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Is Billy Ray’s Jan. 6 Project Hollywood’s October Surprise?

Mysterious film by Trump-obsessed director of 'Comey Rule' is coming ... soon

Hollywood knows how to keep a secret.

For example, Disney shocked everyone by announcing a second “Moana” film will drop later this year, a project virtually no one knew about until the Mouse House’s decree.

And stars and directors alike kept quiet about producer Harvey Weinstein’s predilections until The New York Times’ investigation effectively ended his Hollywood career.

Could director Billy Ray’s next anti-Trump project fall into that category?

The Comey Rule (2020) Official Trailer | SHOWTIME Limited Series

Ray is the celebrated writer/director behind “Shattered Glass,” “Breach” and “The Comey Rule,” the latter serving as fan fiction for Trump-deranged Democrats.

The Showtime miniseries pretended the Russia collusion hoax happened. And, even when headlines began unraveling the gargantuan scam months before the project’s release, Ray and Showtime shouldered on.

No apologies. No regrets.

In fact, Ray waged a public battle with Showtime to make sure the 2020 miniseries debuted before Election Day that year. The pay channel initially announced it would air after the presidential votes had been tallied. Ray bullied the company into dropping it in September instead.

He wanted the Fake News miniseries to influence the election. And, looking back at the results, maybe it did a tiny bit.

Ray’s follow-up project is a kissing cousin to “The Comey Rule.” It’s been dubbed the “Untitled Capitol Assault Project” on, and news outlets broke news about it two years ago.

Deadline has confirmed that the J6 script will be shopped to studios and streamers imminently, and that conversations with equity financiers have already begun.

The report said Ray would team with Adam McKay, the far-Left producer fueling the Climate Emergency Fund’s attacks on priceless art. Few Hollywood power players wield their influence for Democrats like McKay, the mind behind “Vice” and “Don’t Look Up.”

The project’s page offers very few details.

Ray initially planned to film a similar project for Showtime, according to a 2021 news report. The McKay-produced project replaced that vision.

It’s still odd that we haven’t gotten any updates on the J6 project.

No News on Billy Ray, Jan. 6 or Other October Surprises

The latest reports hit the media more than two years ago. Since then, there’s nothing to be found online about the project. No updates, publicity stills or even casting news.


Hollywood wouldn’t throw away a project like this. Not a chance.

Not when two industry heavyweights are powering it, and the project could damage President Donald Trump’s re-election chances.

It’s not like Ray’s TDS has softened over time. His anti-Trump fury is all over his X account.

Prediction: Ray’s Jan. 6 project is coming soon. It might arrive via a major streaming platform or debut in theaters come Fall.

The format doesn’t matter. Ray, McKay and their colleagues won’t miss a chance to revive the Jan. 6 “narrative” against Trump.

Even more likely?

The mainstream media will give the project all the attention Ray and co. craves.

Meanwhile, actor/producer Nick Searcy’s second film excoriating the obfuscation surrounding Jan. 6, “Capitol Punishment 2,” will reach the public with a fraction of the fanfare.


  1. There are no surprises with Orange Man. Everything that could possibly be known about him (and a lot of lies and mischaracterizations, as well) has been circulating since 2015,

  2. “PRETEND” is the key word.. More anti-American / Anti-Trump garbage that no one will watch and everyone knows its a farce..

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