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The Left Must Listen to Bill Maher – Before It’s Too Late

The 'Real Time' host is trying to warn his fellow progressives, but do they care?

The current late night lie is that we need comedians speaking truth to power more than ever.

It’s balderdash.

Let’s put ideology aside. Late night comics pack no more gravitas than your average pundit. Even less in some cases, given their willingness to distort reality.

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More importantly, Team Late Night reads from the same dog-eared script.

“Trump bad … and orange … and racist … and the Democrats are uniformly above mockery.”

Liberals listen and cheer, no doubt. It’s more group therapy than actual entertainment. There’s a good reason the term “clapter” is suddenly all the rage.Whatfinger News

Bill Maher is different.

Sure, the “Real Time with Bill Maher” host says much of what his peers do. “Trump bad … and orange … and racist … and …”

Maher attempts something else, too. The avowed atheist is religiously pragmatic when it comes to pulling for his fellow progressives. If that means blowing the whistle on their calamitous rhetoric, so be it.

The latest example? Maher called out Rep. Rashida Tlaib for her entrenched Israel bashing. The media may be intentionally gaslighting us over Tlaib’s anti-Semitism, but Maher isn’t fooled.

He zeroed in on Tlaib’s support for the BDS movement, one many accurately dub as anti Semitic.

“It’s a bulls— purity test by people who want to appear woke but actually slept through history class,” Maher said on HBO’s “Real Time.”

Tlaib fired back, suggesting her followers should boycott Maher’s show. That’s a bit tricky, since HBO offers a commercial-free experience for subscribers. Should they disconnect their HBO service for one “problematic” show?

More importantly, should liberals follow a radical like Tlaib over the electoral cliff? Who thinks independent voters adore Tlaib’s “Squad” like reporters do? 

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Maher has been blowing the whistle on the Left’s PC groupthink for years. He shredded Leftists for slamming Amy Schumer’s “I Feel Pretty” for a crush of woke reasons.

He cried “we’ve reached Peak Snowflake” over the kerfuffle. And it’s hardly his only broadside against woke scolds.

Maher also got caught by the PC police a few years back for his harsh Islam critiques. He nearly lost a speaking gig at UC Berkeley for his diatribes. The 2014 incident came before the current cancel culture craze on campuses nationwide.

The fact that only a handful of protesters appeared during his speech should have spoken volumes to Maher’s peer group.

Maher revisited the Berkeley issue in 2017, blasting his fellow liberals for their actions.

“Believe me, I’ve been a longtime critic of colleges shutting people up,” Mr. Maher said Friday on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.” “That is a problem on the left that we need to deal with, very much so. Free speech should be something we own.”

The liberal comic also chastized Leftists for chasing conservatives out of restaurants, And, most amazingly given our tribal times, he routinely invites smart conservatives like Buck Sexton onto his show.

Overtime with Bill Maher: Marianne Williamson, Jennifer Granholm, Buck Sexton, Josh Barro | HBO

And, in almost every case, Maher is virtually alone in fighting these battles. How many late night hosts rallied to Maher’s side in these high profile cases? Will Trevor Noah excoriate Tlaib’s latest dose of victimhood?

Has Colbert or Kimmel let loose on PC scolds? Did they defend fellow liberal comic Sarah Silverman, for example, after she revealed she lost a movie gig for a decade-old blackface sketch (for which she profusely apologized for over and again)?


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Maher isn’t trying to side with Team Trump. He loathes the current Commander in Chief as well as his Republican allies. The comic sees the big picture, though. A party that embraces speech codes, adores Israel haters and cheers people being chased out of restaurants enters the 2020 Presidential race with a disadvantage.

He simply wants to see his team win at the ballot box. So he’s throwing yellow flags around the field to prevent that from happening. He’s got a bully pulpit to do so, courtesy of HBO.

And, most importantly, he’s right on all of the above issues. President Trump may very well use each as a wedge issue, nudging undecideds to his side during the 2020 campaign cycle.

Maher’s fellow liberals ignore him at their own peril. That’s assuming they don’t want another four years of “orange, racist” Trump

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