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Exclusive Clip: Sorbo’s ‘Light’ Shreds ISIS, Modern Evil

Hollywood tends to shy away from ISIS and the group’s atrocities. Few films or TV shows shine a spotlight on its evil methods.

Not Kevin Sorbo.

The eloquent “Hercules” alum skewers the fanatical group in this exclusive clip from his new film, “Let There Be Light.”

LTBL-Sol and Pastor Vinny - Darkness

This sequence is a small part of the faith-based feature.

Sorbo, making his directorial debut, plays a doctor trying to process the death of his son from cancer. The loss transforms him into an unapologetic, and highly successful, atheist. He also starts drinking when the grieving process overwhelms him.

Sorbo’s character survives a car accident caused by his addiction. He’s left clinically dead for four minutes before he can be revived. What he witnesses during that four minutes changes more than just his outlook on faith.

“Light” is co-written by Sam Sorbo, the actor’s wife who also plays a prominent role in the film. Fox News star Sean Hannity appears as himself and helped produce the film. Country singer Travis Tritt and Dionne Warwick round out the cast.

“Let There Be Light” hits theaters Oct. 27. The full trailer is below.

Let There Be Light - Trailer

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