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‘Gutfeld!’ Still King of Late Night* uses technicality to boost Colbert's fortunes, but Fox News comic rules

Greg Gutfeld’s late-night show never took a knee during the writers strike.

Fox News’ “Gutfeld!” kept riffing on the latest Beltway blunders while the rest of Team Late-Night took an extended break.

Prior to the strike, “Gutfeld!” jockeyed with CBS’s “The Late Show” for ratings supremacy. The former airs on cable television, a distinct disadvantage. Still, Gutfeld and co. hung tough and often topped both Stephen Colbert’s show and the late-night competition.

The end of the writers strike didn’t change that dynamic.

From Fox News:

At 10 PM/ET, the king of late-night Greg Gutfeld notably delivered 2,062,000 viewers and 302,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo, leading cable news in the younger demo. Gutfeld! topped all late-night broadcast shows including CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (1,984,000 P2+), ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! (1,625,000 P2+) and NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (1,329,000 P2+) with viewers in the show’s first week back after the writers’ strike.

There’s a catch, though. Two, technically.

“Gutfeld!” shifted from 11 pm to 10 pm EST during the strike. That means “Gutfeld!” can crack wise without direct competition at an earlier time slot with more potential viewers. Also, a newer metric gives Colbert’s “Late Show” a lead in the ratings race.

The “Live+3 Day” ratings take into account “delayed” viewing via TiVo-like technologies allowing consumers to watch shows at a later date.

The far-Left used the latter measurement to declare Colbert the winner.

The traditional wisdom is that late-night shows are watched live on linear television with little delayed viewing, but it seems that many people are taping the show and watching back the next day. We hear that the uplift also over indexes with younger people, which is a surprise given that you’d expect older folk to go to bed earlier and watch the next day, compared to younger people. didn’t mention “Gutfeld!” in its reportage. That isn’t uncommon. Many media “late-night roundup” stories pretend Gutfeld’s show doesn’t exist.

It’s worth noting that “The Tonight Show,” once NBC’s crown jewel, is now a consistent fourth-place finisher behind Fox News, CBS and ABC.

NBC host Jimmy Fallon isn’t as aggressively liberal as the competition, but his biases are clear for all to see. Those who crave hard-Left polemics before bedtime simply opt for angrier voices like Kimmel or Colbert instead of Fallon.

Johnny Carson reigned supreme as the “Tonight Show” host for three decades, and no competitor could touch him. Jay Leno took the comic baton from Carson in 2002 and ruled late night for another two decades.

That once-mighty institution is no more.


  1. The only reason the next time I see his show will be the first is because I don’t get cable or satellite. However, from what I have heard about it, I will watch it every night once I see it.

  2. Find Gutfeld humor sophomoric at best. Writing is weak basically a rehash of the five. Actually giggled about being able swear during the show but next night censored as usual. Usually watch two segments then had enough. Nothing worse than a show that thinks it’s edgy but bring advertisers (looking at you Canadian guy that killed people while your wife drove the boat) on as guests.

  3. He has a great show and its actually funny. He has a good staple of guests that he rotates through. It’s too bad all the far-left corporate run media has to cheat or pretend he doesn’t exist. But that’s what leftist vermin do.

    1. Spot on. I don’t have cable, just streaming, so I don’t see it live. But I watch clips of it on YouTube and Gutfeld’s writers are far better than anyone that the leftoids on the other late night shows employ. And Gutfeld has better delivery and comic timing than the other three leftoid stooges. And you’re right. His guests almost universally bring the funny when they’re on there. Even ones you wouldn’t expect to be all that funny usually get at least a few good sarcastic comments in.

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