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Will Milano, Arquette Apologize for Insane CPAC-Nazi Accusation?

Liberal stars slammed conservatives but face zero consequences (once again)

Alyssa Milano’s progressive podcast offers a curious way to frame her activism.

It’s called, “Sorry Not Sorry.”

The title is meant to be bold and empowering. Too often, Milano’s political rhetoric deserves full-bodied apologies, though.

Like now.

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Milano savaged the recent CPAC gala in Orlando, Fla. on Twitter, claiming the stage design honored an obscure Nazi symbol in its structure.

Media reports on the non-story weren’t much better.

Voila! The Republican confab doubled as a Nazi hangout. And Milano wasn’t alone among her Hollywood peers. Actress Rosanna Arquette similarly made that connection, along with a gaggle of “blue checkmark” progressives. They used the stage itself to slander attendees with the cruelest label possible.

No research. No context. They’re Nazis, end of story. These voices also demanded the hotel chain that hosted the event, Hyatt, explain its actions or face a boycott.

The charge was ludicrous on the surface. Now, we know even more about the team that created the stage display, and the Nazi charges completely disintegrate..

…a design firm publicly took responsibility for the stage design and reiterated what CPAC organizers had insisted from the beginning — the idea that the stage was a secret Nazi symbol was entirely baseless. In fact, the firm responsible for the stage design has a clear liberal bias.

Design Foundry took responsibility for the stage design and insisted that any apparent connection to a Nazi symbol was entirely unintentional.

Design Foundry said it “had no idea that the design resembled any symbol, nor was there any intention to create something that did.”

The firm said ACU had approved the stage design, which had been “intended to provide the best use of space, given the constraints of the ballroom and social distancing requirements.”

Milano’s accusatory Tweet is still up. A quick look at her Twitter timeline reveals no apology or attempt to correct the record.

Here’s some vital context.

“The Mandalorian” co-star Gina Carano saw her role on the Disney+ show erased after she made a nuanced comparison between the demonization of Jews in Nazi Germany to current political winds. What Carano shared wasn’t meant to demean anyone, yet she lost her highest profile role because of it along with her agent.

Will Milano and co. suffer a similar fate? That’s rhetorical.

Liberal celebrities can say the very worst things about Republicans without fear of career blowback. They can harass GOP First Ladies, trash conservatives as KKK members and more without any kind of fallout.

Left-leaning journalist Yashar Ali puts the final nail in the CPAC/Nazi coffin:

Filmmaker and author Dinesh D’Souza’s reaction to the situation explains … plenty.

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