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Will Hunter Biden Doc Offer More Damage Control Than Truth?

Biden's so-called 'Sugar Brother' plots film depicting another side of First Son

Hollywood won’t go near Hunter Biden.

Late-night comedians barely mention the First Son in any comical way. Neither will “Saturday Night Live.”

Studios ignore his outrageous actions, captured on a notorious laptop that would have fueled a half-dozen projects had it come from Eric or Donald Trump, Jr.

It took action/director Robert Davi to make his own film about the tortured Biden, “My Son Hunter.”

My Son Hunter Full Trailer | MySonHunter.com

You won’t see any mainstream documentaries capturing his sordid life or how he made millions from his surname. Nor will filmmakers explore his dubious business ties, something the current GOP House continues to unravel.

We might see a documentary offering just the opposite.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Hunter Biden confidante, attorney Kevin Morris, is plotting a friendly film about the beleaguered First Son. The untitled documentary will focus more on Hunter Biden’s art career and time as a dad than the scandalous material from the laptop.

Morris is dubbed by right-leaning media outlets as Hunter Biden’s “sugar brother,” a figure who loaned the First Son millions and allowed him to fly on his private jet.

In short, any Hunter Biden documentary is likely to be Damage Control 101. And it’s hardly new in Hollywood terms.

P!nk - All I Know So Far (Film Trailer)

We’re seeing a flood of documentaries meant to place their subjects in the best light possible. It happens most often with pop stars. Think Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift and Pink. Each starred in nonfiction films where they were the main attraction and could frame the material as they saw fit.

Even former First Lady Michelle Obama went that route with “Becoming,” a fawning documentary she co-produced. The press mostly accepts this form of brand building, as do film critics.

“Becoming” snagged an impressive 93 percent “fresh” rating at RottenTomatoes.com.

It was only a matter of time before Hunter Biden did the same.

Rocketman (2019) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

It’s not uncommon for stars to have a hand in their film depictions. Elton John cooperated with the filmmakers behind 2019’s “Rocketman,” understanding the story had to feature his flaws to fully share his life story. Priscilla Presley advised the team behind “Priscilla,” the Sofia Coppola film based on her memoir.

Other artists are more protective of their brands. That means less warts, more positive spin.

The First Son’s film will likely avoid much of what makes his story fascinating to most consumers. He also will have a compliant media at his back.

Film critics and reporters alike won’t be as critical of the project as necessary. Hunter Biden will likely be welcomed with open arms on the late-night circuit, just like he was while pushing his 2021 memoir, “Beautiful Things.”

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