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‘Saturday Night Live’ Won’t Touch Hunter Biden (And We All Know Why)

Troubled First Son offers endless material, but NBC series refuses to take the bait

Even diehard MAGA fans must admit one truth about their favorite president.

Donald Trump is the perfect foil for political satirists. 

  • The bombast
  • The rallies
  • The ego
  • The love life
  • The mannerisms
  • Did we mention the ego?

It’s not Trump’s fault that most comedians looked that gift horse in the mouth.

The same can be said for Hunter Biden.

‘It all stinks’: Piers Morgan on Hunter Biden’s controversies

The First Son’s adult life could fuel a thousand sketches. Drugs. Prostitution. Tax evasion. Cocaine suddenly appeared in the White House. Dodging child support payments. The “Laptop from Hell.” Texting the n-word. His art career. 

That’s not to mention the allegations summed up by the “Biden Crime Family” moniker.

Plus, he’s constantly offering up new material. Earlier this week, Hunter Biden refused to testify behind closed doors. He could face contempt of Congress charges for his defiance.

Now, quick, name a classic “Saturday Night Live” sketch that featured Hunter Biden as the main attraction. You can’t because it’s never happened.

Pete Davidson briefly played the First Son in a sketch three years ago. The comic actor made Hunter Biden look cool, entering the courtroom on a hoverboard.

Impeachment Fantasy Cold Open - SNL

Davidson’s Hunter literally said, “[Trump] is just pointing at me to distract from his own crimes.”

That’s a talking point, not a punch line.

The “SNL” Hunter Biden then rattled off more allegations levied against him before saying they all applied to the Trump family, not the Bidens.

“You’re burned,” he quipped before zooming away.

When Hunter Biden’s name does come up on “SNL” it’s often to attack Republicans. This sketch, which skewers Trump’s adult children and downplays Hunter Biden leveraging his family name, is a perfect example.

Weekend Update: Eric and Donald Trump Jr. on Benefiting from Trump’s Presidency - SNL

Even the far-Left noted how “SNL” treated the most recent Hunter Biden news during a “Weekend Update” segment.

The president’s son was hit with a new indictment, which revealed that he spent millions on “drugs, escorts and girlfriends, luxury hotels and rental properties, exotic cars, clothing, and other items of a personal nature.” The revelation has provided comics plenty of fodder, including on SNL‘s Weekend Update — who were able to make it a joke about a certain former president [emphasis added] instead.

Hunter Biden is a recovering addict, and both he and his media defenders have used that as a defense against his various misdeeds. Could “SNL” be taking a similar stance, refusing to mock a man who finally conquered his demons?


It doesn’t explain why the show routinely skewers MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who famously battled a crack addiction to become a millionaire.


It’s not as if “SNL” avoids mocking adult members of the ruling party. The show wisely left Amy Carter, Sasha and Malia Obama and Barbara and Jenna Bush alone. They were all under 18 years of age when their fathers took the oath of office. 


That hasn’t stopped “SNL” from mocking Billy Carter, Roger Clinton and Trump’s adult children – Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka. None offer the comic potential Hunter Biden delivers.

The Trump siblings got roasted relentlessly on the show in various sketches.

Weekend Update: Eric, Donald Jr. and Tiffany Trump on the 2020 Election - SNL

The “why” here is obvious.

“Saturday Night Live,” once a bipartisan sketch series, now relentlessly promotes progressive talking points. Democrats are defended or ignored. Republicans get skewered week after week.

The show can barely mention President Biden in any of its signature sketches.

If it won’t hold the most powerful man in the world accountable with humor, there’s no chance it’ll mock a First Son with serious, and sobering, ties to his pappy.


  1. SNL is pure propaganda. Nothing less and nothing more. It’s not even good propaganda, just stale standard issue communist propaganda. If all you have to do on a Saturday night is watch SNL drivel, you seriously need to reevaluate your useless existence, and make the required changes to set yourself free. Escape the cult!

  2. The reason why the quality of movies in Hollywood is so bad, is the same reason illustrated in this article. When one’s focuses on delivering a political message, or works on converting their audience to their ideology, the purpose of entertainment is totally compromised and utterly lost. (SNL stopped being funny a long time ago as a result of this).

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