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Anti-Science ‘Daily Show’ Shames Lockdown Protesters

Jordan Klepper collects another paycheck while mocking Americans, ignoring facts

Jordan Klepper didn’t read the news today, oh boy.

The far-left comic clearly missed the growing wave of data, AKA science, showing states that are reopening their economies aren’t killing their citizens in mass numbers.

In fact, just the opposite is happening.

The media narrative up to this point, alas, told us the complete opposite. Outlet after outlet predicted catastrophes for states like Florida and Georgia for allowing a modicum of “Normal” to return.

They have blood on their hands, some literally argued.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis excoriated the media earlier this week for their Fake News ways.

Florida gov lashes out at media over coverage of coronavirus

That didn’t stop Klepper and the folks at “The Daily Show” to ignore the facts on the ground. And, in turn, mock those desperate to return to their jobs – and put food on their tables.

The lockdown protesters.

Klepper introduces two nurses who are protesting the anti-lockdown protests in North Carolina. One nurse says she’s “excited” because she gets to “be a foil to the madness about to happen.”

Standing Up for the Anti-Anti-Lockdown Movement | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Klepper refers to the lockdown protesters as “a small number of outside voices.” Did Klepper investigate the crowds, going person to person to see where each hailed from?

Of course not. He’s safely tucked away in his home, collecting his paycheck. How many of those protesters are getting theirs?

“What do you think their ultimate message is?” Klepper asks the nurse.

“They want a haircut,” she says in her best Karen voice, ignoring the oh, so obvious pain these people are suffering.

These nurses, Klepper said, are fighting both the virus and the “bulls***.”

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Left unsaid amidst the snark – being outdoors is a much safer place to be according to science. Closed spaces, like New York City subways which were kept unsantized for weeks in the Big Apple, are far more dangerous during a pandemic.

If you’re waiting for Klepper to excoriate New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his disastrous policies … keep waiting.

And let’s not forget something the mainstream media desperately want us to memory hole. The vast majority of people dying of the virus are the elderly, many living in nursing homes.

The average age of those who have died from the coronavirus in Pennsylvania is 80, and the majority of deaths took place in nursing homes….

Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine has also been criticized for the decision to move her 95-year-old mother out of “a personal care home” but also told nursing homes across the state they must accept coronavirus patients.

Seems like the job for a truth-telling comic to explore, no? Again, don’t count on Klepper rushing in any time soon.

Every life is precious, but most anti-lockdown protesters are far younger than that demographic, and they’re marching outdoors in a state with far fewer deaths than, say, New York. 

Now, nurses are literally on the front lines. They’re helping sick Americans get better and aiding others too sick to recover. That doesn’t make them immune to criticism. Nor does it shield them from being used as props by late night comics, apparently.

Klepper isn’t alone here. Both Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel, millionaires many times over and still cashing paychecks, have mocked lockdown protesters. Other celebrities have done the same, from the comfort of their mansions.

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