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Carolla on PC Police: ‘You Retreat, They Encroach’

Podcaster uncorks a reality check for anyone who thinks the mob accepts apologies

No one understands Social Justice Warriors quite like Adam Carolla.

The podcaster knows how they think, act and, most importantly, bully. He’s been on the receiving end of their attacks on multiple occasions. Did he apologize, send a conciliatory Tweet or otherwise agree to their demands?


It’s why he’s the perfect person to co-headline “No Safe Spaces.” The documentary, featuring Dennis Prager, shows the furious attacks on free speech happening on colleges nationwide.


The film includes a variety of voices including Tim Allen, Jordan Peterson, Van Jones, Alan Dershowitz and Cornel West. They all worry about the long arm of the PC Police.

We see examples of university-based restrictions on a near-daily basis

Need just one example that speaks volumes? The Daily Wire’s editor in chief, Ben Shapiro, requires thousand of dollars in security just to speak on a campus. The security price tag for his 2017 appearance at UC Berkeley? $600,000.

Let that sink in.

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Carolla laid out his case for both the new film and standing up to PC bullies during a recent chat with Tucker Carlson.

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host asked the duo if we’re more or less free to speak out minds today than, say, 20 years ago.

“You could say whatever you want, like you could 20 years ago, but you won’t have a job on Monday,” Carolla tells Carlson. “And that’s a big issue. Removing someone’s livelihood because they have an opinion, it’s really sort of  the ultimate punishment. You’re just not gonna work anymore. You’ll be unemployable, especially in this town, Los Angeles.”

“So yes, people fear for their jobs. They fear for their careers. And they sort of fear for their families. Thus they don’t say what they would say.” he adds. “So CAN they do it? Yes. They can do it. Might they lose their job? Yes, they might lose their job.”

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Carlson followed up by asking how ordinary citizens, not those with syndicated radio shows and record-setting podcasts, should handle the Thought Police.

“There’s only one way to do it. If you retreat, they encroach,” Carolla warns, using smoking as a metaphor. Americans once were able to smoke in restaurants. New laws pushed smokers into a designated section, then eventually out the door. Now, smokers can’t even stand outside a restaurant in peace, he says.

“The point is, they won’t … stop … moving … forward,” Carolla warns. “There’s an agenda … it’s not, ‘get rid of the smoke in the restaurant.’ It’s ‘stomp you out.'”

“At a certain point you cannot let the Left intimidate you,” Prager tells Carlson. “And when you don’t, they go crazy, because they’re so used to being able to intimidate.”

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“Once you put it out there like, you’re a country that doesn’t negotiate with terrorists when they take hostages, they take less hostages,” Carolla says. “Once you put it out there that, hey, I’m a comedian, I have a pocast, I say what I want and I won’t apologize, they leave you alone. Ultimately what they want is an apology, and they want you backpedaling, and if you just sort of stand up, like any bully it’s not satisyfing to them.”

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