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Ellen Barkin: Trump Will Win, Kill 6 Million Jews (Like Hitler)

Far-left actress goes on Twitter screed comparing ex-president to Nazi fiend

Donald Trump was Hitler 2.0 before he stepped foot in the Oval Office, according to some Hollywood stars.

Louis C.K. and Sarah Silverman led the charge, directly comparing the real estate mogul to one of history’s biggest monsters months before a single vote could be cast.

Adolf Hitler Hates Being Compared To Donald Trump | CONAN on TBS

Stars kept on comparing Trump to Hitler during his four years in office, from Michael Moore’s “documentary” “Fahrenheit 11/9” to various celebrities on social media. DCEU guru James Gunn repeatedly made the comparison on Twitter over and again with no professional blowback.

Even mild-mannered comics like Conan O’Brien got into the act, stooping so low as to call Trump’s followers Nazis.

Trump left office in 2020 but continues to say he beat Joe Biden fair and square, a claim which indirectly fueled the Jan. 6 riot. The far-Left and the media, but we repeat ourselves, describe that day’s chaos as a failed insurrection, or coup, despite the crowd being unarmed in any traditional sense.

The FBI also declared the event more spontaneous than coordinated.


Now, actress Ellen Barkin is evoking the Trump/Hitler comparisons for old time’s sake. And she isn’t joking.

Don’t forget Hitler also launched a failed coup.
A few years later he lost an election.
A few more years later he was back stronger than ever.
Then he murdered 6 million Jews. Sound familiar?

Cuz that is exactly what’s happening here.

Barkin can currently be seen playing Adam Devine’s future mother-in-law in the Netflix action comedy “The Out-Laws.” She’s paired with Pierce Brosnan in the film, and the couple’s illegal agenda fuels the film’s over-the-top antics.

The Out-Laws | Official Trailer | Netflix

The former “Animal Kingdom” standout didn’t stop with one Hitler comparison.

Does it need to be said that Trump did nothing Hitler-esque during his first four years in office? Or that he was a powerful supporter of Israel and has Jewish people in his immediate family?

Facts, logic and reason evade Trump-deranged stars like Barkin, who never suffer for unhinged views like right-leaning stars often do.

Just ask Jim Caviezel, whose sin is being an openly Christian star. The media loathes him for it., and he allegedly lost two agents for starring in “Sound of Freedom.”

Ironically, Barkin previously wished for C.K., who admitted to exposing himself to multiple women, would be raped and shot on Twitter for his actions.


  1. To Ms. Barkin:
    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
    ― Albert Einstein

  2. Not the sharpest bulb in the shed, is she. 8>)

    I remember the genocide when Trump _was_ President. 8~)

  3. I’m voting for him. No one pays attention to actors in real life anyway. Besides, who is Ellen Barkin. Never heard of her.

  4. Another B-List actor having a Trump deranged meltdown so she will get some airtime. We really need to stop publicizing these idiots. They go on a tirade about Trump is Hitler Blah blah blah, then every news source picks it up and runs with it. Enough already, we get it, you don’t like Trump.

  5. Haven’t felt the need to pay attention to Ellen Barkin since Drop Dead Gorgeous. Bummer, too, as I really dig Pierce Brosnan and Adam DeVine.

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