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James Woods: The Hollywood Blacklist Got Me

When was the last time you saw a new James Woods movie?

During the ’80s, Woods was everywhere. “Against All Odds.” “Cop.” “Best Seller.” “Once Upon a Time in America.” “Salvador.” “Videodrome.” “True Believer.”

What a run. Woods delivered gritty performances time and again. And he kept doing that up until a few years ago. What happened?

Woods, now 70, has never been more active …. on Twitter. The fiercely conservative star weighs in on just about every headline these days. He also connects with fans who wish they’d see him again on the big screen.

His last mainstream movie role? Playing a villain in 2013’s “White House Down.”

White House Down - 4 Minute Trailer - In Theaters JUNE 28th

He refuses to keep quiet even though his views don’t align with the Hollywood groupthink. Why? He says he’s come to terms with an industry that would rather not give him gigs. Here’s how he explained his career status on Twitter:

He may be right (about the Hollywood blacklist part).

Woods talent has never been up for debate. And he doesn’t look his age by any stretch, even though actors much older than him routinely find gigs.

Why else would Hollywood stop calling?

Escaping the Hollywood Blacklist

Of course, not every conservative star faces unemployment. “Justified” standout Nick Searcy keeps on working despite his staunchly conservative views. He matches Woods Tweet for Tweet in terms of humor and ferocity.

Jon Voight of “Ray Donovan” fame also has worked consistently since openly embracing his conservative views. So does Kelsey Grammer, now part of Amazon’s “The Last Tycoon.”

The Last Tycoon Season 1 - Official Trailer | Prime Video

Each isn’t nearly as vocal as your average liberal actor, though. Consider Alec Baldwin, Meryl Streep or Scarlett Johansson as three prime examples.

Plus, both Voight and Grammer have voluminous resumes most actors would kill to duplicate. Other, lesser known stars don’t have his resume. And many stay quiet. Woods himself shared that view on Twitter.

This reporter knows of at least two actors who fear a backlash if their right-leaning views went public.

Woods himself predicted his current career status shortly after “White House Down” hit theaters.

“I don’t expect to work again. I think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic. My country first,” he tweeted at the time.

All the Proof You Need

Still doubt conservatives face Hollywood discrimination? Consider Friends of Abe. The group, now disbanded, featured right-leaning stars meeting in private to commiserate, swap stories and affirm their GOP-friendly views.

The members list never went public. Why? They feared reprisals from their peers.

Case closed.

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