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Tyler Fischer Revives Podcast, Faces (More) Big Tech Censorship

Rebel comic pokes fun at Mulvaney, Identity Politics and a certain ex-President

Tyler Fischer is back, and so are the dozens of personalities he brings with him.

  • Dr. Jordan Peterson
  • Owen Wilson
  • President Joe Biden
  • Ben Shapiro
  • Dylan Mulvaney

And many more.

The comic actor, last seen on The Daily Wire’s “Terror on the Prairie,” revived his podcast this week under a new banner:

“Fun Times with Tyler Fischer.”

Fun Times with Tyler Fischer | Going on Dr. Phil | Ep # 1

The show finds the versatile comic letting his gallery of characters weigh in on the latest headlines, including Donald Trump’s recent indictment. Few impressionists capture Trump as well as Fischer, who pokes fun of the former president without the rage infecting other impersonations.

The debut episode revealed how Facebook temporarily banned his Dylan Mulvaney video impression and why he can’t so much as upload that clip to the more censorious TikTok.

Fischer knows Big Tech suppression all too well. Previously, platforms suppressed his popular Dr. Fauci impression.


Fischer punctuated the first episode by retelling his recent experience on “The Dr. Phil Show.” Fischer’s former representation allegedly discriminated against him for being a straight white male. The agency in question denies the accusation, and Fischer subsequently filed suit in New York to settle the matter.

“It’s been a hell of a time,” he said about the lawsuit, but he insists he’ll see the matter through.

“This new racial discrimination is destroying this country,” he said. “It’s a hill I’m willing to die on.”

Dr. Phil’s team caught wind of his matter and invited him on the syndicated show. Fischer appeared with Daily Wire star Candace Owens and PragerU star Amala Ekpunobi who argued discrimination is discrimination no matter the skin colors involved.

“It was surreal to say the least,” he recalled. The show played the audio clip Fischer recorded of his representative acknowledging his skin color prevented him from getting gigs. Editor’s note: This reporter previously heard that recording.

“The crowd gasped,” the comedian said of the moment. “They just acknowledged that this isn’t OK.”


On the show, Fischer expanded the topic to criticize the entertainment industry in the woke age.

“That’s why Hollywood sucks right now by the way, because they’re not hiring based on talent,” he said. “What do we do about heart surgeons, airplane pilots? How far do we want to go with this? Do you want the best heart surgeon or do you want someone you think had it bad as a kid or maybe their great-great grandfather [had it bad]?”

The episode aired March 29.

Fischer’s no-holds-barred shtick comes from a genuine place. He’s been canceled for his contrarian views and decision not to get the COVID-19 jab citing natural immunity.

Now, he’s holding nothing back. And, by switching from Patreon to, he’s ready to say what he pleases.

“I don’t give a s*** about anything anymore, except sticking to my values, my close friends, my art, my dog and my [coffee],” he said.

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