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TikTok, Instagram Censor Ryan Long’s ‘Hating White Men’ Sketch

The comic provocateur mocks Big Tech hypocrisy, sees little hope for improvement

Sacha Baron Cohen and Ryan Long once shared a similar comic spirit.

Not anymore.

Cohen, the rapscallion behind 2007’s “Borat,” now embraces Big Tech Censorship. Even worse? The British comic’s newest release, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” is as politically toothless as your average Stephen Colbert rant.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm - Tráiler oficial | Amazon Prime Video

The 30-something Long, in sharp contrast, punishes the boundaries of modern comedy. His videos aren’t safe for work nor do they align with PC sensibilities. He goes where few other comics dare to tread, and he puts his “Boyscast” spotlight on others just like him.

So it was only a matter of time before Big Tech Censorship caught up with him.

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Both TikTok and Instagram banned Long’s latest sketch video, “White Women Say Go Back To Hating White Men.” The clip features white women trying to reclaim the cultural narrative that once targeted “White Men” as responsible for much of the world’s sins.

Those were the days, and the women in the video want them back.

White Women Say Go Back To Hating White Men

The clip, which mocked woke posturing and bigotry, proved too intense for major social media platforms.

The comedy clip features no nudity or violence. A few of the laugh lines feature salty language. Countless videos on both TikTok and Instagram feature R-rated language. if you type in the “T” word for breasts on Instagram you’ll find multiple users featuring it in their screen names. The same holds true for the “F” word.

So clearly harsh language alone doesn’t require a warning or removal. Big Tech Censors aren’t saying why it nixed the clip, part of a disturbing lack of transparency among tech titans.

Long’s video features headlines from provocative essays like “White Guys Are the Worst” and “Hey, Straight White Men. We’re the Worst.” Long noted on his podcast that those articles likely got past the Big Tech censors at Instagram and TikTok.

His clip wasn’t so fortunate.

“You’re allowed to do a big hit campaign on men. But what you’re not allowed to do is make a video making fun of that hit campaign. Thanks Instagram. Thanks, TikTok,” he said on “The Boyscast” this week.  

“The funny part is … no one really knows why [it was censored]. Maybe the Muslim stuff,” he said. One of the comediennes in the clip says, “the last time I checked, terrorists are Mus– white men,” catching herself before she said something “problematic.”

Long noted that some social media platforms allows sexual acts, and more, without fear of censorship.

“Here’s a video of a guy getting murdered. And there like, ‘Good to go! Don’t see any problems here!’ “Oh, this guy made a parody video. Get it off. Get this thing off the platform!” he mocked.

Long connected more of the Big Tech dots in his podcast.

“Someone is saying that potentially we should question the COVID narratives … find him. Put a bag around his head. Put him in a dark van. Get him out of here,” he said, noting how platforms like YouTube aggressively monitor, and censor, voices that counter the media’s narrative on the pandemic.

Just ask Nick Di Paolo.

UPDATE: Long told Hollywood in Toto he posted the video in question on Instagram and was swiftly censored. He tried posting it again, as did a comedy peer, but the results were the same despite the video going viral.

Long also defended the content of the banned material.

“The video is clearly making fun of the idea that you should hate groups,” he says.

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