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‘SNL’ Goes ‘Republicans Pounce’ Route on Ivy League Presidents

Far-Left sketch series skewers GOP's Stefanik, not morally bankrupt leaders

“Saturday Night Live’s” cold open is the show’s way of skewering the juiciest target of the week.

There’s a caveat here.

It usually means whatever GOP figure the far-Left writers hate the most on a given week. Tucker Carlson? President Donald Trump? Disgraced Rep. George Santos?

Maybe all three!

This weekend, the show trained its satirical guns on the best target possible for a change – the three Ivy League presidents who shamed themselves and their institutions just days ago.

Tuesday’s Capitol Hill testimony from University of Penn President Liz Magill, Harvard President Claudine Gay and MIT President Sally Kornbluth shocked the nation. Each downplayed the antisemitism raging across their campuses, refusing to punish calls for genocide against the Jews.

Earlier in the day, Magill stepped down under extreme pressure from the Penn board. Gay and Kornbluth could be next.

Enter “SNL.”

College Presidents Cold Open - SNL

Except the NBC show’s hard-Left biases refused to hold the presidents accountable. Instead, the sketch mocked Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y. who did nothing wrong save expose the trio’s moral rot for all to see.

She’s a Republican, though, and a Trump supporter. So she became The Target.


“SNL” player Chloe Troast’s Stefanik screams her questions like a lunatic, for starters. The three college presidents appear poised in comparison.

It’s the satirical version of, “Republicans pounce!”

For the uninitiated, that’s the way the corrupt mainstream press frames stories that look bad for Democrats or liberals. Instead of reporting the facts, journalists suggest the GOP is “pouncing” or “seizing” on the problematic party.

If you had no clue about Tuesday’s testimony you might assume Stefanik was at fault, not the three academics whose only sin in the sketch is adoring diversity and the arts. And that’s likely what Team “SNL” wanted all along.

It gets worse.

Stefanik uses up her allotted time in the sketch, but a colleague gives his slot to her so she can continue.

“I am here today because hate speech has no place on college campuses. Hate speech belongs in Congress, on Elon Musk’s Twitter, at private dinners with my donors and in public speeches by my work husband, Donald Trump.”

Ignore college students ripping down hostage posters. Look away as university professors praising Hamas. The real villains in the post-Oct. 7 world are Elon Musk and Republicans, according to “SNL.”


YouTube commenters weren’t happy with “SNL’s” satirical angle.

Actually making more fun of the Rep. than the anti-Jewish racist. Fire the activist writers and get back to Comedy.

The universe gave SNL a slam dunk and they just fumbled the ball.

I am no fan of Trump or the congress woman who asked the questions here. But the reason this sketch didn’t work is that in this context, the congress woman was the one who made the most sense and the university presidents looked like fools. They tried to reverse that in this sketch. The audience didn’t even know what to do with it.

SNL really hopes that people watching their show is so stupid that they didn’t watch the original video. The woman questioning them wasn’t screaming like a crazy person

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more grating, unwatchable SNL sketch. That screeching woman playing Stefanik actually made me sympathize with a Republican!

They seriously made fun of Elise Stefanik more than the three women who wouldn’t condemn speech calling for genocide against Jews? Unreal.

The context here, while we’re using the same word the presidents’ used to defend the indefensible, is just as bad.

“Saturday Night Live” has all but ignored the Left’s crazed reaction to Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel which killed 1,200 people and kidnapped hundreds more, including babies.


When the show finally got around to exposing the stunning rise in anti-semitism it focused on the GOP figure who helped reveal it to a stunned nation.

“Saturday Night Live” isn’t officially dead. It’s just as morally bankrupt as your average Ivy League academic.


  1. Same Anti-American Socialist Democrats at the pro-Hamas rallies also go to Pride Parades, ANTIFA and BLM. They are a generation of dependent Anarchists.
    A Gay at a pro-Hamas rally, is too funny, Hamas kills gays. The Socialist Anarchists are mostly rich, spoiled white kids screwed up by their liberal parents and our education system.

  2. Hamas Disappointed Liberal Democrats Don’t Believe They Massacred Jews After They Went To All The Trouble To Livestream It

  3. It’s official, Saturday Night Live supports Anti-Semitism. The activist writers are not hiding their hatred for Jews anymore.

  4. The funniest and most entertaining part of the Hamas massacre is the Jews systemic support of the Democrat Party system. They financially and Politically support the Jew Haters that comprise the Dem Party and Media and now support the Jew killing at home and abroad….It is all OK though because they ‘hate Trump’ and his policies that brought peace and prosperity with no inflation, lowest unemployment for minorities and women in history and a booming Economy….Such stupid, illogical HATE FILLED Societies as ours always fail spectacularly with gigantic misery and loss of life……So be it, it is the Dems decision. I am all set to sit back and watch the entertainment.

    1. Trump whose beloved daughter and grandchildren are Jewish did the most for Israel of any US President, moving the embassy to Jerusalem and starting the Abraham Accords with peace treaties signed between Israel and multiple Arab states for which he should have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize. Jews who continued to vote for and fund Dems after swallowing their lies that Trump is antisemitic are not so smart after all.

  5. “She’s a Republican, though, and a Trump supporter.” Nice downplaying of the fact that she’s an on-the-record TRAITOR…

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