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Critics Go Ga Ga Over Taylor Swift’s ‘Miss Americana’

The circle is complete.

For years media outlets begged, pleaded and eventually shamed Taylor Swift into becoming yet another far-left celebrity. And, as we all now know, it worked precisely as the biased media wanted.

“Miss Americana,” the film documenting that script, is getting the kind of laudatory reviews you’d expect from outlets who demanded Swift fall in line.

Now, critics can cheer or jeer any film they wish. Art is subjective, of course. It’s the tone of the reviews, fresh from the film’s Sundance debut, that tells the big picture.

Miss Americana | Official Trailer

“Miss Americana” (on Netflix Jan. 31) charts the singer’s personal journeys of late, from battling an eating disorder to dropping her apolitical pose.

The Hollywood Report’s mash note, er review, ends with this bit of Tay Tay worship.

Near the end of the film, Swift says she wants to be able to still wear pink and talk about politics seriously, and the film sees her finding her way toward creating an aesthetic that marries elements cohesively. If she gets bored with being America’s pop princess in the next few years, perhaps she could consider using her ample gifts for messaging and grassroots coalition-building in the political realm outright. After all, by 2024 she’ll be 35 and eligible to run for president. It’s about time we had a cat lover in the White House.

Now, if Swift “found her voice” and started defending the lives of unborn children on and off stage, would the review read the same way?

Of course not.

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The liberal Entertainment Weekly genuflects to Swift, in part, because of how she makes her Mexican dishes oh, so special.Whatfinger News

The takeaway, whether Swift is talking about the Tennessee Senate race or why she puts chips in her burritos (“for crunch”), isn’t just that she’s articulate and impassioned and has a dry, sneaky wit; it’s that you wish you’d seen more of this Taylor a long time ago. But that’s the point of the whole movie, maybe: She was always there; it just took her 30 years to get to here.

It might as well read, “Glad you responded to all our bullying. Now, here’s a glowing review.”

The Guardian strikes a rare sour note on “Miss Americana,” saying the film feels stage-managed to a fault.

It’s brand management dressed up as insight and while it’s not not entertaining, it’s certainly far from particularly revealing, playing more like a PR exercise than a festival-worthy feature….It’s a celebrity profile that’s been sent to the celebrity for approval first.

The review notes Swift’s political awakening isn’t given context, either. Still, the majority of early reviews are positive, even glowing.

The Decider brands Swift’s anti-Trump sentiment as somehow new, brave and revolutionary. Really.

No, this is a Taylor Swift who’s willing to tell the American government where to shove it, and that’s very new indeed.

Yes, we haven’t seen celebrities do the very same thing (and call the Commander in Chief ‘Hitler’) for the past three-odd years. The critic then wonders what took Tay Tay so long to agree with Liberal America?

How could an educated, privileged woman living in America in the 21st century be this slow on the uptake? It’s a fair point. But I’d argue many men before have had their awakening much later in life, and were applauded for doing so. One hopes it’s never too late to come to the light side.

Light versus dark. It’s as if only one side of the ideological divide is worth considering, and thank heavens Swift chose wisely.

taylor swift documentary Miss Americana
Taylor Swift’s personal documentary ‘Miss Americana’ debuts Jan. 31 on Netflix and select theaters.

Now, if you’re waiting for Swift to expound on her views with a fair, engaged conservative (think Dave Rubin or Ben Shapiro) you may wait for a very long time.

For now, she’ll spout liberal platitudes, avoid debate and drink in media adulation thanks to “Miss Americana.”

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