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‘Greatest Lie’ Silenced by Woke Mob, Media Silent

Candace Owens' doc triggers students, campus allows protesters to win the day

Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager tried to warn us.

The comedian and talk show host made “No Safe Spaces” in 2019, chronicling the free speech suppression occurring at colleges nationwide.


We all saw what happened next, and what’s still happening today.

Censorship caught fire following the film’s release. Big Tech platforms insisted they knew what we need to hear, facts be darned. The Biden administration partnered with social media sites to silence debate.

Sensitivity readers strangled the prose of iconic writers to prevent readers from experiencing hurt feelings.

Academia, sadly, still leads the way on free speech suppression, witness the latest outrageous attack on artistic expression.

Candace Owens’ film “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold” eviscerates media narratives surrounding the death of George Floyd as well as Black Lives Matter. The film is far from perfect, but it makes a compelling case that the public hasn’t been told the full story on either front.

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold | OFFICIAL TRAILER

It deserves to be seen and heard. That isn’t too much to ask … is it?

The Daily Wire documentary screened at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) earlier this month, courtesy of Turning Point USA. A CCSU professor penned a harrowing account of what happened when the film began to play.

Fifteen minutes into the film, before an audience of approximately 50 students and others intrigued by the title of the film and curious about its contents, roughly the same number of students, at least one faculty member and possibly others unaffiliated with the university stormed onto the stage, screaming that the film was “racist” and holding signs proclaiming it “hate speech.” By doing so, they prevented the audience from watching it.

To his credit, Dr. Craig Wright, CCSU’s vice president for diversity, equity, and inclusion, told the protesters to move outside so the screening could continue. Many did, but they pounded their drums and screamed so much that it drowned out the movie’s sound.

A few stayed in the auditorium, adding to the cacophony. The movie stopped and never started again. Campus police did nothing to address the problem.


A film got silenced. Opinions that could have changed a heart or mind (maybe more) couldn’t be heard. Now, have you heard about this from any Hollywood activists? Variety? Deadline? How many news outlets picked up the story?

A good faith Google search found the Hartford Courant’s reporting on the incident, the professor’s op-ed and a story based upon it from Legal Insurrection, a right-leaning web site.

That’s it.

Had the CCSU screened “Call Jane,” about a woman’s fight against pro-life legislation, or a left-leaning documentary like “To the End,” it’s a sure bet the media would have sniffed out the controversy. Just imagine the headlines…

Right-Wing Zealots Silence Pro-Abortion Doc

CCSU Associate Vice President of Communications and Media Jodi Latina (a former journalist) shared this stirring defense of the First Amendment at the Courant.

“One of the most critical functions of a public university is to protect the rights of all students. The suppression of speech is a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution. The documentary, no matter how objectionable, is speech,” she said.

She said that the university and the authorities are investigating the incident to determine whether there was a violation of their code of conduct, as it has come to their attention that some of the protestors were not CCSU students.

The article went live March 5. How is the investigation going? HiT has reached out to the CCSU to find out more.

Meanwhile, the First Amendment suffered another body blow while the ACLU, journalists and Hollywood activists stand down.

UPDATE: Latina responded to HiT regarding some issues surrounding the censorsed event. She said “the protest organizers – 3 students have all received conduct letters. The next stop is to meet with the office of Rights and Responsibilities.”


  1. Sadly, this movie should be called:

    “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold . . . so Far”

    Because a deep dive on what we were told regarding COVID (origins, transmissions, vaccines, etc.) would likely surpass this.

  2. Expel them permanently for such violations of the rights of other movie-goers. File criminal complaints against them. Remove DAs and others who refuse to prosecute rights violations from office and disbar them.

    1. @Johnathan Galt

      Agreed. Candace Owens is a self-serving grifter, but even her film should still be seen without interruption from a crazed mob.

      1. You’re the real grifter, dumbass. But I’m glad you see a problem with woke terrorists.

    1. @Jahaziel Maqqebet

      Dear God no. Candace Owens is a self-serving grifter who isn’t very bright as Dave Chapelle explains (colorful language ahead):

      Adding Owens to the U.S. Senate would make all the rampant corruption and stupidity worse.

      1. @Don

        Truth hurts.

        Candace is Al Sharpton in a dress. The only reason gullible conservatives give the grifter
        a pass is because she’s GOP, not Democrat.

      2. @Don

        Candace Owens has about as much integrity as Al Sharpton. Owens gets a pass from so many conservatives because she is GOP, not Democrat.

        That’s so sad.

      3. @Tony

        Using critical thinking skills to figure out that Owens is a con artist is not communism.

        Frankly, those who blindly defend Owens and attack any who question her principles are an example of communist groupthink.

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