg Gutfeld calls Fox News home.

Hollywood is similarly one-sided, so there’s little attempt to be fair and balanced in programming moves. And Fallon learned the hard way what happens when you attempt to be bipartisan in the Age of Trump.

His 2016 chat with the real estate mogul enraged the media and the Left. The pressure got so bad Fallon made a public apology for simply treating Trump like a guest on his program.

The host of “The Tonight Show” tells The Hollywood Reporter he “made a mistake” and apologized “if I made anyone mad.” He adds that he “would do it differently” looking back on the Sept. 15, 2016 episode….

“I did not do it to ‘normalize’ him or to say I believe in his political beliefs or any of that stuff.”

Fallon has been a rock-ribbed progressive, at least on “The Tonight Show,” ever since.


  1. I’m totally numb, inured to entertainment being so one-sided. I do wish there was a site that had woke scores for films. Often you can see it in trailers, but many times it’s trojan-horsed into a movie and puts the brakes on a movie where it is totally unneeded. That’s where a woke score would help.

  2. Minor critique – the apostrophe should be after the “s” in “Democrats” on the headline – Democrats’ useful idiot.
    Other than that, nice column.

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