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Adam Carolla on the Media: ‘They’re Gonna Get People Killed’

Carolla, guest Kirstie Alley, attack the press, Cancel Culture and much more

Kirstie Alley doesn’t sound like every other celebrity on social media.

The “Cheers” alum can be funny, feisty and even irreverent on Twitter. She also routinely defies her industry’s groupthink on a host of issues.

For starters, every fourth Alley Tweet doesn’t excoriate President Donald Trump.

So it made sense for her to chat with podcast giant Adam Carolla this week, another celebrity unbowed by political correctness.

The ensuing chat could get both of them “cancelled” … assuming either cares enough to notice.

Kirstie Alley - The Adam Carolla Show

“I was always a Democrat, but what I see now has nothing to do with being a Democrat. It’s flipped my mind. I don’t know what’s happening, and I’m trying to formulate thoughts and put myself to the test. Am I a racist? Am I a Nazi? Am I this, did I do this?

I know the answer to those questions, and they’re ‘no,’ but you have to admit it’s sort of freaky now what’s going on,” she says, one reason she’s become more outspoken in recent months.

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Carolla confessed to his own Democrat roots but hardly sounds like a Biden voter now.

“The Democrat party has gone so far left I just disagree with most of the stuff they’re now talking about,” the “Road Hard” star said. On paper, he bounces from Left to Right.

  • Pro gay marriage
  • Pro legalize marijuana
  • Pro school choice
  • Pro border enforcement

He wished he didn’t have to choose a side.

Alley seemed more concerned with sharing ideas lacking a “pre-approved” sticker.

“I feel like thoughts and saying things have now become dangerous. I don’t like that I can’t disagree. It’s like being held up at gunpoint,” she said.”‘Do you agree with this?’ If you don’t agree you’re a f***ing Nazi, you’re a bigot. That isn’t true.

“That’s spin being put on everything. I don’t want to agree with everything that everyone thinks is fine … I don’t want to say I like socialism,” she added.

She maneuvered into one of the most divisive topics today – children and trans issues.

“I feel like if someone’s 22 or 23 and they’re a man and they want to be a woman and they want to have operations to cut off their genitalia … do I agree that’s a good thing? No. But they can do what they want.

“When I look at kids, and they’re four or five years old, and they’re wearing high heels and wearing dresses. ‘I wanna be a girl.’ This idea that we must listen to our five year olds who want to talk about that and going in cahoots with grooming them to cut off their genitalia…”


“All your decisions when you’re four, or 12, are not necessarily your primo decisions to take you through your life,” she said, acknowledging that simple stance is enough to cause outrage if not cancellation.

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She kept going.

“I never felt like it used to be that way. Maybe that’s what you say when you’re old,” the 69-year-old Emmy winner said. “I felt like I could disagree without being called something and be canceled … I don’t think you take people’s livelihoods and reputations [away] even if you disagree with them.”

She doesn’t mind cultural voices with which she disagrees. She just doesn’t want to be forced to join them.

“I don’t have to go, ‘yes! Brave!’ Why do I have to f***ing do this?” she asked.

“If a larger group of us say what you just said no one would have to do it,” Carolla answered. “Most people are just scared for their jobs, quite honestly. The woke f***ing mob is trying to pull the McCarthyism on everyone. They’re hypocrites and they’re really bad people.”

Carolla extended that sentiment to the media.

“I know really decent people and I see what the media tries to do to them, not trying to fact check them but take statements they made and turn them, intentionally, into a bad human. Not a human you disagree with but a bad human,” Carolla said. “I realize that it works on a large portion of our society and it poisons them.”


He mentioned his off-mic friendship with radio talker Dennis Prager, the co-star of their 2019 docudrama “No Safe Spaces.” Reporters took one of Prager’s comments about marriage and sexuality and twisted it so it appeared he approved of marital rape.

“All the dumb lemmings read the headline, ‘he’s pro marital rape … F*** that guy,'” he said of the corrupt press’ spin. “They’re actually getting dangerous now because of the s*** they’re saying. They’re gonna get people killed.”

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  1. I read the stuff Prager said men/women/sex and he’s a complete misogynist. I despise him. The Right should disavow him. If I see his name attached to anything, I avoid it like the Wuhan virus. Of course, I really can’t stand Adam Corolla, either. What a dick.

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