Marlow Stern of The Daily Beast clearly had a blast compiling the site's "14 Worst Movies of 2014" list.

What critic doesn’t flash a Grinch-like grin savaging movies that made us squirm in the dark? Only Stern includes a film on his naughty list that the critic admits to not actually seeing.

“Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas” earned withering reviews from most critics, so perhaps it deserves to be on a Worst of the Year list or two. The film features the former “Growing Pains” star trying to bring some spirituality back to a holiday known for its secular trimmings.

That apparently was all Stern needed to not only savage the film sight unseen but declare it worthy of a major publication’s “Worst” list.

I must confess, this is the only film on this list Ihaven’t seen—out of principle. But it currently holds the distinction of being the lowest-rated movie in IMDB history, so felt obligated to include this surefire piece of [expletive].