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Alyssa Milano’s MeToo Hypocrisy Has Plenty of Company

Hollywood reporters won't go anywhere near the truth, and that's no accident

Some Hollywood reporters knew more than they let on about Harvey Weinstein.

Hard-left entertainment journalist Kim Masters bragged about just that recently. Masters shared a Tweet revealing that she once confronted the uber-producer about sexual abuse allegations and “he didn’t exactly deny it.”

Other veteran scribes likely heard the same rumors the stars did over the decades. They, too, stayed silent. In their defense, bringing Weinstein to justice for them was … complicated.

Weinstein, one of the industry’s most powerful figures, vowed to sue anyone who uncovered the truth about his lecherous ways. For reporters and editors alike, that’s a potentially career-ending threat that couldn’t be taken lightly.

The same Hollywood reporters have no excuse this time for failing to do their jobs.


The Hollywood press has done all it can to ignore the credible sexual abuse allegations against Joe Biden, similar to how the mainstream press had to be dragged into its current “coverage.” The very same outlets, from Variety to The Hollywood Reporter, routinely cover political stories these days. It’s no longer outside their content wheelhouse.

That’s not the most embarrassing part of their extreme bias.

These outlets spent years covering every molecule of Hollywood’s MeToo movement, from the celebrity-packed Women’s Marches to the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation battle.

The latter showed a galaxy of stars demanding Kavanaugh be denied a seat on the Supreme Court due to the flimsiest charges imaginable from pro-abortion activist Christine Blasey-Ford.

Amy Schumer, Emily Ratajkowski Arrested At Brett Kavanaugh Protest | NBC News

Here’s a refresher:

No evidence emerged in support of the allegations, and the four witnesses Ford named all denied any knowledge of the incident. She said she was unable to remember the date or location of the alleged event, or any other specific information that could be independently evaluated. The witnesses, who included Ford’s lifelong friend Leland Keyser, said they remembered no such event, even though some of them remembered the summer in question quite well.

“Believe all women,” Hollywood roared anyway. And Hollywood news outlets did everything they could to amplify those voices … without a hint of cynicism.Whatfinger News

Naturally, these same reporters took a knee when Tara Reade, an ex-Biden staffer, accused the former Vice President of sexually assaulting her in 1993. Reade’s charges are backed up by a number of sources, including an episode of Larry King’s old CNN talk show, her brother and a neighbor.

Plus, Biden refuses to release his old Senate records, which Reade insists contain her formal complaint about his supposed lechery.

The #MeToo Hypocrisy is off the charts. Which brings us to Hollywood’s hypocritical “It Girl,” Alyssa Milano.

No one in the industry shrieked louder about #MeToo, women’s rights and, specifically, the Kavanaugh hearings, than the former “Charmed” star. Milano essentially rebranded herself as an actress/activist, drawing sizable media mentions with every Tweet.

Her Twitter flock ballooned to more than 3 million followers as a result.

So when she stayed mum over the initial Biden allegations it mattered. Naturally, Hollywood media outlets ignored her silence. Then, Milano gave a pathetic interview in which she defended her support for Biden.

That was before the King CNN video emerged and a new witness backed Reade’s allegations. It’s worth noting this dwarf’s the microscopic “proof” Ford offered up two years ago.

What happened next was all too predictable. The far-left gave Milano space to defend the indefensible – her raging #MeToo hypocrisy over Biden’s allegations.

Milano declares Kavanaugh “guilty” sans trial in the piece, ignoring mountains of evidence to the contrary. Her op-ed is also riddled with nonsense.

Brett Kavanaugh’s actions, told consistently over decades by his victim (and supported by her polygraph results), were clearly wrong.

About that polygraph test … and about that consistency.

Need more whoppers? Milano delivers:

Believing women was never about “Believe all women no matter what they say,” it was about changing the culture of NOT believing women by default.

Now she tells us.

Reader comments ran the gamut on the site, which caters to a liberal crowd. Some cheered Milano’s bravery. Others, like this commentator, nailed the story better than any entertainment journalist to date:

This essay is nothing more than an admission your motivations have always been political.

It’s amazing a random site reader can suss out that simple truth while Hollywood reporters won’t go anywhere near it.


  1. Politicizing a horrible thing like sexual abuse and assault on women is beyond the pale. While it did get some of the critters who bottom feed in Hollywood it also tried to take out decent folk who people had political differences only. It was nasty and not right. This coming from someone who experienced sexual abuse in my lifetime. I thought it was a ploy and still do.

  2. I would have some respect for these commies if they would just come out and admit they really don’t give a $%*t about anyone but themselves and their lords and masters getting into power instead of all the fake whining and so called concern and caring about other people.
    They just make me despise them even more and dedicate myself to resisting them forever.

  3. these same women were the friends of weinstein and epstein even when they knew what they were. if you’re a democrat anything goes, lucky creepy joe

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