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Comedians Share Shocking Censorship Stories

Jimmy Dore, Ryan Long and Danny Polishchuk reveal sorry state of free speech

The Biden administration censors speech, a revelation met with a long, loud yawn from the mainstream media.

Big Tech has Team Biden’s back, shushing scientists who correctly warn against draconian lockdowns and other so-called health measures. The Twitter Files exposed some, but not all, of what was done during the pandemic, and the censorship beat goes on.

Experts aren’t the only ones caught up in the censorial web.

Comedians consistently find their jokes censored by Big Tech, from news parody giants (The Babylon Bee) to impressionists (Tyler Fischer). Comedy legend Roseanne Barr recently got punished by YouTube for joking about Holocaust deniers.

Three comedians recently opened up about how their work gets clamped down during “The Boyscast” with Ryan Long and Danny Polishchuk.

Liberal satirist Jimmy Dore railed against Big Tech platforms like YouTube, owned by Google, for stifling free speech that critiques the rich and powerful.

#197 Jimmy Dore on The Corruption in America, Maui Lies, Covid Lies, & Other Lies

Dore shared how he featured footage of Canadians protesting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a campaign stop.

“They’re right in his face, and they’re going, ‘you’re a f***ing criminal,'” Dore said. “So I showed this on my show and YouTube demonetizes it.”

Dore said he has a contact at the video platform that accepts his messages, so he requested a review of the video in question.

“I need you to run this up and give me a real reason why they did this,” Dore recalled telling his contact. “A lot of times my guy will come back and go, ‘oh no. it’s monetized, it’s OK,’ but a week has already passed so the news value is over. That’s there to make you self-censor. That’s there to make you sure you just don’t do those stories anymore.”

It took two weeks to review the Trudeau video in question.

“They said this was ‘targeted harassment.’ You mean the most powerful guy in the country, we’re harassing him?” Dore asked rhetorically.

Polishchuk added his own censorship woes.

The Canadian comic recalled his video critiquing Klaus Schaub and the World Economic Forum earned him a “defamation notice” from the WEF on my YouTube channel. The note indicated the video couldn’t be seen in five European countries “for whatever reason.”

It didn’t end there.

“Literally less than a week later I got a strike [on my YouTube channel] for nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just some joke,” Polishchuk added.

“That’s how they control you,” Dore noted.


The Left once railed against censorship, from the ’60s free speech movement to countering the Moral Majority’s censorship efforts in the 1980s.

That Left no longer exists.

Dore, a classic liberal, brought up his former colleagues at The Young Turks as proof of the ideological shift. The far-left news outlet, headlined by Cenk Uygur, now stands against free speech.

“When I was at The Young Turks they were all OK with censorship. That was another thing I had to push back against. They wanted Alex Jones to be censored. You guys can’t be this stupid. You’re an independent news show and you want another independent news guy to be censored, no matter what the f*** he said. You don’t think that’s gonna come back to get you? Well, they knew it wasn’t gonna come back to get them because they’re in bed with the establishment.”

“When they started with Alex Jones, now it’s the leading doctors in their field, the leading scientists in their field and the leading politicians, and the leading YouTubers. They’re all getting censored all the time,” he added. “They used Alex Jones as a f***ing ruse to get everybody else.” 

Long didn’t bring up his past issues, but platforms like Instagram and TikTok have punished him for sharing the wrong kind of jokes in the past.

Comedians no longer fear policemen will arrest them mid-show, like what happened to Lenny Bruce in the 1960s.

Now, their online livelihoods are threatened by Big Tech giants eager to demonetize and erase jokes that don’t meet the elites’ approval.

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  1. The way around the gatekeepers is stop using social media. Direct messaging, email, and websites can help although some are controlled by the tech giants too like gmail.

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