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Jim Caviezel: I Lost Two Agents Over ‘Sound of Freedom’

Outspoken Christian shares sacrifices for starring in child-trafficking thriller

Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed a crew member on a movie set and his career never missed a beat.

Production on the film in question, “Rust,” resumed earlier this year.

Ezra Miller’s rap sheet is a mile long, but the nonbinary actor anchors one of the summer’s biggest adventures, “The Flash.” And, had the movie performed well at the box office, Miller would have played the speedster in the sequel.

Jim Caviezel agreed to star in a fact-based story about child sex trafficking, exposing an ongoing crime many people don’t know about.

The “Person of Interest” alum says he suffered for taking the part.

Not only has he endured withering, personal attacks from select journalists and film critics, Caviezel’s professional life took a turn for the worse.

The star of the summer’s indie smash “Sound of Freedom” is no stranger to bucking Hollywood wisdom. He’s an openly Christian actor in an industry that gets “freaked out” by people of faith. He starred in one of the most successful, and controversial films of the modern era with 2004’s “The Passion of the Christ.”

And he suspected that starring in a movie about child sex trafficking might come at a professional cost in Hollywood.

And, by his account, he was right.

“I want this to be so huge that they’re forced to look at this. I lost my agents over this. Yep, 17 years, 15 years. I lost my lawyer over this, and now I understand why all these actors didn’t want to do the movie because of this. Listen, you do ‘Schindler’s List’ 50 years later, you’re a hero. Try doing ‘Schindler’s List’ when the real Nazis are right there. Understand how that becomes more dangerous? I don’t understand why people are willing to let children be hurt, but in this time, Hollywood says, ‘No, no, let’s kick that down fifty years from now and then [see where we’re at]. That’s crap.”

Caviezel didn’t name names, which will invite naysayers to question both his motives and the veracity of his statements. It wouldn’t be the first time an actor lost his representation for being ideologically on the right side of the cultural aisle.

Just ask James Woods and Kevin Sorbo how that works.


  1. There is only one reason, Satan has blinded people not to understand inbetween what is right and what is wrong. They forget how to check facts first. The Passion of The Christ and The Sound of Freedom are the only two movies that ever made me cry at a theater. I could see my own daughter as that little girl in the jungle of South America. Just like The Passion of the Christ, The Sound of Freedom is not for entertainment. It is a true wake up call and is about to be shown internationally. Jim gives such an amazing performance that I have no doubt that it could be as successful as The Passion was! People can say whatever they want about Jim. But as soon as they see the movie or his own story of how he risked his own life numerous times to be able to share the story. Their “eyesight” would be restored and they could realize what they are saying about Jim is wrong.

  2. Because the evil scum that run Hollywood are part of this. Thank you Jim for starring in this movie. God Bless you.

  3. God bless Jim for his dedication to taking this role. We must always remember That God is Watching Us.

  4. It’s surprising how open Hollywood and corporate run media is about supporting child trafficking. They don’t care if you know they love it. And we know all the democrat run govt agencies will cover for it. With those open borders its easier than ever for democrats and their friends to have all the children they want.
    Don’t forget about the alphabets. They openly chant they are coming for your children too.

  5. Take a look a the law that got blocked by Dems the other day, making child trafficking a felony. They don’t want it.

      1. What kind of proof do you need!? It’s in everyone’s face and democrats are the ones shoving it there!! And smugly snickering and laughing at not just us because they get away with it, but at people like you who they are amused you could be so easily led to believe their lies! Democrats are on only one side! Theirs! And Satan’s! that is they’re the ones with all the money..the $ they’ve stolen from all of us! Yes and yours too! What they don’t get, is Satan is doing the same thing to them!!! Laughing that they think they’re special and untouchable! They could care less about any of us, or you.

  6. You don’t have to be Christian to appreciate this movie. You only need to be a human being with a heart.

    1. I second that statement!!! This is a social and political issue that that impacts everyone. It is a shame to know that America is one of the biggest consumers of children pornography and sexual exploitation. So sad. We are all responsible for this neglect, and unless we press on the matter no one will do anything about it. What a shame.

  7. He’s better off without them. “Keep your friends close & your enemies closer” & Hollywood/Disney are the enemies. It’s no longer family values & faith. They abuse ppl & show shut & cruelty to kids @ too young of an age. We need God back in our lives don’t let Evil win!

  8. The politics of child trafficking is so clear. They want it. They are open borders. They want kids to be separate from their parents so they can abuse them. Like what they said “They want your kids.”

      1. Or is it people that ignore the evidence like yourself that allows this to happen?

  9. He has been open about his faith for decades. Shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone that he would take a role like this. Why would they wait till now to bail on him?

    1. Its certainly hindered his career. Until person of interest I don’t think he had much since Passon Of The Christ. Big things were expected after Count of Monte Christo but it never happened.

  10. Because Hollywood supports child trafficking. Hollywood needs to disband. It’s corruption is showing everyday.

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