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‘Daily Show’ Ratings Plummet to Shocking New Lows

Trevor Noah's far-left showcase is crumbling without Trump (and with Biden)

Late night comedians appear lost of late.

Their writing staffs don’t have President Donald Trump to kick around anymore, although they keep trying to bring him back into the conversation.

Even worse? They’re reticent to mock the current Commander in Chief, his low-rated Vice President or any of Biden’s foot soldiers.

What’s a comedy showcase to do?

For one, watch Fox News’ “Gutfeld!” steal the late night crown from former king Stephen Colbert. Host Greg Gutfeld is the one host willing to mock President Biden without hesitation. And he’s crushing it in the ratings as a result.

Trump praises Gutfeld on late-night success

Meanwhile, low-rated fare like “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” continue to lag behind the competition. Bee’s show routinely comes in near or dead last among major late night entries. That didn’t stop TBS from hailing her performance and giving “Full Frontal” a valuable extension deal.

Now, Trevor Noah is joining her at the bottom of the pile. Or, in recent days, below the bottom.

The “Daily Show” host is as reliably progressive as his peers, although he occasionally will smite his own side (at least far more than Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel). Still, his show’s most recent ratings snapshot isn’t bad.

It’s abysmal.

That 259K figure is down from previous time periods, but the other numbers are nearly as bad.

The story was similarly bleak a few weeks back (“The Daily Show” didn’t crack this list…)

Earlier this year, Noah’s numbers weren’t good, but they weren’t as troubling as they are now.

Noah is learning the hard way that glad-handing the Commander in Chief isn’t smart for a satirical program. Biden is a deeply unpopular leader, and even progressive viewers wouldn’t mind a satirical swipe or two aimed at him.

“Saturday Night Live” is also discovering that inconvenient truth. The far-left showcase is experience its own ratings slump since President Biden took the oath of office. “SNL” even introduced its new Trump performer, James Austin Johnson, now that Alec Baldwin’s career is in turmoil following the shooting death on his recent movie project.

That hasn’t stopped the press from rallying around Noah. Variety suggested mere weeks ago that the lack of Trump material hasn’t hurt “The Daily Show” a bit.

Noah faced a different reality during the Trump era. Four years ago, the far-left LA Times said Noah had struck ratings gold thanks, in part, to Trump.

He scored one of the last White House interviews with President Obama. He notched his most-watched week ever in May, with more than 1 million viewers. Boosting his victory lap is his bestselling memoir, “Born a Crime,” his humorous and heartbreaking account of growing up poor in South Africa and having mixed parents.

That’s fool’s gold now that Trump is a private citizen.

Noah isn’t nearly as gifted, or funny, as his Comedy Central predecessor, Jon Stewart. Still, he successful took the “Daily Show” baton from Stewart in 2015 and has held his own in the late night wars.

That’s no small feat.

Reporters may still regurgitate Noah’s progressive yuks … while avoiding the rough news about his ratings. The comedian may have to tweak his programming, though, if he wants to avoid looking up at Bee’s dismal ratings.


  1. I have to be honest, this guy was not funny. I am glad they cancelled him. Stewart was the best but he isn’t funny anymore either. Its like the entire world got unfunny. Though, the new Night Court show seems to be pretty good.

  2. Jon Stewart was NOT from another country. He was born in New York city. Get your facts straight, unless you are MAGA and then your facts are correct

  3. Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah, John Oliver… what do they have in common…

    All from foreign countries and bash the U.S. and one of its political parties – you know the one that believes in formerly mainstream U.S. values of individuality and free markets.

    They come here and then bash us for not sharing their failed leftist views – lecturing us on how we should behave in our own country. They should fix Canada, South Africa, and the U.K. respectively.

    1. You will note that John Oliver is unknown in the U.K. and has never tried to have a show there, to my knowledge. That is because he is a talentless echo of things he thinks will make him popular and have money. People in the U.K. wouldn’t have him. Why they do in the US is anybody’s guess.

  4. Trevor Noah is not funny at all … He and the far lefty late night comedians are all washed up , they were all using trump too keep them afloat , even snl they are hanging on by a thread , you go Greg Gutfeld

  5. Ohhh God, oh God.. lmaoo. ‘The ‘Right’ take on entertainment’… LMAO. It all makes sense. How anyone can bash Trevor Noah, an actual successful comedian, and then praise Greg Guttfield is beyondddd me lmaoo. How anyone can call his show comedy is in itself COMICAL ‍♂️

    1. Really… I guess see you on the other 225,000 share the same taste… Wokeism… Is weak…. And people are catching on. My gutfeld has over 2 million viewers…you do the math

    2. It’s funny the Greg Gutfeld just took the number one late night spot! And Trevor Noah has never said anything that was remotely funny! Let it go Nancy! says:

      It’s funny the Greg Gutfeld just took the number one late night spot! And Trevor Noah has never said anything that was remotely funny! Let it go Nancy!

    3. Awwww…poor little woke Milly…Did ems remove your wittle show? Are you gonna cry?? Without Mr Trump, your wittle shows can’t stand on their own..poor wittle Milly

  6. The guy is unwatchable at best. It’s like watching a comedian that feel asleep next to the bean pod. Who wants to see that?

    1. I have stopped watching Comedy Central just because his commercials, with his dry a$$ jokes, pop up constantly. He is not funny AT ALL!

    2. I agree totally unwatchable
      He doesn’t get the point of these late night shows
      Laugh have fun
      Don’t indoctrinate

    3. Thank you! It’s billed as comedy but is about as funny as a root canal! Who wants to be lectured by some liberal prick from South Africa??

      1. Imagine what it’s like living in South Africa! I do! This is the general mentality in the country these days.

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