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Daily Beast Slams Maher for Letting Dennis Prager Speak

Dennis Prager has a simple motto for Prager U, his online academy.

It’s “teaching what isn’t taught.”

It’s a brilliant tag line given the university’s center-right curriculum. Google, courtesy of YouTube, would rather those lessons go missing. The video platform routinely marks Prager U content as “restricted,” meaning countless YouTube watchers can’t absorb its wisdom.

PragerU v. YouTube | 5 Minute Video

That’s no accident. Conservative-leaning speakers, and content, are being hounded off of big tech platforms. Just ask Dave Rubin, a “classic liberal” who is creating his own fiscal platform to ensure his voice can be heard moving forward.

Now, Prager has ruffled some more feathers from the far-left side of the ideological realm.

Enter the far-left Daily Beast.

The site’s Prager-themed article, penned by a critic who once savaged a Kirk Cameron movie as one of Whatfinger Newsthe year’s worst … without actually seeing it, slams Bill Maher for letting Prager speak on his HBO show.

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Yes, “Real Time with Bill Maher” once again allowed a conservative to debate the show’s religiously left-of-center panel.

That thought crime drew the Beast’s ire, as well as an understated headline.

Just kidding.

Bill Maher’s Show Has Gone Completely Off the Rails

The article calls Prager, a devout Jew and religious scholar, a “right wing propagandist.” The writer is just warming up, slamming HBO for allowing a series of conservatives, from disgraced provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos to mainstream conservative thinker Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire.

(Editorial note: This reporter contributes freelance material to The Daily Wire)

The Daily Beast writer calls Prager U “a conservative, fact-averse YouTube-video factory posing as a university whose greatest hits include an anti-immigrant manifesto by Japanese internment-defender Michelle Malkin; a spiel about how police actually don’t discriminate against black men; and a whole lot of “War on Christmas” content.”

No links expound on the arguments presented, nor facts appear to support those inflammatory declarations.

The writer pushes ahead, suggesting the Mueller Report proved all sorts of impeachment-worthy crimes – even though the Democrats haven’t weaponized its findings in their current impeachment push. The article also suggests its surreal to think Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was innocent of sexual abuse allegations.

Again, it’s a marvelous denial of reality.

Remember, Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s own father didn’t appear to believe her, nor did one of her closest friends. That’s just one of many reasons why her story collapsed under microscopic scrutiny.

WATCH: Ford's Attorney Admits Her Client's Testimony Was Politically Motivated

The issue here isn’t about Prager, or Maher, or any HBO talk show. It’s suppression of thought, something today’s media embraces with increasing fervor. Just ask The Washington Post and the The New York Times, two august outlets pushing for less speech, not more, in roughly the same week.

It’s why Prager expanded his media empire, which includes his syndicated radio show, to co-star in “No Safe Spaces.” The docudrama, a surprise hit, captures how free thinkers are under constant attack on and off college campuses.


The Daily Beast ends with this fevered plea about the Prager episode of HBO’s “Real Time”:

It was theater of the most absurd kind, and far from providing any sort of clarity, only further muddies the water. Who is this noise for, anyway?

Try people with open minds who want to hear both sides of the political debate. That, apparently, is lost on too many modern reporters.

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