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Late Night Propaganda: Noah, Fallon and Colbert Hail Harris

Biden's VP selection sparks fresh wave of Trump 'jokes' from the usual suspects

Sarah Palin got lucky in one way when she walked onto the national stage in 2008.

The era’s late night television landscape in no way, shape or form resembled what it does today. That meant Sen. John McCain’s vice presidential pick didn’t receive a nightly tongue lashing by Team Late Night.

“Saturday Night Live” tried its best to fill that gap.

CBS Evening News: Katie Couric Interviews Sarah Palin - SNL

Today’s late night comics, by comparison, deliver partisan screeds when they’re not serving as DNC propagandists.

It’s why their collection reaction to Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick played out like high school cheerleaders shrieking for a November win … win … win!

Sen. Kamala Harris’ entrance into the 2020 presidential race drew the expected reactions from Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Trevor Noah. Pure adulation mixed with more hate for President Donald Trump.

Team Biden couldn’t have written anything more positive for their candidates.

Trump Calls Kamala Harris “Nasty” | The Tonight Show

Let’s start with Fallon, whose re-education from genial cut-up to Colbert Lite is all but complete. Here’s what “The Tonight Show” star had to say about Harris’ nomination.

Kamala is the daughter of two immigrants. She went to Howard University. She’s a Democratic Senator from California. It’s an inspiring story. Unless you’re Trump, then it’s a Stephen King novel.”

The next night, the “Saturday Night Live” alum dug deeper, attacking Team Trump for doing what politicians always do – criticize the other side.

“Unfortunately for Harris, if you want well wishes from Trump, you got to be in prison. Meanwhile, in a new attack ad, the Trump campaign has already labeled them “Slow Joe” and phony Kamala.” And if you have a slow and phony joke that doesn’t end with those used to be Trump’s nicknames for Eric and Don Jr., write to us at “The Tonight Show” writers, 30 Rockefeller plaza, New York, New York, 10112.“


Not to be outdone, Noah fawned over the selection, twisting her “tough on crime” image to the Democrats’ benefit.

I’m impressed that Biden picked Kamala, even after she destroyed him at that debate. In fact, part of me thinks he only picked her so that she can just never dust his ass in public again. This is an insurance policy. And I’m interested to see what the Trump campaign’s line of attack is going to be on Kamala, because they’re going to have a tough time. Everything she’s done in her career appeals to Trump’s base. “Crafty Kamala spent her whole career locking up criminals and filling up California’s jails. She’s even friends with cops. Hold on. That actually sounds pretty cool. Mike, is it too late to change you?

Last night, Noah called Harris a “star” and a serial ceiling breaker. He still worried that critics on the Left will attack her record. She’s too tough on crime. 

Kamala Harris: The Person, the Politician…and the Chef? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Enter Noah, who told his audience that Harris has evolved since then and now checks off all the proper progressive viewpoints on crime.

Damage control complete.

Like his peers, Colbert used Harris’ ascension to attack the Trumps. Again.

Maybe one reason why Trump is struggling to go after Kamala Harris is that his heart’s not in it because— and this is true— when she was running for Attorney General, in California, Trump donated to Kamala Harris’ campaigns twice. Wow, that is embarrassing… For Kamala Harris. And Donald’s not the only Trump who’s supported Harris in the past, because Ivanka Trump also donated $2,000 to Harris in 2014, which is surprising. Usually, when Ivanka gives women money, it’s three cents a handbag.

For the record, Trump liberally donated to politicians on both sides of the aisle prior to his first political campaign and will be attacking Harris with regularity in the coming days.

And when he does, the same late night comics will say he’s a racist and a sexist for doing so. Heck, Colbert already played the first card in the race deck this week.

“Trump’s going to have a hard time deciding exactly how to be racist about her,” Colbert cracked after learning of Harris’ selection.

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