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‘Truth to Power’ Jordan Klepper Fawns Over Clintons

Comedians, Jordan Klepper says in its his best “clown nose off” voice, can do more than tell jokes.

Donald Trump’s shocking electoral win means funny people can get dead serious. In fact, it’s their duty, Klepper says. 

The failed Comedy Central host broke down the “new” rules of comedy with media’s most laughably biased reporter, Brian Stelter. The duo discussed a number of topics, from the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner to comedy in the Age of Trump.

Their conversation might be Klepper’s funniest work to date. More importantly, the chat’s self-serious nature is undermined by the jokes Klepper and his peers don’t tell. Here’s a hint … they involve the letters “A” “O” and “C.

Or, to be more expansive, “D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T.”

What was Klepper doing while the WHCD rolled on? Why, he was interviewing Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Klepper’s Clinton interview is part of the former POTUS and Secretary of State’s national 13-day chatting-with-friends tour.

The man whose White House affair would have made him the #MeToo poster president today? The woman who clings to a non-existent Russian conspiracy theory, something any fifth-rate comic should pounce on for days, if not weeks?

Yes, That Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Naturally, Klepper didn’t skewer, or even singe, the duo. Klepper, who tries again at Comedy Central starting May 9 with his comedy docu-series “Klepper,” allowed Hillary Clinton to read segments of the Mueller Report.

Here’s what Klepper said during the CNN exchange about the role comedians play in the Trump era.

“You have comedians who are now put into positions where if other people aren’t saying something,  they’re the ones who feel like they must speak truth to power, which has always been a comedian’s job” Klepper told Stelter.

Now, that’s funny. The same comedians stood down for eight years when President Barack Obama lived in the White House. Now, it’s back to work, right?

It gets better.

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Comedians, he argues, are speaking out because not enough people are doing so regarding President Trump. Can you imagine the level of denial required to utter such a thought? Why, it’s almost as if a thing called “social media” didn’t give every soul the chance to speak out on a second-by-second basis. Or that politicians, pundits and celebrities don’t overshare 24/7.

Klepper also claimed the WHCD bowed to Trump’s wishes by not inviting a comedian to highlight its annual dinner. In reality, comedienne Michelle Wolf’s nasty 2018 routine helped fuel the shift from far-left comic to far-left historian (Ron Chernow).

Klepper then gave highlights of his Clintons conversation.

Hillary Clinton Reads the Mueller Report - Klepper

They agreed that Democrats have to talk more about gun control given recent tragic shootings … as if that’s not what they do all … the .. time already.

Dare we mention that Klepper shares these views by conceding he’s a Democrat plotting with fellow Democrats?

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Did Cap’n Truth to Power bring up the #MeToo movement during his Clinton soiree? Did he ask why Hillary Clinton besmirched the women who claimed her husband abused them? Did he mention Hillary Clinton’s farcical excuses for having a homegrown server to corral her emails?

Guessing the “Truth to Power” questions were left in his other suit.

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