Watch These 6 Conservative Films on Amazon Prime While You Can

The company's track record on erasing right-leaning art should worry everyone

Big Tech has not been kind to conservatives.

Call that the understatement of the year, but it still needs to be said.

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram actively discriminate against right-leaning voices, be it pro-life souls or comics cracking wise about the woke revolution.

Streaming platforms offers similar pitfalls for conservatives. The bulk of Netflix’s original programming leans left … if there’s a cultural or political element to the material. Amazon tried to prevent “What Killed Michael Brown?” from streaming on its VOD platform. More recently, Amazon erased “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words” during Black History Month.

How many right-leaning originals has Hulu produced over the past five years? That’s rhetorical.

Yet Amazon Prime currently offers six movies with a decidedly conservative edge. Watch them now before someone at Team Amazon recognizes their existence and finds a way to erase them.

The Rise of Jordan Peterson

This 2019 documentary offers a sober look at the Canadian professor who became a Culture War hero and, later, Public Enemy No. 1 to the far-Left.

The Rise Of Jordan Peterson - Official Documentary Trailer

It’s an intimate look at a complicated man, someone who doesn’t relish his curious fame. What’s fascinating about the Peterson depicted here is how he processes his success and the impact he has on readers and fans alike. He doesn’t take it lightly, but it’s how he deals with international fame that humanizes him the most.

No Safe Spaces

Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager warned us. They said back in 2019 how the campus-based attacks on free speech would soon enter the cultural mainstream.

They were right.


This blistering documentary, on paper, isn’t technically conservative. People on the Left and Right should be working together to defend free speech in the grand American tradition. That simply isn’t the case, even if “NSS” features a few liberal talking heads (Van Jones among them) speaking up for our right to express ourselves.

The film marks a new chapter in right-leaning films. The budget may be modest, but the production values and provocative material would fit snugly alongside any modern documentary.

The Plot Against the President

Amanda Milius’ first film is not for the faint of heart. The young filmmaker delves into the corruption that fueled what President Donald Trump correctly dubbed a “witch hunt.”

The Plot Against the President - Trailer and The Federalist have led the way in debunking the Russian collusion hoax. Neither has the direct emotional impact of “Plot,” which builds a compelling case during its first hour before shifting into thriller mode.

You’ll be gripping your armrests while wondering how so many people could have gotten away with this grand deception. They did … all the more reason to watch “Plot” right now.

Uncle Tom

Larry Elder isn’t a filmmaker by trade, but his 2020 effort showed he has a keen understanding of the genre and its cultural heft. The film opens with black conservatives describing the vitriol they receive for adhering to Republican principles.

That’s merely a way of getting our attention.

Uncle Tom - Official Trailer

The bulk of the film shows the philosophies that drive many black Americans into the conservative camp. The film also chastises the Republican party for not doing more to connect with black voters, many of whom would cheer GOP principles if given the chance.

Can We Take a Joke?

This 2016 documentary should have warned us about the cultural rot taking hold in western societies. Sure, the movie focused directly on how the woke movement restricted what a comedian can and can’t joke about, but once again those lining up against free speech wouldn’t be satisfied by banning a few “problematic” comics.

Can We Take a Joke? Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Adam Carolla, Gilbert Gottfried Documentary HD

This fair-minded film lets button-pushing comics, from Adam Carolla to Jim Norton, share their views on the coming woke wave. It’s both dated (Cancel Culture grew in strength and ferocity since 2016) and timely, but its lessons remain universal.

Little Pink House

The saga of Susette Kelo, the woman who fought the Supreme Court (and lost), gets a sturdy big screen treatment.

Little Pink House Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Indie

Catherine Keener exudes Everywoman decency as someone trying to retain her slice of the American Dream. The fact-based story packs a strong Libertarian message, but director Courtney Moorehead Balaker keeps the compelling narrative foremost in mind.


    1. Sep 24 2023 – Just checked, all of these movies are currently available on Amazon. 4 are included with Prime, The Plot Against the President can be rented for $3.99, No Safe Spaces can be watched with ads on FreeVee
      Amazon and other service regularly stir the available titles, I was actually surprised to see 4 of 6 currently included with Prime.

  1. Watch “Wraith” (2017, with Lance Henriksen, Bishop from Alien). It’s a low budget horror movie which swerves sharply into an anti-abortion message. Basically says you’re making sacrifices to the Old Testament demon Moloch by aborting. It’s not a good movie, but it’s jaw dropping that it’s even allowed ANYWHERE these days. As soon as Amazon realizes what it’s about, it’ll be Memory Holed.

  2. Will Amazon be able to “remove” the films I own in digital form on their site? Can they simply remove them and refund my money? Why not?
    Allowing ourselves to lose the physical ownership of our movies, our music, and or news/information has been a possibly freedom killing error in judgment.

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