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Exclusive: Hollywood Conservatives Thrive in Harris Poll

It’s not surprising to learn Americans have a negative view of disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

The longtime Democrat’s reputation collapsed following allegations he sexually assaulted a number of actresses over his 30-plus film career.

A poll conducted by Barna/Harris suggests that Hollywood players who get political risk tainting their brand. That isn’t always the case, though. And it helps to be that rare, right of center star.

Consider Clint Eastwood. The 87-year-old screen icon is one of the industry’s most recognizable conservatives. Yet the new poll found Eastwood scoring the highest rating of all the listed performers with an 80 percent favorable rating.

Clearly, even some Democrats put aside their objections to the star’s political musings.

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Coming in second? The reliably progressive Leonardo Di Caprio at 78 percent. Republicans may seethe over the actor’s eco-hypocrisy, but they can’t deny his talent.

Other notably conclusions:

  • George Clooney, the director of the weekend’s big flop “Suburbicon,” can take solace in his 75 percent favorable rating.
  • Jimmy Kimmel also scored well with a 72 positive rating, but the news wasn’t all good for the suddenly vocal progressive. Twenty eight percent of respondents offered either a somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable rating on the former “Man Show” host. It’s likely those scores were much lower before he began preaching from his late night pulpit.
  • Jane Fonda’s anti-aircraft gun photo opp in Hanoi circa 1972 isn’t easily forgotten. The 79-year-old star of Netflix’s “Our Souls at Night” received a 19 percent “very favorable” rating and a 24 percent “very unfavorable” score.
  • Kevin Sorbo, the “Hercules” alum who speaks out on both his faith and conservative leanings, snared a potent 71 percent favorable rating. That may be helping his new film, “Let There Be Light,” slated to snare the second highest per screen average this weekend.
  • Fellow conservative Jon Voight, now starring in Showtime’s “Ray Donovan,” also boasted a 71 percent favorable score.

Weinstein came in dead last with a 14 percent favorable rating.

The news wasn’t as good for other politically active stars. The gifted Alec Baldwin snared a 65 favorable rating, higher than both Mel Gibson and Sean Penn (60 percent), but still a notch down from the aforementioned stars.

Other personalities proved as divisive as one might expect. Take far-left filmmaker Michael Moore. His favorable/unfavorable ratings were neck and neck (52/48). “Duck Dynasty” alum Phil Robertson, beloved by some conservatives, fared slightly better with a 57/43 split.

The October poll surveyed 1,019 adults and was weighted to reflect the national population by age, gender, ethnicity and region with a  +/-2.9% sampling error.

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  1. A very exclusive poll indeed, of about 1000 people and not a HARRIS poll at all but a BARNA harris poll. In other words, Sorbo couldn’t waggle himself out of the brown paper sack even with sean hannity. He has made another flop. He has done nothing noteworthy after Hercules and THEN he exaggerated the years he did there. What an absolute load of garbage.

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